who owns your beer? (infographic)

The craft beer industry has blown up in the last few years, with new breweries opening up in the U.S. seemingly every month. It's gotten so big, in fact, that craft breweries have collectively succeeded in stealing share from the big guys you've been drinking for years, hence why a brand like Budweiser would spend super bowl money to make fun of them.

Well, the big guys can make fun of them all they want, but actions speak louder than words. The fact is, these big guys (including Budweiser) have been snatching up craft breweries left and right so they can expand their portfolio to compete and please this new market of craft beer lovers. Some of the craft beers you know and love may actually be owned by them right now. This infographic from Vine Pair will let you know if your favorite craft beer is owned by one of the big guys.

While craft beer lovers everywhere may be quick to dismiss a beer on this infographic, keep in mind that many of the big guys know if they mess with the things that made that craft beer successful to begin with, they will be negating the whole purpose of the acquisition. Brands like Goose Island and Ommegang function very much like the small craft breweries they once were, and are given pretty much carte blanche to brew what they want . . . and their beers are some of the best out there. Others, like Shock Top and Blue Moon, not so much.

Interesting stuff, and perhaps one of the most exciting industries to track right now!

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