Wednesday, October 14, 2015
most realistic VR game ever

In a world taken oven by in-your-face sensory experiences delivered via screens, glasses, augmented reality, and VR goggles, it's easy to lose sight of the amazement that's right in front of our faces. An amazement that was put here by a power much greater than Apple, IBM, or Samsung. The kind of amazement that is absolutely free. That amazement is nature, and the Ad Council and U.S. Forest Services wants to remind us of that in this clever little stunt.

They gathered a group of children and asked them to test the "most realistic video game in development." The kids were then taken to the forest with VR goggles to experience the game in HD Surround Sound. Of course, after all the Ooos and Ahhhhs, the reveal showed them what they were really experiencing, which is better than any video game ever could be.

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