Wednesday, October 14, 2015
IBM makes it rain

Fact 1: Tech startups need money more than pretty much anything else (besides immense talent, of course).
Fact 2: Campus Party is a huge event with loads of said tech startups.
Fact 3: Bitcoin is a great way for said tech startups to get payment.

What do you get when all those facts come together? A brilliant Campus Party stunt from IBM and Ogilvy Brazil that got Bitcoin into the hands, errr phones, of the exact audience that would benefit from them most.

By taking over a popular weather app they sent a message out to all the attendees letting them know it was going to rain . . . but not real rain, it was going to rain Bitcoins. Attendees were then told to get to a specific location at a specific time to hold up their phones while Bitcoins rained from the sky into their accounts.

Now that's the kind of rain shower I don't mind seeing in the forecast!

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