Redefining the luxury experience

Cadillac is redefining the luxury car market and the entire car "buying experience" . . .  not by retooling their vehicles but by remodeling the process of how you arrange to drive them. Taking a cue from the increasingly popular borrowed economy playbook as well as the popularity of subscription services, “Book by Cadillac” is a monthly subscription service that lets you choose the latest top of the line Cadillac vehicles and change them up to 18 times a year, all with the convenience of an app on your phone. It’s ultimate flexibility without the costs and commitment of ownership…or the taxes, insurance fees, mileage restrictions and maintenance hassles which is a major plus for customers. And, getting the full-on ownership experience with various car models sure beats a test drive! Yep, driving a Cadillac just got cooler, more luxurious, and even highly enviable while still attainable. That's not easy to pull off!  


FlatMad said...

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james said...

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