Intel is busting out of the proverbial box

Historically Intel was known for that small chip inside computers - and that's as far as it went. Well, that's all about to change. In an effort to appeal to a younger segment, this technology giant is making sure that everyone and their mother knows that while they are that little chip inside of a box - that small chip powers AMAZING and HUGE things. Their new campaign called, Amazing Experience Outside is focused on making it abundantly clear to the world that Intel is responsible for some of the coolest tech stuff ever! From events to new interactive videos - Intel is busting out in the best way possible!

And that dress with the electronic butterflies tho!

meeting jargon made hilarious

There's no one, NO ONE that loves meetings - especially of the long variety. Fact is though, anyone in corporate America is made to endure them. That's what makes this video SO DAMN GREAT. This video produced by Fast Company captures the hilarity of all the silly jargon that we use to get through the most arduous discussions. Enjoy!

cokes gif trolls

You don't often hear of Coke getting community trolls engaging in their content. Maybe they just spend a lot of time thinking and planning out their online experiences to ensure that it is on lockdown. Not this time. Like so many other brands in the past, Coca-cola is getting their chance to shine with It's a GIF maker website with inspirational music that let's you put words over a motion GIF. It's a great concept that is begging for comedy gold to rise to the top.

vr fart jokes

VR is happening people, weather you like it or not. And Funny or Die is all on board. Now, rather than just making one of their comedy videos full screen to enjoy a good chuckle, you can be fully immersed in the experience with their VR experience Interrogation. So now, you don't just get to watch a really long fart joke, you can be immersed in a really long fart joke (as long as you have a Samsung Gear VR).

ikea's everyday acid trip

If it's your first apartment, you have kids who will destroy everything, or you aren't willing to spend $1,000 on a coffee table you probably have been to and purchased from Ikea. The labyrinthian furniture shop is running a new set of ads in the UK that are a little trippy and playful promoting their children's dress-up line. The ads are just a little confusing with a family realization at the end and do a great job of capturing attention.

fresh from your mom's . . . ahem

Well, you can't argue that breast feeding delivers the freshest milk possible, so it makes perfect sense to use fresh produce stickers on boobies as a way to advocate for breast feeding. These posters with the "breast feeding factoid" stickers were created by BooneOakley in North Carolina to be displayed at hospitals. Incredibly logical, but incredibly creative. Well done!

Ugh, meetings

Every. frickin. meeting. ever. Am I right?


honesty as the best policy?

It is said that "honesty is always the best policy." Is it though? Is it REALLY?

According to digital recruiter, Julien Viard out of Australia - indeed this saying rings true. Julien was tired of reading job postings that bedazzled crap jobs, so he went the direct opposite direction: "Whoever is hired as its new senior producer will work in a "poor location" and spend his or her time "managing a bunch of lazy egotistic creatives and developers."

While we like the honest approach - we think this may be a weeeeee bit too honest. But you can't argue with results - Julien got quite a few leads out of this new approach. Don't ask about the quality of those people though!

drones with purpose

To many people drones are those cool things that fly through the sky operated by a wicked fun remote control. To others, drones prove useful by delivering items. These are all well and good, but we are about to find one of the most useful uses for drones to date - Drone Ambulances.

The new drones are made by Israeli company Tactical Robotics and are designed to land in places that helicopters can't possibly reach. These new flying machines can air lift up to 2 people and can land and takeoff both vertically and horizontally.

the good and bad of Facebook

Our beloved Facebook is the best and worst thing that's ever entered our collective lives. That said, we obviously see the faults. We can even laugh at them! BuzzFeed writer and illustrator Nathan W. Pyle agreed and turn his ideas into hilarious comics that poke fun at the social media behemoth.

dreams of dali

If you had the chance would you go inside the artwork and imagination of your favorite artist? If that artist is Salvador Dali you now have your chance. The "Dreams of DalĂ­" virtual reality experience was created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners to give users the ability to go inside the work of Salvador Dali. This looks like it must be experienced.

singing for cpr safety

Wha...? When you have a kid there is nothing more important than his or her safety. Having to know infant CPR is something that every new parent should know, but hopes they never have to use. If you watch this video made by St John Ambulance based out of the UK you'll know exactly what to do by recalling a fun upbeat song while your baby is not breathing. Does it get much more dark than this? Yes. They have coloring sheets and posters too...

big red can get you wasted

Have you abandoned the shame of drinking booze before noon? T-Mobile has the game for you. This morning Verizon is going to have their earnings call, and T-Mobile is getting their troll on. So, if you don't have anything going on today, you want to be useless for a few hours, and really like corporate jargon, hurry up and hit up your liquor cabinet.

a cheeky way to stay dry

A artist group famous for channeling their inner "wacky Japan" has done it again and designed the most "revealing" umbrellas that we've ever seen. Open these bad boys up and you get a peak under a woman's hood - so to speak. These bizarre umbrellas certainly keep you dry, but even more, they can take take a cloudy day and turn it into a full moon (har har.)

hoverboard fireless dreams

Have a hoverboard, but worried that you are going to go up in flames if you use it? Well, from what we understand, that's a fair concern. BUT, not all hope is lost. Those smarty pants at Stanford have developed a coating for the overheated batteries that prevents the board from getting so hot that it bursts into flames. If this gets manufactured, this may just be the key to all your overboard dreams!

putting the axe to the old axe

Sup, bruh. Did u see that sissy Axe commercial. What happened to the serious ads that showed off how getting swoll would get u chicks? This is just garbage. There is a dude wearing chick shoes! Let's boycott Axe to let them know that Axe is for the Bros!

But seriously, Axe... Well done. Keep it up and good luck. 

engineering engineers

Engineers are great. They have built and improved so many of the things around us from road systems to the tires on your car. What's interesting about this series of ads from Exxon Mobil is that they are very boy heavy. It's great that they are shining a light on the fact that the world needs people that are going to design and improve the things we interact with, but maybe share the spotlight a little. How about a little more sense of discovery and diversity in the next round?

tweet tweet n00bs

When you think about finding gaming content on the internet what is the first thing that pops in to your head? YouTube? Twitch? What about Twitter? That's right, that little blue bird is going to try it's hand at officially supporting the gaming community. I hope they are prepared to find out that their mom has been in bed with thousands of angsty teenage boys.

donate your sperm in the name of creativity

Belgium is apparently very protective of their creative heritage . . . like REALLY REEEEEALLLY protective. So protective that when they noticed a decline in students enrolling in creative fields, they launched this campaign featuring Belgium's top, most award-winning ad creatives donating their sperm or eggs in order to keep creativity alive for future generations. Nope, this is not a joke. It's not a dramatized PSA to get students to embrace creative fields. It is so very, very real. Hope for their sake that creativity is truly genetic, and we hope Belgian kids aren't anything like American kids who usually want nothing to do with the one thing their parents want them to do.

on thin ice

Most people think polar bears are pretty cute. Most people think global warming sucks. Most people also don't think any more about either of them until they see something dramatic that hits them . . . like that photo of the poor, sickly looking polar beer clinging to an iceberg went viral last year, or, like this powerful sculpture in Montreal called Polar Bear On Thin Ice. The sculpture features a giant polar bear skeleton covered in ice. As time goes by during the COP21 conference, the ice slowly melts revealing more of the skeleton, hitting home the point of how at risk these beautiful creatures are. Very well done!

inspiration by Pantone

Pantone's 2016 Color(s) of the Year are Rose Quartz and Serenity, also known as pale pink and pale blue, or the maternity ward at your local hospital, or that 1982 hideous painting still hanging in your dentist's office. But seriously, it's not all bad. Check out these beautiful pieces of art inspired by the odd color selection, curated by Visual News.

Old Spice still wacky as ever

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably seen some of the wacky and zany marketing executions that Old Spice puts out there. It's great, they're a brand that takes risks and stays true to themselves. And that's exactly what they're doing with these new spots featuring what appears to be their next spokesperson. Bravo.

Play-Doh gets cheeky with new ads

The most famous doh company around is throwing some shade at the digital world with their new ads. These are pretty great, we need more play time off screen, especially kids these days.

these instagram posts are very punny

These fun puns from illustrator/designer, Lizzie Darden, are very enjoyable to look at. She does a great job combining the world of food with every day items. Check her page out for more eye candy.

mary jane got way more stylish

With medical marijuana becoming legalized in some states, more and more accessories are now being developed for those who are using. To prevent the smell of marijuana from reaching some nosy folks, AnnaBis created a line of luxury leather bags to mask the smell and create useful and stylish carrying cases. In fact, different purses are created for specific types of usage.

So go ahead and get real with Mary Jane, but don't forget to be stylin' too!

wax on, friends and tweet away

If you love being verbose then we have exciting news. The Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey just announced that the infamous social media outlet MAY be revising its strict 140 character limit.

Party Fact: The restriction was first put in place because Twitter wanted a posting to be able to fit into a single SMS message, which has a limit of 160 characters.

Imagine - what would YOU do with an extra character count?

cardboard that saves lives

That cardboard Google Cardboard is cool know what. Great for playing games, visiting new places and generally blowing your mind. Now imagine this - Google Cardboard saves lives. Not how you would describe this cardboard contraption that costs around $20 on, right?

Unbelievably, a heart breaking story of an infant without one side of her lung and of her heart, against all odds, lived because of a surgeon that used Google Cardboard to repair her abnormalities. It's a fascinating story that definitely makes us look at Google Cardboard as something more than "that cool new technology!"

hut swag... hut... swaggggg

There are a lot of little regional or local restaurant chains that people are passionate about and those people tend to want to show their pride in their local eatery by buying merchandise. It's nice. Then there are large mega restaurant chains that are consistent and reliable. When you get food from them you probably aren't super excited and usually you are out of town and don't want to risk a local place. That is Pizza Hut. Are there people that are so passionate about Pizza Hut that they want to wear Hut Swag? Yes, Hut Swag. That is the actual name of the merchandise line. It includes gems like...


passionate breakfast all day

Do you love eating breakfast foods at all hours of the day? Did you rejoice when McDonald's announced that they were going to break the shackles that bind breakfast from venturing past 10:30 AM? You probably didn't rejoice to the same level as William McDonald. Yes, it is an agency doing a silly thing that McDonald's didn't ask them to, but it is still pretty fun to watch.

a whale of a time

Old Spice has secured itself as the most outlandish advertiser in the health and beauty category. They continue their outlandishness with a new Old Spice guy. This time, he finds himself on a whale practicing tennis and baseball at the same time. The commercial features a moving soundtrack with insightful sounding voiceover. So much so that if you aren't paying attention you may miss the fact that it is b@tsh!t crazy. Old Spice, well done yet again.

forget new year's resolutions . . .

. . . it's all about reservations. Well, at least if your resolution is to make 2016 a kick ass year, well, then you need to get off your ass and visit some place awesome. And, of course, can help with that at Hey, you can't really argue with that.

Elon takes over the world

Enjoy this little ditty about Elon Musk getting revenge on people that bullied him as a kid by Fox Animation Domination Hi-Def. Why? Because Elon Musk is frickin' awesome, bullies suck, everyone loves a good success story, and just because it's silly and we need silly our first week back in the office.

best of the action

Ok, technically it's still the first week of January so we're allowed to share "best of 2015" videos, but we promise this will be the last one. And what better video for our last than the awesome action caught on GoPros.

the best moments of 2015 seem so plastic

As we say hello to a new year, it's always nice to reflect upon the previous year and remember all the moments. All the important celebrity moments that is. Because that is important after all. This amazing Instagram account reflects back on a year that was, but does it with Barbie dolls. It's better than it sounds.

burgulars really crave tacos

One Taco shop out in Vegas, knows how to turn a bad situation into a good one. They've taken recent footage of a burglary at their store and turned it into a pretty damn funny ad.

claw game throws shade at cancer

The innovation around OOH placements continues to grow at a lightening speed. To drive awareness around skin cancer, the Cancer Institute NSW, JCDecaux, UM and Soap Creative created a super fun claw machine that dispenses sunblock at bus shelters. Baz Luhrmann's classic song isn't cutting it anymore.
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