Friday, July 10, 2015
rain drops keep missingggg your head do, do, do

Sometimes it's the small things in an umbrella that actually works! Did you know that the concept and design of the umbrella is over 3,000 year old? Right - neither did we, but that does seem like an awfully long time for there to be little to no innovation. But the time has come, my friends, to reconsider what you know! Thanks to Jenan Kasim, KAZbrella solves 3 main problems:

1.) A drippy sack of cloth after use

2.) Complete uselessness when getting in and out of the car

3.) Durability

Get out your wallets folks because this pretty little piece is in manufacturing and will soon be ready for sale.

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posted by Maureen Jones @ 8:01 AM   1 comments

At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Saikrishna said...
wondering how did we were not able to address this problem with such a simple way of thinking?  

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