Monday, February 09, 2015
claustrophobics and acrophobics need not apply

No matter how many times I ride a ski lift, I can't help the quick pang of anxiety and the immediate sweaty palms. Something about the fact that you're thousands of feet up in the air and hanging in a tin can on a piece of wire sends shivers up my spine. But, for the more adventurous folks out there, it's an exhilarating, scenic ride to reach the peak of greatness (I'm not talking about sex, but it kind of sounds like it). If you find yourself to be one of those thrill-seeking ski fanatics, you should definitely check out Airbnb's sweepstakes, which offers a winner and three of his / her friends the ultimate ski-lovers wet dream of a one-night stay in a 9,000 foot ski lift in the French Alps. That's right, they've converted the ski lift into your lodging.

Pro-tip: If you're afraid of heights and happen to win...just don't look down.

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