Experience the wild with Buster The Boxer

UK retailer John Lewis realized the power of dogs and how, frankly, they can sell anything, and used that power to create a wonderfully interactive customer experience back in early November.  They started with a attention grabbing video where parents decide to support their daughters love for jumping with a trampoline as a gift for her, but when they open the door to reveal the gift, the dog (and some furry wild life friends) steal the scene.  The video was just a kick-off to a full-blown customer experience in stores where they had products, other social media interactions, and interactive apps all centered around this dog, Buster the Boxer, and his wild life friends.  From an Oculus Rift VR experience to Snapchat filters and even stuffed toys, every part of the experience immersed consumers into the wild to reinforce their partnership with their holiday charity, The Wildlife Trust.

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