is that a banana in your bunker?

Making the rounds of the Interwebs is this awesome interaction between Groupon and everyone else regarding a Banana Bunker sold on their site. Yes, the Banana Bunker is a real product, made for protecting your bananas. No, it is not a sex toy. Yes, Groupon is killing it with their responses to everyone that commented.

fantastical freehand calligraphy

Latest doodle. Slower version on my 'Seb Lester' Facebook page.

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This is very impressive. Calligrapher, Sebastian Lester, is recreating some of the most well-known logos around. ALL BY HAND. These video clips are fascinating to watch. They will also make you feel bad about your doodles.

I doodle a lot. Slower version on my 'Seb Lester' Facebook page.

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

Doodle. Slower version on my 'Seb Lester' Facebook page.

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

More doodling.

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

inside the minds of stock photo models

You can spend hours on stock photo sites searching for that perfect image, simply because you're so memorized by all of the absurdly ridiculous photos that come up in your search. The sad/funny thing is, real people actually had to participate in these incredibly awesome/bad photo shoots. Now we finally get a glimpse of what the models were thinking at the time. Not really, but this fantastic collection of photos is certainly enjoyable.

flavor of someone's home

Did you grow up eating flavored rice and noodles from Knorr? The memory seems to be the most comforting thing now that we are older we and more aware of the ingredients in these bags. Knorr wants to capitalize on that nostalgia in their new campaign that touts "The greatest flavor on earth? The taste of home." So, live a little and go get your self a bag of cheddar broccoli rice and forget about the unpronounceable ingredients.

online banana buying

There is probably a grocery store in your area that offers online shopping that enables you to simply swing by and pick up your produce, but it comes with fees and at a premium. Well, Walmart wants to get in that game with a pick-up only grocery store that doesn't have displays, signage, or anything else that you would come to expect from a grocer. This is either a brilliant idea, or a 17-year-old high school boy is going to be picking out your tomatoes. Good luck!

high coffee reviews

If you are ever in the Netherlands and you want a cup of Joe you probably shouldn't go to a "coffee shop." Well, Amsterdam based coffee brand Moyee realized the confusion so they took some coffee to the "coffee shop" to get patrons' reviews. The results are... interesting. Would you trust the opinion of a stoner for your morning boost?

dinner, AirBnB style

Oh, if only this were real. Miami Ad School students in Berlin dreamt of a world where visitors to a city in a new county could book an home-cooked meal with a local, much like you can book a room via AirBnB. The concept is called AirBites and it is awesome. Are you listening AirBnB?

play your debt away

You spend 4+ years in college and sometimes it feels all you're left with is a plethora of useless knowledge and a boatload of student loans. Well, a new company called Givling lets graduates put that useless knowledge to the test for the opportunity pay off their student loan debt. For just $0.05 a round, players can compete to win $ for answering questions correctly. They can also add themselves to a queue, where once Givling's funding reaches $10MM they will start paying off each person in line's student loan debt. Seems like a no brainer.

ya got some Big Mac on ya

So you like yourself some Big Macs, right? How much though? Enough to rock 'em on your clothes? To decorate your house with 'em? Yeah, me neither . . . but apparently people in Sweden would, or this wouldn't be a thing. From rain boots to wall paper, you can get it all here. Oh the irony of workout pants with Big Macs on them.

Beethoven to the rescue

No, not Ludwig, the big furry 4 legged one. Last week at SXSW Mophie enlisted Saint Bernards to rescue dying phones all over Austin. With a simple tweet, you could have been sent a pup with a battery pack to charge your phone. They also had a rescue lounge where you could meet these friendly pups and/or adopt one. With all of the clutter and competing brand activations at SXSW, this one stood above the rest.

hot dudes reading

Yes, this is really a thing on Instagram. Well now that we’ve cleared that up, Banana Republic has tapped into this quirky hashtag and added a twist for good. They created various “organic” posts and changed the hashtag to #HotDudesReadingForACause which supports First Book, a childhood literacy foundation. Sure the posts feature men wearing Banana Republic clothing, but at least they’re turning a borderline creepy trend into a good one.

400 bottles of beer on the wall…

Take one down, pass it around, 399 bottles of beer on the wall. You get the point. To celebrate its 400th birthday, Grolsch beer hung 400 bottles of beer in front of a custom street mural. To dial it up even more, artists customized the bottles with spray paint, yarn and gardens. Sounds like fun celebration. Cheers to 400 years!

bringing the cool back to k-swiss

Admit it, you had a pair of K-Swiss kicks back in the day. You struggled to keep them white and your 'friend' who you haven't talked to in 15 years used to scuff them up, out of jealousy of course. But what ever happened to the shoe company that used to pair so well with those Bugle Boy jeans and Big Dog tees? Well, they are still around and they really want to be cool again. So badly that they want you to apply to be on their board headed by DJ/producer Diplo.

a whopper of a fragrance

Are you the kind of man that thinks to himself, 'I wish I smelled like a smokey beef patty, pickles, onions, tomato, lettuce and mayo stuffed between some buns'? If so, you need to take a shower, go for a walk outside, and take a long look at your life decisions to this point. If to come out on the other side of that journey of self examination and are unwavering in your decision then book a flight to Japan to show up for Whopper Day because they have just the fragrance for you.

internet love/hates starbucks

If there is one thing the internet has excelled at over the years it is uniting people around their hate for brands. This time it is hate for Starbucks and their efforts to jump in to the national race conversation.   A lot of people have piled on to tell Starbucks that they are just boiling the conversation down and forcing baristas to have uncomfortable conversations. So, is their effort in vain or were they right to say that bringing attention to the issue is "worth a little discomfort." Read more.

for the queen...your mother.

Talk about an uncanny impersonation. A shockingly hilarious ad from The Body Shop UK pokes fun at the Royal Family as the Prince Charles & Camilla look-alikes prepare for Mother's Day. The ad even features a cameo from our favorite Royal Ginger, Prince Harry. The concept of a home-movie is endearing and quite honestly, makes us commoners not feel so bad!

playing with your food

Alright Alex, I'll take useless inventions for $1,000!

Introducing the PancakeBot, a unique invention that's revolutionizing breakfast time. It encourages the aspiring artist / chef to create edible masterpieces. The somewhat unconventional contraption is comprised of a squeeze bottle affixed to a griddle that will literally draw the designs you upload to the machine. This nifty kitchen gadget is on Kickstarter and has already superseded its $50,000 goal. I guess people are really flipping for these flapjacks!

an emotional read

Someone got a little too sensitive when he realized that some books are actually emotional if they aren't read in a while. A Dutch design studio, Oak & Morrow, designed a book that literally transforms as it's read. In other words, the book feels better the more its man-handled. Sounds like one naughty book...

ikea refuses to seek

IKEA in Eindhoven, NL is being a real downer. A few Facebook friends just wanted to get together and play a fun game of hide and seek in their local IKEA. The labyrinthian retailer decided that they didn't want such tom foolery to happen on their watch, so they shut 'er down. Okay, so it was actually 36,000 people, but why does that matter. Come on IKEA!

plastic in the ocean sucks

Ads are always meant to inform. Whether it is the company or agency letting you know  how funny they are, or that they have a unique selling feature, informing the consumer is the primary job of an ad. Sometimes those ads remind us that the world is a crappy place, but we can make a change. Surfrider Foundation Europe reminds us that all that plastic packaging ends up somewhere, and we should be mindful of it. Find our more and hug a sea turtle today.

cats box all the things

The love affair between the internet and cats has reached it's pinnacle. That's right, shut it down... shut it all down. Temptations cat treats has won the internet and created the ultimate in cat video by mashing up all those famous cat-attacking-a-thing videos, put boxing gloves on them, and letting the hilarity ensue. After the video read a bit more about it making of it.

lumbersexuals go mainstream

It is probably a hipster's worst nightmare when his / her trendy, off-beat behavior is finally captured by Corporate America. This time, Target targets the lumbersexuals under their new retail initiative, Target Collective - a campaign that features a handful of high-end men's brands. The brands all claim to manufacture locally and fit under Target's new hipster artisanal desire. Products include leather goods, stationery, "rugged attire" - you know, all the fixings for the perfect lumbersexual. Prices range from $10 - $270, so all you self-proclaimed lumbserxuals: hop into your Prius's and head on over to your closest strip mall. Target just stole all your swag.

kids show kimmel what's up

Everyone is pretty familiar with the popular Jimmy Kimmel segment "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets." The audience watches real life celebrities read the mean sh*t people on Twitter say about them. It's funny because they're famous and we all know that a few disgruntled fans (or haters) won't affect them. But what happens when real kids read mean tweets about them? Canadian agency St. John parodies the segment in a serious way to raise awareness about cyberbullying. The result is eye-opening and shows the fine line between poking fun and causing serious harm.

dude, let's road trip

For many Americans, the ultimate vacation experience would be to road trip across the United States and hit a few key destinations along the way. Many acknowledge that stopping at every state in the contiguous U.S. in one trip is damn near impossible. Well, not according to Michigan State University computer science graduate, Randal S. Olson. Olson leveraged the same algorithm used for Where's Waldo to generate the ultimate road trip route, hitting landmarks and / or major cities in every single attached state, included Washington D.C. How long will it take you? Olson approximates about 10 straight days of driving and suggests approximately 2-3 months to complete. So start saving up those vacation days - this could be the trip of a lifetime. P.S. - here's hoping gas prices stay low!

your unnoticed everyday heroes

There are some things in the home that are just there for utility. When they are poorly designed they end up being more of a problem than a help. IKEA wants to remind you of those things (and how they are all available at IKEA). Go check out the video and more ads celebrating the coat hanger, bath mat, and lamp.

the dew from the natural mountains

See what they did there? It's like moonshine, but with Dew instead of moon... Clever. What is it? Well, it appears to be Mt. Dew but made with natural cane sugar and without all of the dyes and additives that you would expect from the neon colored fizzy drink. It doesn't contain alcohol, even though it has the play on words. I'm still unclear on who is going to buy this. Isn't Mt. Dew's primary demo middle school boys?

the french dove helps you feel better

Unless you are the one making the ad, we rarely think about the research and thought put in to an ad. We usually think about weather it was funny, interesting, or down right confusing (I'm looking at you, every perfume ad ever made). Dove has been working the 'everyone hates how they look' angle for a little while now, but the research backs it up. Now they move to France to prove that a person's inner thoughts are just as bad there.

facial recognition billboard heals itself

Women's Aid, a nonprofit in the UK, wanted to drive the point home that domestic abuse can only be stopped if we begin to acknowledge it. To do that they created this amazing billboard using facial recognition technology which features a woman with bruises, cuts, and other signs of abuse that slowly healed in real time, but only if people actually looked at the billboard. Check out how they did it in the video above. Brilliantly done!

don't ignore this

If people can ignore giant, out-of-place, weird lumps in the sidewalk, imagine how easy it would be to ignore lumps in their body. This PSA from AMV BBDO, London, for Cancer Research UK shows you exactly how easy it is in order to increase awareness of the first signs of cancer. Opens your eyes for sure.

Samsung dreams of a world without barriers

Samsung didn't want to just tell people about their new hearing-impared call-center technology, they wanted to show them what a world without barriers for the hearing impaired would look like with this touching stunt. Powerful stuff!

cancer is no laughing matter

Cancer sucks, but this new ad for Colon Cancer Awareness does not. Mottumars (a Swedish men’s health awareness movement) did a great job having fun with an otherwise serious and shitty topic. Thank you Iceland, you rock.

60% of the time, it works every time

We’re talking about the weather forecast. Must be nice to do your job right 50% of the time. Well not anymore! Toyota is dishing it back to the meteorologists that predict our unpredictable weather in their new Weather Challenge. Funny how their forecasts change over time. Let’s make this a world-wide experiment!

save the environment with porn

Uhhh, yeah. So PornHub now offers a Wank Band, which generates energy through the act of a certain motion. We all know what motion it is. Basically, if you uhhh, you know... while wearing this band, you can charge your devices and help preserve the environment. Not really sure what to think about this, but at least there are new ways to generate energy on the go.

kickin' it classic

Coca-Cola is not only one of the most (if not the most) successful beverages in history, but it has also made its mark over time with its iconic red branding and classic cursive font. When the new variants of Coca-Cola were introduced, like white / silver for diet, gold for non-caffeinated, and black for Coca-Cola Zero, those too, became universally recognizable. But alas, Coca-Cola says are dwindling (due to the rise of energy drinks and bottled water), and the carbonated behemoth is looking to switch things up by uniting all their flavor variants under their signature red packaging. Varieties would be distinguishable by a pop of their respective color on the bottom of the cans. Will the re-branding initiative work? It's hard to say how this will make a difference - but perhaps a return to their flagship color will bring about nostalgia for their millions of loyal consumers.

this comedian walks into a liquor store and...

One day, comedian Jeff Wysaski decided to go into his local wine store and switch out the staff-recommended wine suggestions and make them into silly jokes. The results? Friggin' hysterical. All part of an initiative to "plant" jokes in public places for people to find, the latest stunt definitely helps the clueless wine-o decide between bottles with help by something other than "pretty labels."

the smart (and fun) way to brush

There is one universal hygiene regimen that children unilaterally despise: brushing their teeth. So what does dental giant Oral-B invent? An electronic toothbrush that syncs to a smartphone, duh. This, combined with the advent of smart mirrors, make the much dreaded toothbrushing process interactive and fun for children. But what's more? Through this new innovation, your dentist can even receive patient toothbrushing data without having to schedule an appointment.

So kids, while this is positioned to be fun and interactive, also note that there is no escaping the dentist now when he asks if you've been flossing...

save the stache from invading beverages

Are you a manly man with a mustache that is sick and tired of dipping your upper lipholstery in your morning Joe? Is the thought of the whip cream topping to your hot coco intermingling with your glorious 'stache infuriate you? Then there is just the mug for you. Introducing the Bucardo Mug. You're welcome.

amazon mom needs to change

Amazon mom is a thing, but only in a few markets. One of those markets is the good ol' US of A. In nearly every other developed country that Amazon offers the service it is listed as Amazon Family, so why not here? Dad blogger Oren Miller has started the charge to change the name in the US, and the Twitterverse is following.

caution: bunnies, flowers, and cheesy cuteness

It's been a long time since there was a notable or memorable Mentos commercial. This one may just break that streak. It's filled with overwhelming cuteness followed by a car crash caused by a bunny with a bow. Sit back and enjoy a well done effort by Mentos.

ads in your blind spot

Volkswagen's Side Assist technology helps drivers be more aware of their surroundings to ultimately prevent accidents and even save lives. So how do you get the power of such technology across in an iPad ad? Brilliantly, apparently. As you can see from this super quick video, AlmapBBDO wins this one for innovative use of ad technology.

proud to be #LikeAGirl

Last summer Alway's blew up the internet with their first #LikeAGirl spot that challenged us to make the typically derogatory term "like a girl" a good thing.

Now, in honor of International Women's Day this Saturday, Always released this super inspiring follow-up video featuring just some of the many girls that got behind the cause, showcasing the awesome things they do #LikeAGirl. F#@k yeah, girl power!

you can't skip this

Seriously, does anybody NOT click "skip" on YouTube pre-roll ads? Anybody? Annnnyyyyybody? Yeah, that's what we thought. So, if you're a YouTube video advertiser, how do you make sure people get your message? By making the ad end before users even get the option to skip, DUH. In a world where video is digested in :06 - :15 doses, why wouldn't you do this?

is it blue, black, gold, or white?

The answer is all of the above. Or none of the above. Or maybe just one of the above. It doesn't matter, a dress broke the Internet. Take that Kim K.! Annoying as it may be, it’s actually quite amazing how something so small like a photo of a dress can become a viral sensation within hours. Of course the brand-wagoners (yeah, that’s right) couldn’t let this one slip away without some real-time social chatter. Some good, some bad, some just out there, but always fun to analyze.

margaritas that are out of this world

If you prefer your margaritas ice cold and space frozen, then Jose Cuervo is what you want. Their margaritas are literally out of this world. In honor of National Margarita Day, Cuervo went where no tequila has gone before. Space. Next we’ll start seeing brands aiming to be the first on Mars. Who will it be?

when you wish upon a star

You actually turn into a Disney character. Well not really, but that’s what Disney wants you to believe in their latest stunt. To help promote their parks, Disney decided to shadow people as classic characters in a Long Island mall. Some great reactions caught on camera. If you think you can out dance Mickey Mouse, think again. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

kind of funny

Okay, perhaps the execution wasn't the best, but the idea is hysterical. Picking fun at our favorite controversial ride-sharing program, Cracked created a video unveiling their newest service: "UberEx." Do you ever wonder what kind of character you're going to get driving you around when you request an Uber? What if it was your ex?

Next time you break up with your ex because he's a lazy SOB, make sure he doesn't become an Uber driver.

back from the dead

I may not know a lot about sports and I may not know a lot about dead rappers. But I know what good advertising looks like, and the new Powerade spot is it. Their new campaign, "Power Through" sends a powerful message to kids facing adversity to reach for their dreams. And with the eery voice over by the late Tupac Shakur, the message hit even harder and makes it that much more memorable.

for the geeks and the freaks

Generating a lot of buzz is the Taiwanese Eden Hotel that has created a hotel room completely decked out in Batman thematic. The hotel is famous for their other pop culture themed rooms, but the Batcave is definitely the most impressive with even a Batmobile chair. Speaking for myself, any room featuring a giant poster of Christian Bale is worth any amount of money. The going rate? About $50 for 3 hours. Not sure what you're going to do for just 3 hours, so perhaps just ask yourself this: What Would Batman Do?
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