I throw faster than you

Well, maybe not. But new technology firm, Play Impossible, will help you answer that question (among others) with its new app-enabled Gameball set to launch early 2017. The company’s founders, three men already known to technology, set out to create a digital active play experience that’s fun – and hopefully one that gets kids off the couch, involved in physical play, and maybe even makes them sweat. The ball itself looks simple, nothing more than a 5” ball with no visible technology, but inside are sensors and a Bluetooth chip that make the ball an experience, measuring speed, altitude and spin all which get sent back to the Gameball app to provide feedback on how you did. Want to challenge a friend to speed ball? Done. Want to answer how many catches were made? Done. Seems like this may be the new flip cup… only this time, mom and dad’s wallet may also take a hit.

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