strength has no gender

This new campaign from Brawny, in honor of Women's History Month, does a great job of honoring all the awesomeness that are women without pandering or trying too hard or seeming too desperate . . . all of which can be hard to pull off in this biz. The campaign, using #strengthhasnogender, highlights four real women working in fields traditionally dominated by men, all donning that iconic Brawny plaid shirt for nice, subtle branding. Check them all out!

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Anonymous said...

If strength has "no gender" then what was wrong with the Brawny guy? Male is a gender. Brawny seems to be saying strength has a gender and it's a woman even though men are physically stronger in general than women. Then there's things like that robot the auto worker is using that allows her to do her job... Invented by a man. The plane, invented by a man, that obstacle course, made by a man, the welding equipment... And so on.

So they can change the Brawny guy to a Brawny girl if they want. It's their choice to let the feminists completely rebrand their company, but I won't be buying their products anymore. Getting rid of an icon just because he's a male is ridiculous.

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