doggy bag takes on a whole new meaning

If you’re a pet owner and/or pet lover in general, you understand how important it is to feed your pet the best food out there. More and more dog food brands are offering new fresh, organic, all natural products, etc. etc. Which is great. What’s even better is this video of people (unknowingly) eating FreshPet dog food. What a great way to prove the dog food is made from real ingredients. The results are dynamite.

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Rose said...

Wow! What a fancy post you dropped in this post. It's brilliant and innovation presentation. In fact I was hunting online to get some ideas on Best Dog Food to Gain Weight and Muscle for my Melo, my loving dog and found this excellent post. After reading the short details I couldn't but take a tour to the video you embedded on this page and got excited with the great family environment. It's really funny to watch that people eating dog food with so delightedly. Indeed I enjoyed the whole fun friendly atmosphere and delicious looking foods. Simply love it.

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