no mcwhopper? psht.

It's not everyday that we do a follow-up on a breaking story - but this was well worth it. While McDonalds has refused Burger King's recent peace offering - not all has been lost. People are frankensteining the Big Mac and Whopper together (McWhopper as they called it) and reporting on their findings.

The result? Welp, the words "meat-to-not-meat ratio was regrettable" and "I ate half of it and then it basically just disintegrated into primordial muck" were used. You'll have to check out the full review for yourself - and then google others!

Tell us, what's your recipe?

the apple watch nightmare you must watch to believe (pun intended)

Jealous of your friend with an Apple watch? Watch this hilarious video from the humor website, Vooza and you may think twice about buying one!

when a wandering eye is handy

Creeping on people is awesome. Errrrr....we mean when you have something precious to look after, it's not a bad idea to install a surveillance system. But who has the money or the time to review hours and hours of footage. That's what's so beautiful about the Butterfleye. This home camera can actually detect when a human and/or animal is in the house, at which point the camera will record. At all other points, the camera turns off, eliminating the issue of having to spend copious amounts of time surfing through footage. Even cooler - when there's an unexpected person/animal in your house, you'll receive a push notification!

Not sure about you, but we can think of about a million amazing ways to use this small wireless device. As for that co-worker that keeps stealing your lunch? GOTCHA!

bk fails to settle the beef with mcdonalds

One day, Burger King said to McDonalds, 'Let's get together and be alright.' Specifically, it was intended to celebrate International Day of Peace. McDonalds decided that they were not down with the idea and responded with the Corporate equivalent of 'B**ch, plz,' closing out their open letter with, "A simple phone call will do next time." Seems that BK just dropped the ball while McD's dropped the mic.

celebrate 50 with spaghettios cupcakes

SpaghettiOs has turned 50. They want to celebrate by having some cake. Not just any cake, thought, a red velvet cake made from SpaghettiOs. The experiment recipe gives you a cake that includes strained sauce from the canned pasta along with an icing and "STRAWBERRY SPAGHETTIOS TOPPING." Are you brave enough to try this out and celebrate the golden year of SpaghettiOs?

let's go to mcdonalds :/

McDonald's France has refreshed their "come as you are." campaign to tap in the the ability for emoji to convey more than words ever could. As the Inspiration Room puts it, "The new commercial, and corresponding print and outdoor elements, focuses on the many emotions experienced by McDonalds customers." The only emoji missing from the campaign, self-loathing and disappointment.

art that speaks to us

Art is so critically important. While art can serve many functions: an outlet for some, a source of inspiration for others - what it always is, is a reflection on where the world is now. Art acts as pseudo time capsule in that we may not always recognize the piece is capturing a piece of history, but as time goes on it reveals a memory. So imagine looking at these pieces in 100 years from now!

Steve Cutts, a long time London based illustrator went into business for himself in 2012 to pursue his art and we think it's pretty fantastic!

proof that our favorite stimulate is goooood

Most people in advertising live off caffeine. Frequent late nights can do that to a person - especially if you work on a coffee, soda or energy drink brand where you have 24/7 access to the product! In the past, caffeine has gotten (unfairly) a bad wrap, so we are here to set the records is not only necessary, but it can be goooooood!

lost and found magic

Did you know that 1 in every 3 people will lose a friend at a music festival? It's true. It's true. Well, Pepsi is facing this atrocity head on with a little something they call, The Friend Finder. This advanced tracking system is a hearty mix of 1 part magic and two parts drones.

Hooked up to a smartphone, the spherical drone will locate your lost friend in a sea of festival goers...and imagine the compromising acts that will be found!

So is this innovation real or false? We can't tell from the video, BUT who cares! It's a cool idea!

Bro, do you even use organic protein?

Organic Valley wants Bros to stop using synthetic proteins and go all organic, so naturally they came up with a save a bro hotline. You can now save a bro you know by submitting their Twitter handle (brononymously of course) to Organic Valley. Said bro will get a custom video message based on their bro qualities, urging them to go organic. Doesn't get much better than that. getting wacky with GIFs

Let's just say, knows what’s up. Their advertising is on-point and they know how to reach their target. To wind down the summer they are taking consumer submitted photos on Twitter & Instagram and turning the best ones into fantastical GIFs. The initial results are everything you’d want in a Photoshopped GIF on today's Internet.

Eli and Peyton make college kids work

If you want something in life, you gotta work for it. Even something as simple as a drink from a vending machine. The always funny/dry humored Manning brothers and superstar J.J. Watt own Gatorade's new campaign by whipping college kids into shape, just so they can access their favorite thirst quencher. The "candid" reactions are priceless. More videos here.

protecting the family jewels is serious business

We excitedly use our devices on a daily basis without thinking of the consequences. Hold up. Wait. What consequences?

Our devices, especially smartphones, emit harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and for men who often carry their phones in their pockets it can be issue. So when men are thinking about procreating they need to make moves to protect "the boys"! Well you can thank the infamous Richard Branson for bringing "the underpants for superheroes” to the market to do just that.

Wireless Armour boxers are made of a material that shields men from EMR, but if you are imagining "the boys" in an aluminum foil sock you'd be way wrong. These boxers are not only safe, but they are soft too!

day of the dead just got more interesting

When a naysayer gets behind the very thing that they are “naying” about – you know its got to be good.

In a surprising twist of events, Lalo Alcaraz, the political cartoonist who targets Disney and Pixar for their (negative) portrayal of Latinos is now joining the Disney payroll! He will be joining Pixar to bring Coco, a film inspired by the Mexican holiday - The Day of The Dead to life.

Undoubtedly, this will be a must see.

fitness for all

The proliferation of fitness applications is overwhelming. However, if you stop and think of it – there aren’t many (if at all) fitness apps that give handicapped people the opportunity to participate.

Freewheel was designed with people who are confined to a wheelchair in mind. A small device gets attached to the chair and tracks data such as incline, decline, acceleration and speed – the data is then transferred to the app where it is used for fitness tracking and recommendations.

We hope that this is the first of many apps of its kind!

breathe yo booze bro

You've been looking for a better way to get alcohol in to you, right? There was powder for a while, but that was way too dangerous, so why not try inhaling your alcohol through a vapor! Is it just as unsafe as the powder? Yes, but if you have access to Alcoholic Architecture, then you are British and basically your right. So, go get your poncho and inhale some cocktails (seriously though, it's rather dangerous).

gifs get better, rejoice!

Are you a connoisseur and collector of fine gifs? Do you frequent the various subreddits completely devoted to creating these works of motion art? If you prefer to go by your online alias instead of the name your parents gave you, then you will probably be very excited to know that there is a new tool for making gifs from your content with attribution, links, and easy embedding. Oh, plus there is audio.

millennial tacos fight the man

Taco Bell is going after the Millennials. It's been hard to miss all of the promotion around their breakfast, which now makes up 6% of their sales. So, Fast Company went and found out who those wacky Millennials were more in to, which you should go read. It goes about how you would probably expect:

"FC: Taco Bell has been trying to improve its menu and create an edgier image to appeal to millennials. Do you think that works?
J: I don’t really care one way or the other, honestly. I accept that when I come here I’m eating shitty food.

FC: McDonald’s is doing a similar thing, introducing new menu items like a kale and egg breakfast bowl. Would you eat that?
J: That sounds terrible."

best use ever for parenting advice

If you're a new parent, you're probably ready to throat punch the next "seasoned" parent or so called expert trying to offer you advice. And it's not just because you're cranky from lack of sleep, it's because parenting advice is a diaper load of steaming poo. Hence why Tommee Tippee's new baby wipes and campaign are absolutely perfect!

The limited edition wipes are made from recycled pages of parenting advice books and articles and are being distributed as part of their new #ParentOn campaign. The campaign encourages parents to forgo all the outdated and useless advice and have the confidence to trust their instincts. The campaign also includes a nifty infographic further supporting the idea that moms' instincts are the best source of information, as well as a ton of other great content on the subject.

go on an adventure, 15 seconds at a time

Land Rover is all about "off the beaten path adventures" . . . well, that and wealthy suburban moms, but we're focusing on the former here. Instagram is a fantastic platform to tell brand stories. Combine the two and you have a solid case study of a fresh and engaging campaign.

In two separate Instagram series you can follow a couple exploring Sawtooth National Forrest (@SolitureInSawtooth) and two brothers' expedition through Kanab, Utah (@BrotherhoodOfWonderstone). The videos not only document their experience (which is visually interesting enough), but they also provide useful tips for taking on such adventures.

The content is then all stitched together in beautiful, interactive panoseries.

wearable camera taken to a whole level

Wearing a camera when doing something fun in hopes of capturing the excitement is cool. Editing hours of crappy footage to get to the good stuff? Not cool. Luckily, Graava is the solution, and it's awesome.

Graava is a wearable camera equipped with an image sensor, GPS, and accelerometer and can be paired with heart rate monitors, all with the purpose of sensing the most exciting parts of your video and auto editting it accordingly. You can also automatically share to social networks from the camera and sync up with other Graava users to capture the same experience from different perspectives. Best part? It's only going to be $249 when it launches in early 2016, which is not bad considering what it's capable of.

breakfast of buzzed champions

It is a glorious day. Wheaties is making a beer. The Breakfast of Champions is making an American style Hefeweizen. Incase you haven't connected the dots yet, let me help. A breakfast company, that makes food for you to eat as soon as you wake up is producing an alcohol beverage for you to consume. Should you change your morning Wheaties from the flakes to the liquid? You need to make that decision yourself, but no one is stopping you (except maybe your own conscience, but that will go away after a few bowls of Wheaties covered in Hefewheaties).

tinder swipes left on ceo

You've seen the Twitter ranting from Tinder a couple of days ago, right? Well, it looks like their CEO is on the out and one of the cofounders is coming back in to take the reigns. Are the two events connected? Hopefully the CEO wasn't the one running the Twitter account, but it does put some questions in the air about the future of the service. Also, users in North Korea? Tinder is a confusing place.

canadian election ad goes scifi

Canada. A place for a relaxing lakeside vacation, poutine, and at least one insane political hopeful. Wyatt Scott feels that "University is too damn expensive," and he can grow an instant beard and shoot lasers from his eyes. Canada, if you don't elect him you are fools. Do the right thing and watch his ad.

live product demo . . . in print?

When you're thinking about ideas for live product demos, lots of tactics might come to mind, but none of them are likely to be print. That's what makes this Neutrogena ad in Brazil so innovative and smart. Readers are encouraged to wipe the lipstick off the cover model with a full-sized make-up removing wipe sample attached inside to get a first hand experience with how effective it is . . . which is, in turn, quite effective! Nice!

sentient billboard, brilliantly creepy

You're looking at the future and it's filled with inanimate objects that can read our feelings . . . maybe even some day *gasp* our minds? Creepy, yes, but think of all the marketing possibilities: Sad? Try this antidepressant prescription drug. Tired? Order delivery from Seamless so you don't have to worry about dinner.

Navigating the possibilities of this crazy world is M&C Saatchi in the UK. They're testing billboards that contain Microsoft Kinect cameras that can detect a passerby's mood and change the designs and copy of ads it presents to them. Crazy!

up up and away!

Ever wonder what it might be like to fly? Of course you have. Well, while we don't have Tinkerbell's fairy dust to lend you, we can share some amazing arial shots of some of the world's greatest cities thanks to the photographers of AirPano, a Russian not-for-profit photo project.

Superman has it good.

how brands are capitalizing on Jon's farewell

Sad but true, Jon Stewart is saying "so long" to millions of viewers. Those that watch him regularly know that Jon takes every opportunity to express how much he dislikes one particular fast food chain. We're not saying who as that wouldn't be very nice, but it starts with an "Rrr" sound and ends with a "Bees" sound. Total brain buster, we know.

So this chain, that shall not be named by us, has take the opportunity to turn bad press into good press by sending Jon Stewart an amusing and dare say, fun, farewell montage.

from clunker to instagram super star

Sometimes a simple gift can be life altering. 28 year old Travis Burke received an old (read: 1994) van from his grandmother. While some kids these days would have complained about receiving such a clunker, Burke took it as an opportunity to explore - visiting some of the most spectacular places in North America. 16 months later and he has quite an impressive list of destinations and moreover, some incredible photos to go with it.

Find his photos as inspirational as we do? Then follow him on Instagram.

photo bucket by the colonel

KFC has really stepped up their marketing game over the last year with Darrell Hammond taking over as the Colonel. Now they are encouraging a few lucky winners to get their phones out while you are sitting around the table with your loved ones and snap a few photos to capture the memories and then instantly print them out right at the table. Want to win one of these photo buckets full of chicken and memories? If you are Canadian just keep an eye on KFC on all the social channels.

monster soccer player stunt

Take the worlds most recognizable athlete, disguise him to look like a homeless man, and drop him in a square in Madrid to play his sport for an hour. This makes you think of buying headphones, right? Totally. Anyway, the stunt was interesting, especially when Cristiano Ronaldo finally gets recognized and is completely mobbed. Monster, good stunt, but your headphones had nothing to do with it. Better luck next time.

what's under there?

Did you catch that National Underwear Day was yesterday? Well, lots of brands picked up on it and crafted some delightfully punny tweets all about skivvies. There were some mentionable brands who didn't partake in celebrating unmentionables including Jockey, Spanx, Calvin Klein and Under Armour. Party poopers. See more tweets here.

styluses are back in style

Did you think styluses were a thing of the past? Well when Apple submits for two patents the fact is that styluses are very much alive.

But as with anything Apple does, this isn't just any stylus. No. The to-be-developed implement can not only help you navigate your device of choice, but it will also provide designers the opportunity to capture textures. TEXTURES!

We can only imagine how excited designers must be...but we'll have to temper the joy a bit as Apple has only just filed patents which means we now play a waiting game.

Cecil the lion lives on

If you haven't heard of Cecil the lion then you clearly live under rock. As the WORLD mourns this poor creature, Ty Inc. is giving consumers the opportunity to own a piece of Cecil's memory. Our guess is that these adorable furry stuffed animals will fly off the shelves - especially since a 100% of the profits go to WildCRU, the Wildlife Conservation Research of the University of Oxford that was studying Cecil.

Still, we can't help but think that this should go in the category of "too soon."

hbc with the social media win!

It wasn't all that long ago that Instagram welcomed advertisers - largely dominated by big name "lifestyle" brands.

Aaaaaand then there's Old Spice - your sarcastic and irreverent deodorant who you probably wouldn't put in the category of "lifestyle" however their storytelling ability with their latest Instagram campaign is an interesting one. Through a series of hashtags this HBC player is giving consumers the opportunity to "choose their own adventure" in a series of wacky comics!

Ah ha! So Old Spice, you are both funny AND smart. Two thumbs up.

doggy bag takes on a whole new meaning

If you’re a pet owner and/or pet lover in general, you understand how important it is to feed your pet the best food out there. More and more dog food brands are offering new fresh, organic, all natural products, etc. etc. Which is great. What’s even better is this video of people (unknowingly) eating FreshPet dog food. What a great way to prove the dog food is made from real ingredients. The results are dynamite.

Chris Pratt + Internet + Photoshop = amazing results

The Internet loves Chris Pratt, so Chris Pratt is giving the Internet some love back. He posted a request to fans to come up with his new Facebook header image for a chance to have their name featured and maybe a nice dinner at Applebee’s. The hilarious results did not disappoint.

honest brand logos get real

We see re-imagined logos all the time. Whether they're Game of Thrones themed, NFL themed, Disney themed, the list goes on and on, but these logos are a bit different. Graphic designer Jo Sabin recreated some of the most well known brand logos, to represent what he believes the companies are really known for. He definitely 'nailed' IKEA as they certainly make you screw everything together!

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