Wednesday, January 07, 2015
would you take a "shot" at this job?

So there's this British Paintball Company, UKPaintball, and they need to test their paintballs. Seems normal... except they don't want to test them on dummies or anything crazy like that. Nope, they want to test them on a human. So much that they put up a job listing for the position and are offering a $60k annual salary.

So you're probably thinking, who would willingly sign up to be abused for $60k a year? Well, apparently over 10,000 people from across the world would. 10,000 people consisting of former soldiers, cops, magician assistants, fat people that feel they could handle the shots, and more. So many applicants that they are (brilliantly) considering making a big deal out of it with a competition... which you know you'd totally watch!

Sure, you can call these applicants crazy, but aren't we all really being abused in one way or another for our annual salaries?

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