Wednesday, July 15, 2015
a font as flashy as it's namesake

Apparently designer Tyler Finck is a huge Kanye West fan because he created a font that's only flashy (and expensive) enough for someone as insanely narcissistic . . . errr I mean, incredibly talented as Kayne. The font, called Yeezy Display, was created with round corners and hard edges just like Yeezy himself.

Tyler, knowing Yeezy's love for typeface design, put the font up for sale for $50,000 in hopes he'll buy it for use in his next album. And, to further entice the rapper, he parodied the Franco / Rogen parody video to promote the font. Good luck Tyler, we hope he loves your font at least 1/1,000th as much as he loves himself . . . and that's a lot!

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