Wednesday, May 06, 2015
don't rush it

We all fall for those click-bait video headlines like "you won't believe how much puss comes from this guys cyst" (bleeeeeeeehhhh), or "honeymoon goes all wrong when she poses for pic too close to edge". You don't REALLY want to watch the awfulness that ensures, but you just. can't. help. yourself.

Well, Intouch Insurance took advantage of your compelling need to watch by posting a video on YouTube entitled "MOST TERRIBLE FATAL CAR CRASH EVER". The spin is it's 10 mins, so of course, as any A.D.D. internet user would do, you fast forward (AKA speed up the car) to get to the good (read: horrific) part. But when you do, the thumbnails read "Don't Rush" and reveals it's a safe driving ad from Intouch Insurance.

Fantastic trickery.

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