Attack of the security drones

If horror movies have taught us anything, you never want to be that person who goes outside to "just check things out." (Hint: you won't be coming back.) Slasher cliche's aside, there is an insight into home security that this startup is looking to take advantage of.

Rather than alert you when a bad guy breaks a window, this system uses tech to explore things that go bump in the night. Solar powered "sunflowers" learn the routines around your property. If something's funky, a personal drone is dispatched to investigate and send you a pic of the perp.

Tech overload aside, the most interesting notion is the rethinking the CX of home security from protection to investigation. And who knows, we might start seeing "Beware of Drone" signs everywhere.

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Gracestefan said...

While the optimistic use cases for organizing profitable drones are many, like all skills, drones have a dim side that security & protection specialists must make for. If history is any magistrate, the trend to using drones for secret shadowing, spying, and armed bouts has already been established.

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