Would you live with your target audience for a week?

The Italian version of “Would it play in Peoria?” is ”Will this be understandable to the Voghera Housewife?” — an idea developed in the 60s to keep advertising pitches and brainstorms grounded in reality.

Starting Nov. 28, for the whole week, execs (CEO, art director, copywriter and account manager) from the agency Le Balene will live and work with Michela, an actual Voghera housewife and live stream their experiences on Facebook. They hope this immersion within an ordinary Italian family will give them valuable insights to effectively market their clients’ brands.

And their clients will get to experience the life of their target audience firsthand, too. All client meetings will be held in Michela’s home — brainstorms in the kitchen, briefing meetings in the dining room. What’s more, Michela will get the last word on all proposals.

Besides Facebook, the experience will be covered by Italian advertising websites, a blog by the main Italian newspaper and Italian mom bloggers. Check it out this week and see if Le Balene shakes up their creative process and generates some good work.

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