the (google) force is with you

Can't get enough Star Wars? While we find that hard to believe since it's pretty much EVERYWHERE, we still love this fun integration with Google Apps. Just choose a side (light or dark, of course) and your Google apps will follow your path by changing your controls, icons, backgrounds, map icons, etc. to various awesomeness from the Star Wars movies. Check it out here. Yeah, you know you're gonna do it.

a billboard to buzz about

Cheerios can tell us they use real honey in their delicious Honey Nut Cheerios, but it's a lot more impressive when they show us with this amazing living billboard in Orlando housing over 100,000 working honey bees.

This 3 story structure was created in partnership with a local bee keeper and produces over 25 gallons of honey housed inside the letters "Made with real honey".

Not only is it brilliant advertising, but it's delicious, and all those bees are great for the environment. Well done!

just try skipping this ad

MINI John Cooper Works YouTube Race from Kinetic Singapore on Vimeo.

MINI knows preroll ads are super annoying, so instead of fighting it, they rolled with it (literally). Their super creative preroll ad challenge viewers to try and skip the ad before their latest (and fastest) model (the MINI John Cooper) peels out. So good you can't help but play!

interactive ad gives you the power to make it great

In this new interactive film by Honda, the viewers decide on how great the ad will be. Focused on a couple on their first date, the details change with the simple click of a button. You’re given the choice to make it great, greater or greatest and can toggle back and forth as much as your heart desires. Very clever and fun.

smart way to use Instagram

More and more marketers/brands are thinking outside the box when it comes to social media. Smart Car is being smart when it comes to their new Instagram campaign that supports there new “ForTwo” model. It requires two people getting together to enjoy the full experience.

so… yeah this exists

Apparently NYC taxi drivers in sexy poses for a yearly calendar is a thing. Who knew? It’s slightly terrifying, yet poetic all at the same time. Looks like a wonderful gift for the holidays.

emoji condom for safe sex

Let's face it - once the word "emoji" was officially adopted, it was clear that our fun loving images that help us get even MORE expressive, were here to stay. Durex apparently also sees this as truth and recently has tried to capitalize on the emoji opportunity by offering a condom option. It's not what you think though - Durex has research that suggests that "84% of 18 to 25-year-olds think that it’s easier to talk about sex using emojis instead of text" therefore offering safe sex emoji option will make people feel more at ease when talking about safe sex.

street view is now seat view

Ever get bamboozled by airlines promising fancy amenities - only to find that they don't actually offer said amenities on your particular flight? (snicker), yeah - us too. That's the insight that Virgin Atlantic used as a springboard to offer "street view" technology for their aircrafts so passengers know exactly what they are getting. Want to see what your legroom will look like in A16? No problem - just scroll on over. Apparently the technology leaves something to be desired, but we think the idea works! Oh and if you are in one of the major metro areas - you may come across bus shelters that offers and easy way to use "seat view".

sleep like a bear

When we saw that you cold buy a sleeping bag that looks like a bear, our first thought was AWESOME! You could definitely scare the crap out of people with that nifty sleeping bag, BUT as we learned WHY the bear was created our hearts started to melt.

The sleeping bear was a tribute to a brown bear that travelled the Italian Alps in 2006. The bear, named Bruno, was the talk of the surrounding towns as he would wander near people. The poor thing was then hunted out of fear. The sleeping bag art piece (all yours for a small fee of $2,500) is meant to represent the relationship between mankind has with nature.

protective shoes for those sharp plastic blocks

That’s right, we’re talking about Legos. The amazing puzzle-like plastic blocks that drive creativity as well as lots of pain when unexpectedly stepped on. We've all been there, lights are dim or you're just not paying attention, when all of a sudden... BAM... foot pain from the tiny half inch block. Well, we finally have some pain-relief with these specially made Lego slippers. This is the perfect accessory for the brand that brings so much joy and pain to its customers. The only problem? They're only making 1,500, so good luck getting a pair.

good translation is very important

Sure, Google rules the world. Everywhere we turn there’s another Google something, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to being the best. Just ask ElaN Languages. They’re proving their point with this fun taste test, showing why Google Translate may not be the best choice when it comes to translation. Gotta love a good underdog story.

check your melons often

That’s what one grocery chain in Canada wants you to do. Breast Cancer awareness doesn’t have to be confined to one month of the year, which is why Nesters Market is reminding its shoppers to check their melons. While the OOH sticker campaign is nothing new, it’s always nice to see brands step up and knock it out of the park when they have the opportunity.

remember ello?

Ello made a big splash when they entered the social space. They caught the attention of every early tech adopter and social marketing blog when they announced that they were running a social network that would never run ads or take money from advertisers. It turns out that Ello is still around and they have a plan when it comes to getting income to keep the doors open. They are going to let people sell you stuff, but those aren't ads... they are going to be product listings. Is it brilliant or just an effort to mash up two things that just don't belong together?


Oxford Dictionaries... Every year they publish their word of the year. This year they done messed up. This year the word is not a word. This year the word is an emoji. You may have thought that the emoji depicted above was because we are happy about this year's word. There is where you would have been very sadly mistaken, because that is this year's word. Yes, this years word is the 'Face with tears of joy' emoji.

Or, maybe they didn't mess up. Maybe they are going to get even more coverage for their word of the year this year. Oxford... you're either evil geniuses, or words mean nothing to you.

less than a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, when marketing an art exhibition you should put the images all over the place so people know what to come and look at, unless you are Tate Britain. Tate has decided to take a much more poetic approach to promote the collection on display by running text only ads that try and put the images in to words. It's a beautiful campaign that uses art to promote art. Well done.

your daily dose of sugar

Buzzfeed's Tasty "how to videos" have introduced a whole lotta bad for you, but oh so delicious, recipes to try for any variety of reasons. As such, there are loads of copy cats out there sharing their own ideas. Like the one featured here - Oreo cup Fruit Loop cereal bowl. Read: sugar on sugar on fat on sugar. Buuuuuuut - we are totally making this over the weekend. bam!

where's waldo? on Instagram.

If you are enjoying following Hipster and NYC Barbie on Instagram, you'll likely be glad to know that another childhood character has joined the bunch. Where's Waldo - our red striped wearing friend, now has an Instagram feed that brings followers on adventures all over the U.K. Only the big catch is that you won't be searching for where "Wally" is in the picture - you're only meant to enjoy the beauty of his journeys. Personally we prefer the game of finding that little guy, but hey, we'll follow him anyway.

survival of the gamiest

What do you get for being a fan of Xbox's Rise of the Tomb Raider game? Easy - punishment. Or at least that's how we look at it.

To celebrate the launch of the game in the U.K.8 fans of the game elected to stand on a tiny ledge of a billboard and withstand the harsh elements for a chance to be the last one standing - and thus the winner of a trip inspired by Rise of the Tomb Raider.

We think this is more Survivor meets gamers - but whatevs!

the ugliest sweater

Ugly holiday sweaters have hit the mainstream in a big way, so it's obviously time for Target to jump in the tinsel and pine needle pile. The thing about doing controversial sweaters is that when you are a small brand making an offensive shirt is not too big of a deal, but when you are Target the rules change. When you are as big as Target, you don't get to make light of mental health issues. But, Target is not backing down and will continue to sell the sweater despite the backlash on social media. Good luck. 

grandma raises a stink

Sometimes the agency just has to take the blame, that's the way this game works from time to time. This time it's a local agency that ran an ad for Gain in the Bay-area Sacramento area that implied that your grandma stinks. One grandma took offense to the fact that Proctor & Gamble thought she smelled bad and started a grassroots counter campaign. P&G took notice, apologized and threw the unnamed agency under the bus. Hang in there unnamed agency, you aren't the first.

peaceful shopping at sears

When was the last time you browsed the racks at Sears? It's probably been a while. That's why Jimmy Kimmel produced a commercial for the big retailer. Well, a fake commercial that isn't that far off from their real ads. So, why not give them a shot. At least it'll be nice and airy in there.

color in your cookies for santa

Remember that thing about holiday posts? Good, here’s another. This year, Oreo is jumping on the adult coloring book band wagon (which is an awesome band wagon to be on) and is selling packs of cookies with custom gift wrap that needs your help. Color digitally or if you’re a traditionalist, use markers. Don’t forget to give a gallon of milk with those cookies!

scratch and sniff book for fluffy

With the holidays right around the corner it’s time to start posting things about the holidays. Pet food company The Honest Kitchen is coming out with a scratch and sniff holiday book for your pup. Seems like a tease, but it’s free, so why not pick one up and see if Fluffy wants to try some new food. Oh and if Fluffy doesn't like it, you could always give it a taste since the food is considered Human Grade.

experiences illustrated on a dolla dolla bill

During a visit to the US, art director Babo Schokker decided to document his experiences through illustrated doodles on none other than the one dollar bill. Check out his sweet drawings here.

put the books away and turn on the bedtime TV

In an unlikely twist, Netflix is helping parents to solve a global problem - getting kids to go to bed. The video streaming powerhouse and DreamWorks Animation have created 5 minute shows that are designed to get kids excited to go to bed. How well this actually works? Well, we are taking note!

street surf on smart pavement!

There's wifi just about anywhere now-a-days - even in cars! But how about Wifi enabled sidewalks? Chiltern District Council in the U.K. has recently outfitted their sidewalks with FREE super fast wifi for all residents and businesses! The speed is seven times the average U.K. broadband! This is likely to be the first of many smart pavements for the UK, we can only hope that it will make it's way to the U.S.

how do you do your zzzs?

We all need our beauty rest, but HOW we get our shut eye varies - and can even be weird! UK-based bedding website, Sleepy People is uncovering the bizarre and funny sleeping habits of celebrities. Perhaps there's something to be learned here!

breaking more than noses in rugby

Rugby is a big deal in some parts of the world. In England, they want it to be even bigger. England Rugby is running a campaign right now that is working to break the stereotypes around what rugby players are like. To accompany the campaign several short documentary style videos have been made. The unfortunate thing is that you can't watch them in the US. Why? What is the purpose of region locking promotional videos? The campaign idea is great, but give it a chance to spread.

happy twitch, insane chat

If you aren't aware, Bob Ross is painting some happiness all over Twitch right now. The video game streaming service with roots in is celebrating the launch of their Creative section with a marathon of back-to-back-to-back episodes of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. It is a beautiful use of something old on a new platform celebrating creativity, and if you want to laugh and be disturbed all at the same time just try and read the chat as it flies by.

breakfast and a movie

You've enjoyed a bowl or two of Franken Berries or Count Chocula in your day, right? What if things didn't stop with the friendly cartoon ghouls and monsters and things started getting a little darker. If you want to see some interesting breakfast concepts that are sure to shine a new light on what are probably some disturbing childhood memories, go check out more of Kate Willaert's work.

shave with beer. save men everywhere.

The start of November means kicking off the ever increasingly popular Movember for men's health. To support the initiative, Carlsberg shaving products have released a limited edition set that's made with...wait for! Carlsberg premium pilsner apparently provides ingredients for a great shave - but mostly it's just cool! Happy Movember - start shopping and get growing!

say sayonara to the usual car buying experience

While this might be somewhat (read: a lot) excessive, we still think it's cool: Bentley just released an application that reads your face to detect your emotions in order to determine which SUV is best for you. The Inspirator app uses a pinpoint model to read your face and is seemingly pretty sophisticated, however it IS doing something that, in theory, people should be able to do on their own. But again, still cool!

kick off your holiday with Star Wars and Duracell

Now with the official start of the holiday season upon us...oh hold on wait -- did you not know that Halloween officially begins the holiday season now? It's true, but we digress...Duracell marries the feel good of the season with their partnership of a little known property call Star Wars. It's an adorable spot that's sure to make parents want to stock up so their kids can frolic in their yard with lifesabers come December 25th.

If you aren't into Star Wars or batteries or Christmas, you'll want to watch this for the production value. Well done!
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