i see london through those plastic pants

Are you a fashion elite that had the wind taken out of your sails when you found out that the Plastique fashion line was all a ploy? Turns out you can thank Fruit of the Loom for the whole thing. If you aren't aware of the campaign, it included parody ads in print, digital and experiential all over the place. Well played.

proud to sport a bow tie

Products that support a cause are nothing new. You can buy everything from glasses to socks that support a cause that you believe in. If your cause happens to be Marriage Equality and you really like wearing snazzy neck ware then check out Tie the Knot from Jesse Tyler Ferguson from 'Modern Family.'

facebook video wrapped in bacon

Everything is better when it is wrapped in bacon, right? Little Caesars certainly things so, which is why they have hacked your Facebook videos to be wrapped in videos. Turns out that when you play a video in portrait on your phone there is a ton of unused video space that can be used. Little Caesars may have actually found a way to get people to watch their Facebook ads.

memories that never were

In honor of yesterday's Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality, LGBT advocacy group PFLAG Canada and their agency, FCB Toronto, launched this incredibly powerful video of absolutely beautiful wedding memories of days past that never were because LGBT didn't have the right to marry who they wanted. If this doesn't punch you in the feels, nothing will.

litterbugs can run, but they can't hide

Littering was pretty much a faceless crime until the people at Hong Kong CleanUp finally had enough and decided to call litterers out for their dirty deeds. Using a combo of DNA testing, analysis, phenotyping technology, and some other magic, Hong Kong CleanUp and their agency, Ogilvy & Mather, collected litter off the streets to create composite sketches of the litterers' faces and posted them on ads throughout the city. Waiting 30 seconds for the next trash can sounds like a much better option than having your grill appear here, no?

what Google can't even tell you

Google can give you a boatload of information for planning a trip. Review sites like Trip Advisor can give you even more. But there's no website in existence that can give you the type of insider information an actual person that lives there can give. Because of this Iceland launched the Ask Guðmundur service consisting of volunteer representatives from each of the 7 regions of the country offering their insider advice to would be tourists. Questions can be submitted via Facebook and Twitter using #AskGuðmundur, starting maybe with exactly how many layers should one plan to wear on an average January day in Northern Iceland? Get your questions in now, whatever they may be, then get packing.

Manny is confused

If you’re asking yourself, “does boxing still exist?” Yes, yes it does, but it will most likely go away again after the big Pacquiao v Mayweather fight this weekend. At least Footlocker was able to have some fun with Manny in this short window of hype. The original spot aired prior to the fight agreement (which has been years in the making) and the new one shows us just how confused Manny is about the fight. Yes, it’s really happening. I think?

these just didn’t cut it

When it comes to brand design, consumers typically only get to see the final approved artwork. What they don’t see are the rounds and rounds of designs, layouts, edits, tweaks, and adjustments that occur prior to that point. In this collection of “failed” movie posters by Corey Holms, we get to see some of his earlier movie poster designs that never went public.

new appliances coming to a city near you

American’s are obsessed with home design, just look at all the shows dedicated to rehab, DIY, house hunting, etc. Dwell and Monogram are capitalizing on this trend to bring the latest and greatest in appliance technology to the people. In these hands-on modern homes, consumers will get to experience the best of the best when it comes to high end appliances, experience culinary tastings and even earn continuing education credits. It’s also great for the brands, as they'll hopefully get some great data on consumer behavior as they interact with the products

creativity at your fingertips

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. Flipping through design books, taking a zen moment or even, well, looking at your fingers. These finger tattoos (some admittedly cheesebally, but others super unique) are pretty cool and imaginative. Art is pain, right? Get inspired. Take a look.

is it fit or false?

One would think that the king of soda, Coca-Cola, would be laughed out of any gym or serious exercise class, but that perception may be changing with their recent sponsorship of the My Fit Family Challenge app. In an effort to fight obesity and to make the world a wee bit healthier, the brand is testing out the new application that encourages friendly fitness competitions within the family unit - wrapped in a rewards system that offers prizes (something Coke is intimately familiar with!)

It’s a valiant effort toward creating a healthier world, but coming from Coca-Cola, is it fit or false?

jeans so fly, they will move you

First of all, this is brilliant. Second of all, this is hilarious. Third of all…ok, I can’t balance this with a third pithy statement but the fact is that the new Taiwanese “sports-friendly” ‘Cool Knitted Denim’ line has built awareness of the product in a truly unique fashion (yes, pun intended). The brand bravely lured consumers into a faux dressing room and immediately after the consumers zipped up, the floor (read: the treadmill) started to move – challenging the unsuspecting shoppers to a legit road test! The reactions are amusing – but why isn’t anyone crying about the fact that there was a camera in a DRESSING ROOM?

buy khaleesi's dragon eggs in belfast market

Game of Thrones is filmed in Norther Ireland and they want you know come visit! Tourism Ireland is taking advantage of the hugely popular series by placing elements of the show all over the countryside for you to fulfill your GoT immersion fantasy. Book your trip now because it probably won't last too long.

my idol is pole dancing

Has your Twitter feed been invaded with pole dancing politicians? 'My Idol' is taking over the social internets with the most odd and uncomfortable computer generated characters ever made. Give it 24 hours and every social savvy brand (and non-savvy) will jump on the bandwagon.

bang, bang... happy earth day

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Earth Day? Wait, you didn't say guns. Is that because you are a sane individual? Probably, but gun maker Glock decided that this year's Earth Day should be about guns with a tweet. Specifically, guns the same color as dirt. So, everyone in Twitter land got all up in arms on both sides.

best beer billboard EVER

Why? Because it has taps that dispense FREE FRICKIN' BEER!!!!!! Yep, Londoners can pour as much Carlsberg beer as they want! What the hell more is there to even say other than, how can this be legal and how have they NOT run out of beer yet?

Google monster view

Although the Google Street View cars have yet to capture a clear shot of the elusive Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster believers can still hang on to hope now that Google brought their Underwater View to the murky Scottish loch today. And bonus, we got a fun Google Doodle in celebration.

films in two frames

Truly iconic movies need no words for people to recall their awesomeness. Need proof? Check out these fantastic pictogram movie posters from artist Viktor Hertz that represent beloved films in just two brilliant frames. Like what you see and you can support his Kickstarter to make more awesomeness.

Groupon is doing it right

Remember when Groupon crushed it with their responses to EVERY comment on the Banana Bunker? Yeah, well they just kicked it up a notch with this video of their employees reading their favorite comments. They really know how to capitalize on a good thing. The best: "What if my banana is curved the other way?" Can't make this stuff up.

forget a bowl, get a fresh rolled... BRRR-ito

Yesterday was every stoner’s favorite day of the year, so Ben & Jerry’s seized the moment. They remade the classic 1984 Apple spot to promote their new BRRR-ito on 4.20. It's a fun parody for sure, but if they remade the munchies scene from Half Baked it would have been a home-run. "Get some Haagen-Dasz ice cream bars Ben & Jerry’s BRR-ito's, a whole lot, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate, man. Also, celery, grape jelly, Cap'n Crunch with the little Crunch berries, pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man, everything on 'em, with water, whole lotta water, and Funyons."

coloring makes you better

Go ahead, take a break and color, it’s good for you! These illustrated adult coloring books aren’t just for fun, they can also be beneficial to your motor skills, senses and creativity. Apparently it's also a great relaxation tool. YES PLEASE, I'll take two.

blow out your old cartridges

The nostalgia of classic video games never really leaves. I remember being a kid and sitting on the floor, blowing out the cartridge and hoping that mom didn't trip over the controller cable while I  was working my way through world 8. GameStop wants to take you back to those days by selling you the consoles and games all over again. They are testing out a trade-in program for the classics at select stores. Go dust off your power glove and befriend a GameStop employee. GL HF!

the alphabet runs for president

Do you want to run for President? Well, you need to get your logo just right. It needs to convey movement, progress and unification. Then, if you are really lucky people will identify with it and embrace it. And then there is Hillary Clinton's logo. It's been criticized and praised depending mostly on your political views. Now it is being extended to a full font set so that anyone can run along side her. Good luck!

the uber, uber masculine shave

As if Gillette was lacking in testosterone, they’ve increased their machismo levels ten fold with the Avengers Age of Ultron inspired razors. Frankly it’s nice to see Gillette mix it up with a little humor (really, there’s only so many times one can hear, “the greatest technology in shaving ever”) – the video is pretty entertaining. Now if only one could buy a real razor with micro-lightening.

the upside of a rainy day

Rain, rain, don’t go away.

Yea, yea – that’s not how it goes, but really why would you want it to stop raining when “rain activated art” appears on waterlogged ground like magic! Rainworks, owned by Peregrine Church, uses a superhydrophoic coating to instantly dry just about any surface – letting the negative space reveal art and text. So bring on the heavy clouds, do a little rain dance and watch for the unexpected.

IKEA says, “I do”

Sure you can spend gobs of money and time on getting married (don’t forget the blood sweat and tears to find THE. PERFECT. DRESS.) OR you can just…wait for it…reach for your laptop.

Ikea is giving lovebirds everywhere the opportunity to wed, surrounded by loved ones, with just the stroke of a key. Simply visit the IKEA website, choose a destination and start inviting the world. Easy peasy. So move over Vegas wedding drive through – there’s a whole new super duper fast and easy way to get married (without totally thinking it through).

your wish is Old Spice's command

Old Spice is putting the fate of their latest character, Nature Man, in the hands of gamers (scary thought) by dropping him off in the "woods" and letting Twitch users send commands for him to perform. The word "woods" being in quotes because this is Old Spice, and said woods are (of course) packed full of ridiculous things like people in animal costume and talking plants to make things interesting, and likely very, very bizarre . . . which we've all come to love about them. Starting at 10AM PT on Thursday, 4/16 you can get in on the action at twitch.tv/oldspice

learn to drive with Google Street View

When us mid 30 somethings+ learned to drive we had to take a quiz on one of those silly scantron papers with a number frickin' 2 pencil. And while most 20 somethings at least got to take the quiz on a computer, it was still just your basic Q&A. Well, Romania just stepped it up about 100 notches by using real world scenarios via Google Street View to reproduce various traffic scenarios as a means of testing your knowledge. Apparently it's the first-ever, but hopefully not the last!

pounds of hounds on the loose

Banknote Origami Dogs Released onto Streets of London

Hundreds of origami dogs made out of U.K. banknotes were randomly placed in the streets of London this week as part of a campaign to show how the average person overpays on their life insurance.The stunt was carried out by online life insurance provider Beagle Street, with a team of origami experts spending hours folding five hundred dogs out of £10 notes.Learn more: http://www.psfk.com/2015/03/beagle-street-origami-dogs-release-the-pounds.html

Posted by PSFK on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beagle Street, UK insurance providers, created 500 adorable little origami beagles (appropriate to their name) made out of £10 banknotes and placed them throughout the streets of London. The banknotes were for the taking by anyone that found them (score), but each came with an important message that Beagle Street's competitive rates put money back in their pocket. Simple but effective, just the way we like our stunts.

clorox fails to clean up their twitter

Every once in a while a brand will try and defend a mistake they made on social media rather than just taking down the post or tweet. Clorox is the latest to join the defense when their Twitter took a turn for the slightly racist side of things. There are quite a few pitchforks and torches in the replies. Check them out, and good luck cleaning this one up Clorox.

hungry youtubers are a mess

Youtube vlogers are community managers, sketch writers, and tip providers. Now, they are ad providers for Snickers. They commercials for not being the same when you are hungry have been hit or miss, but they are stepping things up with getting YouTube personalities involved in the game. The comments on the videos have been rather positive, and the quality is what you would expect from top YouTube talent. Check out a bunch more!

dove wants you to define yourself

Alright Dove, we get that women can have an unhealthy self-image. Guess what, so do men, children and some animals. Perhaps we could get past having women define themselves based on appearance for your marketing. Fast Company gives a strong case for dropping the campaign, and I couldn't agree more. Being positive about yourself is fantastic. Maybe it's time for something fresh.

McDonald’s really delivers

McDonald's actually delivers food now in Dubai. Sounds like a great idea, unfortunately for us, we can’t order what we ‘love’ just yet. You still need to make a trip to Mickey D’s to satisfy that late night Big Mac craving. While we wait for this service, enjoy these ads of well known characters receiving the deliveries they love.

people suck, get a dog

Pedigree just crushed it with these new ads promoting dog adoption. It’s true (a lot) of people suck when it comes to being friends. Dogs on the other hand do not suck. Sure you have to feed them, clean up after them and stock up on sticky rollers next 10-15 years, but it’s well worth it.

this billboard will quench your thirst

If you’re a fan of Coke Zero and/or cool things, then this billboard is for you. This past weekend at the Final Four in Indy, Coke unveiled their massive Coke Zero dispensing billboard. That’s right, you can get a refreshing soda-pop from this giant billboard. It’s actually pretty awesome. Bring on a beer billboard!

butterfinger boxing bet

Dear Butterfinger, I'm not sure if you noticed, but boxing hasn't really been the top spectator sport among males age 18-35 in the US for a while now. This choice to run a campaign where people can claim a free Butterfinger cup if Manny Pacquiao beats Floyd Mayweather in their upcoming match is an interesting choice. At least the creative is on point with the theme. Good luck. Sincerely, a guy on the internet.

a new king of craft beers has arrived

Step aside Sam Adams, because America's oldest brewery has taken the title as the Top Craft Beer. The Brewers Association has finally redefined the rules that qualify a beer's entry in to the running and now accepts corn as an ingredient, which is what kept the Pottsville brewery out of the running. Did this rule change because Yuengling is the US President's favorite beer? Maybe. If so, thanks Obama. Time for a drink.

volvo lights you up

Everywhere in the world except for the US cycling as a mode of transportation is a common thing. Most of them don't ride at night wearing all black like the promotional images, but Volvo knows people ride their bikes and has decided that it wants to make those bikers more visible to drivers. Enter LifePaint. Is it in part marketing for their new car? Yes, but that doesn't make it less useful (as long as it actually does what it says). Be safe and share the road with cyclists of all kinds, even the non-glow-in-the-dark ones.

a new "twist" on family meal time

There have been many food brands over the years who've attempted to take back family meal time, but this one takes it to a whole new level of creative. Dolmio, a brand of pasta sauces and ready-made meal kits, hooked moms up with a rigged up pepper grinder to shut off all electronic devices and wi-fi with one twist so family members could focus on actually, you know, eating and talking to each other (gee, imagine that). With hidden cameras they filmed what happened, from a temper tantrum to a happy ending.

you think you hate shirt tags now . . .

Shirt tags are so annoying, always itching your neck, causing irritation. Well, the shirt tags in these ads are more than just annoying, it's down-right sad ad tragic. Why? Because they delivers a very powerful message via tragic stories about the people that made them in some horrific factory, rampant with unsafe work conditions run by a company with no regard of their employees health, safety, or lives. Yeah, those tags don't seem so annoying now, huh?

world's smallest pop-up shop

While it's not hard to be the world's smallest when you're store is an iPad, this gets points for being clever. In the biggest retail strip in Brazil, Netshoes set up a tiny little space, no larger than the iPad that hung on the wall, complete with a tiny little welcome mat and sign. Shoppers could simply step up to the iPad and browse over 40,000 shoes on sale on their website, and even make a transaction right there.
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