Mystery cruise to parts you

The cruise industry is in the middle of several arms races: from most tricked out ships to most competitive prices. So it's a nice break -- dare we say a "vacation"? -- to see someone find a new way to innovate the CX of cruising.

UK-based Bolsover Cruise Club is offering a "Secret Sailaway" a 16-night luxury package that only discloses the dates and the price. Destinations and activities are kept a mystery. Take a deep breath control freaks. Once onboard, you can try to crack riddles to figure it out. Or you can just relax and go with the flow.

Our research into the cruise category showed that the anticipation of the trip was one of the most important--and motivating--parts of the travel experience. By creating suspense around this core component, they have elevated it to lido-deck levels of intensity.

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