Friday, September 04, 2015
that time when your mail gave you a highly contagious disease

It's that time again! Time for freshly sharpened pencils, new book bags, early bedtimes annnnnnnnnd...the ongoing debate about vaccines. As kids go back to school, the debate gets fueled and even more heated. Sure it can feel good to use expletives and stamp your feet, but that won't get you anywhere. Something even more powerful needs to remind parents that vaccines, especially the measles vaccine, is critical to not only the health of their children, but the health of the entire community.

Using new photosensitive ink, ImmuneBC mailed 50,000 direct mail pieces to parents in Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island that came to life when the paper hit the sunlight - effectively giving the paper the measles. Not only is this an interesting innovation for direct mail, but it's an effective way to grab the attention of parents!

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