kickin' it classic

Coca-Cola is not only one of the most (if not the most) successful beverages in history, but it has also made its mark over time with its iconic red branding and classic cursive font. When the new variants of Coca-Cola were introduced, like white / silver for diet, gold for non-caffeinated, and black for Coca-Cola Zero, those too, became universally recognizable. But alas, Coca-Cola says are dwindling (due to the rise of energy drinks and bottled water), and the carbonated behemoth is looking to switch things up by uniting all their flavor variants under their signature red packaging. Varieties would be distinguishable by a pop of their respective color on the bottom of the cans. Will the re-branding initiative work? It's hard to say how this will make a difference - but perhaps a return to their flagship color will bring about nostalgia for their millions of loyal consumers.

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