Stay far, far away from this wine

In celebration of Wine Wednesday (which frankly, can be celebrated any day), here is something rare in wine packaging. And no, it's not that it doesn't have animals or landscapes on the label. It's what it does have: a concept that provokes an experience.

Lonxe from the Eloi Lorenzo Winery is all about location; but this is beyond simple terroir. The idea is all about the remoteness of the vineyard and that "far" -- the translation of the name -- can be a good thing, even magical thing, in a world of "close" and "mass production." So check out the dot pattern on the label, as you back away from it the GPS coordinates come into view. (Go ahead, step away from the screen.) It's analog interactivity creates a sense of distance and luxury. And not to mention, you show it off to everyone you uncork it with. 

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