Wednesday, December 09, 2015
in case the mail REALLY excites you

In a world where you can get instant downloads, same day drone delivery, and an Uber car in less than a minute, people have become super impatient. Consequently, one could understand why the USPS might want to get on the instant gratification train . . . but do people really sit around tight-breathed eagerly awaiting to know what's lurking in their mailboxes? So much that they'd, say, sign up to have images of their mail sent to them via email before they even get home? Um, I wouldn't, but ya know, people are weird, so USPS is starting to roll out a new service called Informed Delivery. It's currently available in the New York metro area (after testing in Virginia) and has some limitations (like no magazines yet). Not sure this is how the USPS will stay relevant, but hey, ya can't blame 'em for trying.

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