Friday, June 19, 2015
sometimes the loudest remarks are the quietest

As we know – in marketing the pendulum swings back and forth often. So often, in fact, that you need to watch that you don’t get slammed in the face with it.

In the wake of flashy, loud, boisterous flash mobs (thank you 2010), quiet and subtle “drop stunts” are all the PR rage. The strategy? Build a slow burn of anticipation among consumers and then POW – the reveal. The most recent example is that of Universal Pictures UK to promote “Jurassic World” where a crate labeled with a warning, “Danger! Predatory Livestock” was dropped in the middle of London Waterloo station. The brand revealed the container contents which included mobile integrations, props and more - only after social media was all a buzz.

Nifty and clean says we.

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