tender is the new tinder

For some, love comes in the form of tall dark and handsome. For others, love comes in the form of medium well with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Let's be honest - there's a lot to love about food and people have a real passion for it which is why Tender is a dream come true for all foodies out there.

With the basic underpinnings of Tinder, Tender serves up food photography and gives people the opportunity to swipe left to trash the recipe and right to save it. All recipes are then saved in your "cookbook". But what we love so much about this super simple and convenient app - it serves up food ideas that may never have crossed your mind.

We give this two thumbs up and a YUM!

3D printing madness used in a highly unusual way

3D printing continues to blow out minds.

Danit Peleg, a recent grad from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design decided to go BIG for her final design project - and made an entire fashion line using only 3D printed materials. The result? Super beautiful designs that actually move quite nicely. The clincher? She knew nothing about 3D printing prior to this project!

We're hoping that Danit got herself an A+!

mcfly finally has his equipment

We all knew this day would come…the day when Back to The Future trilogy would come alive for realzzz. Leave it to Lexus to introduce the first hoverboard called, The Slide. The board works using magnetic levitation and nitrogen-cool superconductors. We have no idea what that even means, but how awesome does THAT sound?!

So why Lexus? Well, the piece is made using the same materials as Lexus cars.

We want one!

condoms done brilliantly

Condoms. Ahhhhh condoms. A necessary evil that unfortunately doesn't feel all that...ahemmmm..."natural." Sure brands preach endlessly about the variety of sensations that condoms provide (_______for her pleasure) but the Okamoto brand brilliantly delivers their product benefit in a highly....umm...relevant way. These are a MUST watch.

what's round, white and carries 3 million bacteria?

Love beer pong? Yea, us too.

As much fun as it can be, however, have you ever stopped to consider how many germs you're ingesting by playing, especially if it's outside? Here's a fun party fact: 3 MILLION bacteria can live on the ball!

No fear, there's a satisfactory solution that will keep your favorite drinking game in tact - Sip Cup is an insert that fits snuggly in Red Solo Cups. The inserts allow for beer to sit at the bottom without the ball actually touching the liquid. Simple, but BRILLIANT.

So now riddle us this: do you really think frat boys are counting the germs on the ping pong balls? Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmm.

photo chicken bucket art. it's a thing.

Welp, can you believe it? It's been 60 (count them, 6-0) years that KFC has been in Canada. And to celebrate, KFC is letting consumers document their precious memories in a highly unusual way - by using the iconic bucket as a photo printer!

You read that right. Consumers can snap a photo, connected it to the bucket via Bluetooth and PRESTO! Photo chicken bucket art.

this radio ad could save your life

If you're one of the asshats who do not feel compelled to put their cellphone down while driving after seeing stat after stat, news article and news article, or scary commercial after scary commercial, then this radio ad is for you. Toyota created a BRILLIANT radio ad in Sweeden that speaks to Siri on your phone to do what all the drivers around you wish they could do when they see you swerving all over the place. Totally worth the watch!

your ad not here

Billboards can often be unsightly obstructions to an otherwise pretty landscape, especially if the creative stinks (which can often be the case). Multimedia artist Brian Kane wanted to restore that beauty working with the exact billboards that ruined it. Healing Tool is the name of his installation and it uses Photoshop's healing tool to fill in the patch of landscape that is obstructed by the billboard. Simple statement, though without the social buzz, quite easy to miss the message . . . but that's sort of the point, right?

the mascots of our lives

Classic advertising geeks rejoice! This lovely two-volume book series illustrates the art and history of beloved advertising characters and mascots from the 40s through the 80s. Great for perusing while drinking your morning coffee and procrastinating on that big project for that difficult client.

To buy: Meet Mr. Product: The Graphic Art of The Advertising Character Mr. Product: The Graphic Art of Advertising's Magnificent Mascots 1960-1985

a taste of pantone

Long gone are the days of CMYK. If you’re not doing something with Pantone, then you're way behind the times. Now there’s a Pantone Cafe that’s all about… you guessed it, the colors. Everything is color coordinated, including the menu. Ah yes, one Tomato Red Mozza White #18-1660 Sandwich please.

what type of creamy goodness are you?

First off, if you’ve never had Talenti Gelato you’re doing yourself a disservice. Please stop reading this, go get a pint and indulge. Once you’ve done that, come back and find out what delicious flavor you are. Talenti’s latest campaign dishes out unique flavors for everyone, simply by analyzing your social media profiles. Just link your profiles, take a quiz and poof you’re now a Talenti flavor. But wait there's more, you may have a chance to win your very own custom flavor. Pretty cool, as long as it’s not some weird flavor combo like Orange Juice Mint Toothpaste!

curing first world problems for good

This is awesome. The First World Problem Store is now curing problems! Probably none of your #firstworldproblems, but that's okay, they're doing something even better. The Aids Fonds organization created this “store” to remind those of us with #firstworldproblems, that it could be worse. With these fun placebo pills, your problem of not being able to Poop Glitter can now happen (not really). Oh and by the way, with every purchase you help support millions of people around the world that lack the access to critical HIV medication. So next time you start to complain about your WiFi connection, go buy something from this store instead.

apple is taking a bite out of the electric car biz - maybe

Not surprisingly, it sounds like Apple may have plans to give Google and Tesla Motors a run for their money in the electric car arena. Rumors began when Apple started hiring senior executives from various car companies. We wish there were more information available about what an Apple car might include, but here's our version:

Finger pad entry, Siri as a "backseat driver", tune-ups will consist of software updates and it's sure to have a windshield that easily shatters! Just kidding - odds are that it will be pretty cool - and crazy expensive. But we'll all want one.

when it comes to summertime fun - go big or go home

What happens when a man decides to insert himself in an over-sized water balloon? You'll have to watch to find out. SPOILER: it's hilarious. Skip to 3:30 if you're impatient.

You're welcome.

delicious way to cool down

Holy smokes Batman - it's McHot outside!

McDonalds creates a mash up of a vending machine and a billboard with their recent OOH campaign aimed at driving trial and buzz for McFlurries. McDonalds, with the help of JCDecaux, offered super hot folks from the Netherlands a free McFlurry when the clock struck 101.4 degrees. What a cool idea.

hot dog! it's gum.

Have you ever eaten at a food truck and thought, 'that was the best Korean/Norwegian fusion taco I've ever had,' only to realize that your breath now smells like pickled herring and kimchi? Well, Dentine has heard your cries for breath freshness and are following food trucks and festivals around the USA handing out gum samples and wet wipes. Now go get another Sursild Kimchi Taco plate.

instathread pixels forever

Retailers are consistently trying to catch the eye of passers-by with bright signs that scream SALE, but how does one stand out in a sea of static signage? Forever 21 is trying by creating a pixel art in an installation powered by Instagram, thread and live streaming video to YouTube, and it is beautiful. A marriage of analog and digital to display submitted Instagram photos... Well done 21. This may have just put Old Navy's balloon installation to shame.

boogie man fears danny trejo

A lot of big stars have been known to do small commercials, but they are usually limited to Japan for some reason. Well, Danny Trejo (If you don't know him, just go look at his IMDB because he is a very busy man) has taken up promoting a local personal injury attorney in San Fran. Yes, it is amazing. Start your day off right and go watch the whole thing.

blood for currency

Transylvania-based Untold Music Festival has partnered with Romania's National Blood Transfusion Institute to create a very unusual kind of festival experience.

To get into the concert, one must give 2 pints of blood. Why? Well here's a fun party fact: Romania happens to be the EU country with the lowest number of blood donors. So with Untold's obvious connection to Dracula and their philanthropic spirit, we give this idea an "A Positive"! Mwah ha ha ha ha!

careful if you sneeze - you may end up sober

Two words: breathable alcohol.

Now that we have your attention let's discuss this mind blowing concept. A creative studio by the name of Bompas & Parr has created alcohol that can be absorbed through the lungs and eyes. Creeped out yet? Us too. At a "bar" called, Alcohol Architecture consumers are exposed to a "cloud" of alcohol and can choose from all the regular spirits including beer and wine.

Interested? Well you can hop over the pond and visit Alcohol Architecture in London’s Borough Market...but be careful if you are someone prone to hyperventilating. You may end up p.r.e.t.t.y drunk.

Breathe Responsibly.

how to send a career S.O.S.

Want a job in advertising? Welp, we hope you are up on the times because it's no longer about resume paper or portfolios. It's not even about Linkedin or your own website. Ok, well maybe it is about those things, but the way to get noticed now-a-days is by doing something creatively disruptive.

There are lots of examples out there of how designers are flagging the attention of ECD's, but we liked this one in particular - a well executed SOS bottle - with cover letter rolled up in the bottle and the cork as a USB drive to the portfolio.

We know you're dying to know and yes, art director, Canhür Aktuglu was hired by DDB Istanbul. Well deserved we think.

pizza cures emoji illiteracy

Emojis are like the modern day hieroglyphics. Who the hell really knows what they mean? Just like text, they can be misinterpreted, but that won’t stop us from trending toward a world where we only use smiley faces to portray our emotions. First Domino’s implemented an emoji ordering system. Now comes the next evolution, the emoji literacy campaign. Pretty funny actually. There’s really no stopping this movement toward icon communication, so why not embrace it and have some fun?

highly interesting delivery service

With the growing legalization of marijuana, there are new opportunities to capitalize on. Take for instance this new delivery service: Potbox. We live in a society where everyone wants 'farm-to-something' and of course it needs to be delivered to your home. So it only makes sense to have Mary Jane leave the farm and come right to your doorway. In a premium style box along with two jars and two freshly rolled joints, your medical marijuana is delivered for a minimal monthly fee. Only available in San Fran right now, but that’s bound to grow.

food spills are magical

If you could spill your food and have a masterpiece land on that new white carpet, you probably wouldn’t mind so much. Too bad life doesn’t work that way, but it’s fun to imagine. Just like artist Giulia Bernardelli. She is making magic happen by transforming food spills into amazing little works of art.

what brands really think about Pluto

We are big fans of brands who are quick and nimble. So fast, in fact, that they are able to play off of culture happening in real time. These takes on NASA's newest achievement are not only cute, but they make consumers believe that the brands posting them are modern and in the know - which makes them relatable.

OOH vandalism - it's a thing - and sometimes it's funny

When a brand does any OOH or wild postings, they have to assume that there will be some level of vandalism in the course of the flight. I mean, we live in a world of "bleeps" so obviously those things will happen. But this one example of OOH vandalism is kind of hilarious and very well executed.

Sorry McDonalds - looks like someone doesn't agree with: commute, work, commute, work....cry, visit McDonalds, then you're happy!

be a more confident person!

Let's face it - a big part of being in marketing and advertising is how confident you come across in your recommendations and among your teams. In short, you'll get eaten alive if you show doubt - nom, nom. So to help those who are confident challenged, Vegas Extreme Skydiving has developed a lengthy infographic that will have you impressing your peers!

amazon prime garage sale days

Turns out that the way Amazon says thanks to all their wonderful Prime members is by having a garage sale to clean out the warehouse. Many shoppers were excited at the prospect of having Black Friday like deals on the stuff they may have missed out on the day after Thanksgiving, but they were left seeing deals that made them think that Amazon wanted to just clean things out rather than see people get stampeded (hypothetically). Overall, seems to be a bit of a fail.

buy shoes, share shoes with one click

Facebook wants to take over the world, and that is certainly no secret. Their new avenue to domination... shopping. The big blue social giant is working on testing out a new shopping feature that will let you buy directly from the pages you 'like' without ever leaving the network. While Facebook isn't taking a cut of the sale just yet, you know that there has to be an angle in it for them. Maybe all your transaction data gets to be social targeting fodder now, or maybe it's time to build that bunker in Montana.

awkward, angsty ice cream

Oh, high school drama. You remember the angst, frustration, and overwhelming feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin. It was cause for quite a few cringeworthy moments, but a lot of sweet ones too. Cornetto, an ice cream maker, wants to remind you of all of those feelings and hopefully sell you some ice cream as well through a new youtube video (or videos). In this, rather clever, short, the company lets you switch perspectives between a young man that wants to get out of the 'friend zone' and his love interest. Pretty clever.

a font as flashy as it's namesake

Apparently designer Tyler Finck is a huge Kanye West fan because he created a font that's only flashy (and expensive) enough for someone as insanely narcissistic . . . errr I mean, incredibly talented as Kayne. The font, called Yeezy Display, was created with round corners and hard edges just like Yeezy himself.

Tyler, knowing Yeezy's love for typeface design, put the font up for sale for $50,000 in hopes he'll buy it for use in his next album. And, to further entice the rapper, he parodied the Franco / Rogen parody video to promote the font. Good luck Tyler, we hope he loves your font at least 1/1,000th as much as he loves himself . . . and that's a lot!

test drive goes vroom vroom

Driving the new Volkswagen Golf R is fun, so fun that they made the Golf R virtual test drive powered by fun. All you have to do is get all silly and "Unleash Your Rrr" by making vroom, rrr, and squeal noises into your computer. The site will then analyze the audio to create your very own virtual test drive sequence so you can experience the fun first hand. Now how can you resist all that fun?

Periscope goes to new heights

Turkish Airlines created the "world's first" live broadcast flight with Periscope, going into the cockpit, following the flight crew, and even the pre and post flight logistics so people could get the full brand experience without leaving their home. Sure, while it's easy to be the "world's first" with a fairly new platform, this is a great example of how brands can use emerging platforms to extend their brand experiences in an authentic and interesting way.

fluffy clouds come to life

Ever lay down, stare at the clouds and see a random t-rex? Of course you have, but then you tell your friend to check out the awesome dinosaur and they’re like, “no way, that’s a bunny with a bunch of little baby bunnies!” Funny how the mind works, because it was definitely a t-rex, not bunnies. Well this lovely gentlemen is bringing his visions to life by layering sketches on top of clouds. Boy does he have a great imagination. You may want to lay down for these.

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