Wednesday, October 21, 2015
when your target doesn't care about your product

Cruises aren't exactly on the top of any Millennial's vacation wish list. If fact, they're not even at the bottom because, well, they didn't even make the list at all. Why? Because (as we all know) cruises get a bad rap for lots of things, particularly things opposite of what millennials are looking for, like unique experiences, exploration, adventure, spontaneity . . . ah we could go on and on about those crazy millennials.

So, how does a cruise line like Royal Caribbean overcome this and create a spot that attracts such a demanding audience? With a laid-back yet upbeat, super relevant supercut of all the awesome experiences you probably never knew they offered, and by calling it anything but a cruise.

It's not easy to come off genuine and legit when targeting an entirely new audience with a "product" with a pretty heavy stigma, but they pulled it off quite well.

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