Check out our new and improved recipe

Hello loyal Brand Flakes readers!  

We're back from a brief hiatus and better than ever before, as you may have noticed from our recent redesign (still in beta, or as you industry folks know, beta is code for "please forgive us if our site has a random glitch or looks a little different each day you visit it"). 

See, after several years of delivering you tasty morsels of brand goodness every morning, we’re refreshing our recipe. As the marketing world has evolved, our beliefs have evolved along with it. We believe it’s no longer what a brand says that matters most, but what a brand does.

It’s because of this belief that we look to brands that are delivering Customer Experiences (CX) in interesting, unique, crazy, and sometimes even frightening ways as inspiration.

And just like we always have with Brand Flakes for Breakfast, we aim to share that inspiration with you.

So in true Brand Flakes fashion, we’ll be serving up bite-size doses of brand examples from around the world, but now those examples are fortified with CX (part of your complete breakfast every week day).

So, get your milk, grab your spoon and starting next Monday get ready to chow down on some experience deliciousness.

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