double dog dare for Coke

Virtual reality used to seem like something you MIGHT get to experience if you were lucky - but now...not so much the case! Someone much smarter than we has figured out how to turn a 12-pack Coca-Cola package into VR glasses. If Coke were smart, they would throw the lenses inside packages of the product and create an experience like only Coca-Cola can!

We double dog dare you Coca-Cola! Do it!

say HBD with your face

You know what will make your friends' birthdays much better? A video of you singing to them. Facebook is going to start encouraging you to leave a video message on your friend's wall when it is his or her birthday. Because nothing is more personal than leaving a video message on someone's wall who you haven't seen or talked to in over 5 years. 

bad photoshop on purpose

You've seen and enjoyed bad photoshop before, but do you recall a time when something was purposefully poorly retouched? Well, now you have. In an effort to thoroughly beat this horse of "you're not you when you are hungry" right in to the ground, Snickers has a set of ads centered on the idea of ways a photoshoot can go wrong. It's an interesting, and fun take... but come on. Isn't time for something new? Message received, we should eat Snickers.

walken closet campaigns go social

What are two things that are universally loved? If you said Christopher Walken and sock puppets, then you should probably go get a CAT scan. But, before you do, take a look at Kia's campaign that they ran for the Super Bowl. It goes well beyond a commercial with Christopher Walken with a spotted sock on his hand, and uses IBM's Watson, a social media influencer program and a Tumblr with lots of sharable assets.

retro-future nasa

The NASA of today seems to be so far gone from the NASA that was sending manned missions to space. Now they have an army of rovers, satellites, and a couple of people on the ISS. They have moved to a much more technology focused mix, and in the process may have lost a bit of it's luster and human touch. In an effort to potentially recapture hearts and minds of the public a set of travel-esque posters have been commissioned in a retro-futuristic style that inspire people to think about traveling to distant worlds and planets for their next vacation. They are filled with beauty and nostalgia.

Airbnb, Bear Grylls and Disney walk into a bar....

What do Disney and Bear Grylls have in common? (insert crickets) Well, Airbnb of course!

Release your furrowed brow. The answer is actually pretty cool. Airbnb is stepping up their ad game by spotlighting the uniqueness and variety of their properties via partnerships with both Disney and with Bear Grylls. The two new spots are brilliantly done and let the drama of the partnerships come through in order make their point - only with Airbnb can you find a property straight out of the Jungle Book or of one of Bear Grylls shows. Makes us want to take a vacay, STAT!

Teslas for ALL!

Tesla only for the rich and famous? Nah - not anymore. Model 3 will be offered for...drumroll please...$35K! And that's BEFORE incentives! See ya vehicle emissions!

Little known fact - it was always a goal of Teslas to "drive the electric car revolution" (pun intended) which meant offering a mid-priced car to the mass market. They started with the high end luxury vehicle in order to perfect the technology for all us middle of the road peeps to benefit from in 2017. They better get the car here quick though! Incentives fall off in 2018!

because Rube Goldbergs never get old

Especially when they're life size, like this one from Jet Blue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan announcing their new flights from JFK to Palm Springs. It all starts with passerbys stepping up to take a putt (because Palm Springs = golf, duh), and, well, you know how these things work, so watch the video.

the sweet smell . . . of the subway?

Costs to ride the NY subway have increased over the last few years, yet cleaning staff has decreased . . . significantly. And, well, if you've ever ridden the subway, you know cleaning is one area they should NOT be cutting back. Ya know, because no one loves the smell of urine in the morning.

It was exactly this, that inspired Angela Kim to create these amazing scratch and sniff posters for subway riders as part of a SVA school project. Riders can take one of the scratch and sniff stickers to smell something more pleasant, while learning about the problem at hand. That doesn't stink.

share your heroine selfies

Let's skip right to the end. "Share your stories on Instagram with #heroine." Yes, there is a problem in America with Heroine. Yes, people need to be aware, and running a Super Bowl ad is a great way to get a lot of eyes on what you are trying to promote. It's a bleak and depressing issue that deserves attention, but is encouraging people to share about heroine on Instagram the right way to encourage the conversation? The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse know's that it is a photo sharing site, right? This seems to be a worthy cause that took a left turn somewhere and let the stats about their target demo's use of social media influence their decision making more than common sense.

minimal confusion

What do you see in the image above? Take a minute and think about it. What is this image promoting? Nope, it's not that. Get your mind out of the gutter and in to the New Year. That's right, it is a minimalist design of a monkey to celebrate the fact that this is the year of the Monkey. It was created by San Francisco-based designer Lehu Zhang who said, "I decided to just use some basic shapes to create a monkey face." He denies that the intent was to make it look rather... sexual. Uh-huh... sure.

the future of football is fantastic!

As you gear up for Super Bowl this weekend you might be asking yourself - what DOES the future of watching football on TV look like? Well, such a broad and common question is deserved of an answer - the future is in the Microsoft HoloLens. This untethered, holographic computer provides high-definition holograms that work with your TV. So what does all that mumbo-jumbo mean? Put it this way - it means mind blowing ability to see things up close and in ways that you've never imagined being able to see TV before. Who wants to sit in the cold when you can get a totally amped experience right from your couch! We vote for virtual reality!

online to offline and back again

Oh that pendulum. How it does swing. - the very ecommerce website that put loads of brick and mortar bookstores out of business is now getting in the the business of -- you guessed it -- opening brick and mortar bookstores! And not just a handful - Amazon plans to open 300-400 stores across the country!

So what makes them different from all those other book stores that Amazon crushed? These stores will focus on offering only the books with the highest star ratings - the best of the best! Our guess is that there will be some additional cool experiences yet to come, but we'll just have to wait for one to open up around us!

touching yourself for deadpan

Deadpool, the most irreverent comic book character to have ever been created (maybe). The marketing department has been having a very good time stepping outside of the normal trailer, commercial, brand integration with generic fast food chain, breakfast cereal mix and have taken a more... tongue-in-cheek approach. The most recent is a PSA target right at the most likely audience to go see the movie encouraging young men to check themselves for testicular cancer. Is it brilliant, or crazy? Probably the former considering how much it is getting passed around.

over reacting?

Branding and social media have a very tumultuous relationship. The Fine Bros. are learning this more publicly than most.

If you haven't seen all of the drama around the brothers or you don't know who they are, they run a popular YouTube channel that is based on the singular concept of watching people reacting to things is funny. They have had a lot of success with this formula and decided to do what they could to protect it with a trademark on 'react'. Then people started reacting in a very, very bad way. What did they do? Rather than wait out the storm they reacted and removed their trademark claim and released all their previous claims on YouTube.

In the end, it'll most likely be as if none of this ever happened, the the Fine Bros. channel will just have lost a few hundred thousand YouTube subscribers in the process. Better luck next time boys.

hot wiener dogs

It is Super Bowl ad season. You'll undoubtedly be seeing lots of inspirational, funny or just plain head scratching ads in the next week. More likely than not, you'll be analyzing, critiquing and probably more interested in the agency that made the ads. Take a minute and put all of that aside and just enjoy this ad from Heinz. It has wiener dogs dressed up as hot dogs running in a field. Enjoy.
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