Creating brighter lives

Expecting to get something in return for our money is cultural conditioning, and it is a fundraising dilemma for non-profits.  How can you show the impact of a fundraising contribution?  How do you reward increased giving?  Enter the sweet and clever interactive content benefiting those suffering from congenital heart disease.  The digital experience leverages technology to both illustrate the positive influence a donation makes as well as provides the donor with immediate gratification for their contribution, all while incentivizing increased giving.

Little Mended Heart's website Give a Fuller Life shows the story of Max, a boy who lives in an empty, colorless world.  As the user increases their donation, Max's world gets fuller and brighter before their eyes!  It is a lovely metaphor that provides the user with a unique and fulfilling experience.  A wonderful evolution for a non-profit to understand the the psychology of giving to motivate direct donor interaction to influence positive change. A bright and colorful step in a positive direction, at least for Max and congenital heart disease.

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