anti-drug fail, viral win

Australia's latest anti-drug (weed, specifically) campaign is going viral, but not for the reason Saatchi & Saatchi had hoped for when they created it. It features a sloth playing the role of various pothead teens. The hope was that it illustrated how slow, lazy and useless you are to others when you're a pothead, but instead it got a cult following because . . . well . . . it's pretty frickin hilarious. How they did not see that is beyond us!

tis the season for agency oneupmanship

Ah yes, the holidays. Time for lights, cheer, family, festivities, and agencies trying desperately to show off how creative they are (or aren't) with their holiday cards. Adweek did a nice little round up, of which our favorite is above from Sanders/Wingo about the very subject of agency cards itself. How meta. Check 'em all out here.

Google's year in search

Google's year in search recaps have been intriguing year after year and this year is no exception. A lot of political concerns drove this year's most popular searches . . . in between things like the Nae Nae and Shia LaBeouf's motivational video of course. Enjoy!

pumped for your bedgasm?

Get smarter and so much more poetic in 2016 with these "MUST KNOW" slang words. Seriously, there's some brilliance here! Our fav, the ever present "askhole" -- you know who you are!

a Friday perspective

Drones are pretty badass. It goes without saying, they can do all sorts of crazy cool taking photos from perspectives that would never be possible without a controlled flying object. These drone photos are incredible and will surly inspire you! Merry Friday!

no division of church and skate

Never has skateboarding been such a religious experience. In partnership with Red Bull, a Madrid-based artist transformed an abandoned church into a magnificent skate park and wowed just about everyone with the transformation (including us)! And it only took 7 days!

wipe it away with a lightsaber

You can't go anywhere right now without seeing Star Wars branded everything. Brand integrations have always been a core to the Star Wars strategy, but this time it seems to just be getting silly. In addition to the stickers that you can use to represent the little Ewoks in your life you can now wipe away the rain with windshield wiper covers in the likeness of a lightsaber. After that you can wipe away your tears as the new movie gets spoiled left and right.

'free' coffee in January

You like coffee. You probably enjoy at least one of the blends that Starbucks brews. So, why not drop $40 on a special tumbler that will get you free coffee or tea in January. All you have to do to get solid value from it is drink at least one cup every single day and then deal with the consequences.

you in a scarf

Are you looking for the most personal holiday gift ever? Check out the scarf that lets you put your genetic code right in the stitching. All you have to do is swab your mouth, send it to Dot One and pay over $450. If you are thinking about getting someone else's DNA on a scarf, please make sure you have their consent before jamming a swab in their mouth.

dynamic billboards to up your photo game

NYC is one of the most photographed places in the world, especially this time of year. And while Instagram has made every one of us feel like a professional photographer, let's face it, we're not. Enter Canon's digital billboards placed throughout some of the most popular spots in NYC providing over 200 real-time tips based on things like weather, sunrise/sunset, and even traffic so we can take the absolute best shot in that location. Now that's useful advertising people actually want to receive! Well done.

world's first in-game working cell phone

Verizon just pwned all other cell providers with this killer Minecraft integration, creating the first ever in-game working cell phone that allows players to browse the web, make video calls and even take selfies without leaving the game experience. To illustrate it's awesomeness, Verizon also recruited some Minecraft experts and YouTube educator MatPat who did a demo ordering pizza and taking a selfie. Ah yes, just another reason to stayed glued to your game.

shopping is elementary my dear Watson

Shopping for outdoor apparel (no matter how outdoorsy you consider yourself) can be pretty overwhelming. How much warmth do I really need? Does breathable mean drafty? How much sweat can this thing really wick? To help out their fellow outdoor enthusiasts, The North Face recruited the smarts of none other than IBM's Watson.
Through an interactive, dialogue-based online shopping experience, Watson will help users to pick the exact apparel they need for their exact activities.

The recommendations get smarter and smarter with each use, and although still in Beta, responses have been incredibly positive. If successful, the possibilities for this to enhance all e-com experiences are endless and SUPER exciting!

pooping unicorn is the key to driving sales

That’s right a pooping Unicorn, just ask Squatty Potty’s CEO. They had a crazy silly ridiculous brilliant idea to promote their product and it turned out to be a home run. Sales for the stool for better stools, has taken off with an insane 600% lift all from this crazy silly ridiculous brilliant video of a unicorn pooping. Not from the hype from Shark Tank, Howard Stern or Dr. Oz. Just a pooping unicorn. Brands of the world, take note.

when will all the tree shaming end?

In case you were wondering, Reese’s does make chocolate Christmas trees every year. You just didn’t know about it until now. Apparently this year’s trees are looking less festive and more like poo. So of course, the complainers with nothing better to do, have to complain. Well, Reese’s was ready. With some quick thinking they responded on Twitter with a new campaign to end tree shaming. Check out some of their fun responses to the haters.

a new twist on classic children’s books

Some of your favorite childhood books are being re-imagined for the modern world. Well not really. Margot Harris from Distractify just came up with some new satirical titles for these classics. She's definitely on to something with “Oh, the Places You’ll Instagram.” Enjoy.

one hour party booze

Nothing is worse that running out of drinks at your holiday party and needing someone to leave the party to go pick up more alcohol. If you are in Manhattan you can now get Amazon to deliver your booze with Amazon Now in one hour. The advantage to Amazon is that deliveries will be taking place through the entirety of Christmas Eve.

go home oreo, you're drunk

Are you looking for something to really make your holiday party stand out from all the rest? Instead of spending hours baking gingerbread cookies and crafting cheeseballs you need to go and seek out some OREO Churros. They may be found in the frozen food section of your local market and most certainly will be a conversation piece that will attract only the most adventurous of party grazers.

ugliest of sweater seasons

You have a closet filled with overpriced, purposely ugly holiday sweaters. Miller Lite also has an affinity for ugliness in sweater pattern, so much so that they are wrapping up their Times Square billboard with stitched beer bottles and reindeer. But does it really stand out in the most billboard heavy place in America? Maybe some more colorful options would be nice next to the ALV!!!!!N.

only you can stop the roadkill insanity

When you have crappy windshield wipers it's tough to see. When it's tough to see you could innocently kill a defenseless woodland creature crossing the road. The Humane Society hates to see defenseless animals killed, and Bosch North America hates to see you driving with crappy auto parts. Knowing all of this, this PSA-esque spot from Grey New York will make a hell of a lot more sense to you . . . though not much more. Great use of a partnership, puppets, and a catchy little ditty to drive home a message that's probably far more important than all of that implies: driving with crappy wipers is dangerous, so put on new ones man!

in case the mail REALLY excites you

In a world where you can get instant downloads, same day drone delivery, and an Uber car in less than a minute, people have become super impatient. Consequently, one could understand why the USPS might want to get on the instant gratification train . . . but do people really sit around tight-breathed eagerly awaiting to know what's lurking in their mailboxes? So much that they'd, say, sign up to have images of their mail sent to them via email before they even get home? Um, I wouldn't, but ya know, people are weird, so USPS is starting to roll out a new service called Informed Delivery. It's currently available in the New York metro area (after testing in Virginia) and has some limitations (like no magazines yet). Not sure this is how the USPS will stay relevant, but hey, ya can't blame 'em for trying.

an unlikely test driver

Volvo Trucks is known for putting together some pretty creative "test drive" videos for their equipment, and this latest one does not disappoint. But instead of handing the keys over to a celebrity or furry animals like in the past, this time they gave them to a 4 year old girl to crash into everything and anything she can, safely behind a remote control. Of course she's clearly having a blast, but then again, who wouldn't have this much fun with so much power of sanctioned distruction?

street artists push Pantone colors

Every year Pantone releases their color of the year. This time around, they bucked their own trend and selected 2 colors! Holy shit. While that’s amazing in itself, they actually did something pretty cool by partnering with well known street artists in a few big cities. With the help of the artists and a little app we like to call Instagram, they’re pushing more awareness of this year’s colors.

KLM takes unboxing to the next level

We’ve all seen the unboxing videos of the latest and greatest tech gadgets and gizmos. They’re a bit boring, but informative. Well KLM is upping their unboxing game. To roll out their newest dreamliner, they decided an unboxing video would be the best way to do it. Sure the voice over is a little contrived, but the idea is fun and it makes you want to get on one of their planes. So, job well done.

climate campaign makes decisions easy

Saving the world has never been easier. Well, at least according to this new campaign by the Climate Reality Project. The campaign is an effort to push leaders into taking this seriously, but in a fun cheeky way. It certainly has our attention.

make love (in color), not war

Three women sitting around chatting had an epiphany - condoms have not evolved in quite a long while. So the three French sisters, Lizza, Manon and Julia set out to create Made In Love condoms - a condom with an artistic flare. Beyond being super safe, the designs are limited edition - so you can feel EXTRA special putting them on. It will be interesting to see if a little art can go a long way in encouraging safe sex!

change your mood with your eyes

Don't be surprised if you start seeing some more rose colored glasses our there in the near future. A new and interesting trend called Chromotherapy takes the theory that color can be used to enhance our moods and puts it to the ultimate test with new eyewear from Crown & Flint. Swappable lenses will match your needs for the day. So if you are in need of a boost of energy - see the world in red. Need to see things with a bit more optimism - yellow will be your game that day. Wonder if green would make us all richer? Guess we'll need to try.

would you drink a wine from the New York Times?

With the wine industry becoming increasingly more industrialized, London based artist Tom le French created renderings of what wine labels might look like from major non-beverage oriented brands. We would total have a glass of the New York Times.

the wild side of RadioShack

RadioShack has hired Nick Cannon as Chief Creative Officer. Let that sink in for a moment. Nick has been in the spotlight a bit with America's Got Talent,  but joining a brand that is working on digging itself out of bankruptcy is an interesting move. RadioShack has a certain nostalgic draw for many 80s and 90s kids that wanted sweet remote control cars that used a glove with a motion sensor as the steering mechanism, but only barely worked in reality. So, is this same nostalgia pulling Cannon in, or is it RadioShack making a real effort to be relevant again?

brooklyn forces up ice cream

You've seen your fair share of Star Wars branded products so far this year, right? That has always been part of the overall strategy of the franchise, and don't go getting all nostalgic saying that the original movies did do all this branding stuff, because you would be wrong. They practically invented the licensing of movie characters to appear on your orange juice. But this story is one of the mega-franchise helping out the little guy. Ample Hills, an ice cream show with just three locations, has landed the license to produce official Star Wars ice cream, and it is all due to a chance friendship built between the Shop's owner and Disney CEO Bob Iger over nothing other than their ice cream. Check out the whole story from Fast Co. 

Offerman + whiskey + fire = holiday joy

Have you been looking for an updated yule log video to play on your TV while you and your loved one's open gifts this year? Look no further. The enviable Nick Offerman has teamed up with Lagavulin whiskey to record Offerman drinking his (genuinely) favorite whiskey in front of a fire for 45 minutes. That is 45 minutes of a man staring into a camera that somehow doesn't feel like the most awkward thing ever.

voting: it's a swipe away

We all know how important it is to get the youngins of 'Murica to vote, but in order to do that they really need become aware of all the issues at hand and where each candidate stands so they can make an informed decision. Knowing that they're very busy people with lots of stimuli to distract them, the creators of the Voter app made it super quick and simple to get this information in a way they're already used to. Voter App uses Tinder-like swiping functionality to allow users to swipe through various levels of questions on various topics to help them hone in on their perfect date . . . errr, candidate, so they know who to swipe right for at election time. P.S. you don't actually have to be a said "youngin" to use this app.

hypocrisy and lies . . .

. . . all in a good days work in advertising, right? Maybe, but a UK organization, Brandalism, thinks it's about time someone did something about it, particularly in relation to the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris.

The group took over 600 ad spaces throughout the city and created fake ads calling out, and exposing the truths behind brands that sponsor the conference on their hypocrisy and lies when it comes to good environmental practices. And, they didn't stop there. All the ads have a call for action, encouraging citizens of Paris to protest the conference and push for even the minimal changes needed to keep the planet in good standing.

Very powerful stuff--now if these brands actually do something about it.

drone delivery closer to reality

Last holiday season everyone thought an Amazon Drone Delivery service was a joke, or at they very least a far-fetched idea a long time away from reality. Fast forward a year and introducing the next generation of Amazon Prime Air, coming to a home near you . . . and likely scaring the crap our of paranoid neighbors.

streetwear brand takes it to the (Google) streets

OneMeth clothing might be onto something with this new way to view their gear. By tapping into the Google Street View technology they’ve created a non-traditional lookbook that allows users to view apparel in 360 degree style.

the troll of black friday

Trolls are everywhere these days, they no longer just live under bridges. Well comedian Jeff Wysaski just trolled the shit of a Target store on Black Friday by creating hilarious fliers for some pretty sweet deals. At least someone was having fun during the mad rush.

star wars parody ads get political

In case you haven’t heard, a new Star Wars movie will be upon us soon. That means two things: lots of cosplay and lots of buzz. This effort by stock media company Pond5 is pretty great. Through the use of stock footage they’ve put together fun political style ads for various Star Wars characters. The force is definitely strong in these spots.

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