comcastic truthiness

In the United States everyone loves their cable and internet providers. We love them so much we call them often, give them tons of money and rave about them to our friends and coworkers on a regular basis. It would seem that Comcast doesn't think our reviews and praises are enough, so they run all kinds of ads. In those ads they appear to have been making claims that aren't quite true. As a result, the NAD (unfortunate abbreviation for the National Advertising Division) has told them to cut it out.

adblock IRL

You've used adBlock before, right? Who really wants to see all those sidebar ads with the 'toys' you were just searching Amazon for earlier... no one (especially your coworkers). A group of students have banded together to help you avoid advertising and branded content in the real world with their 'Brand Killer' project. They have modified an Oculus headset to block out logos in real time as you walk around town. The catch... you have to wear a gigantic set of digital goggles on your face.

beiberman klien

There has been a lot of buzz around Justin Beiber's Calvin Klein sponsorship and he has seen his fair share of ribbing due to some suspected photoshop 'enhancements.' But now we have a full on parody video of the Beibs CK commercial and it is something to behold. I haven't decided if it is one of the dumbest or funniest things I have seen in a while.

do you need fu@k up insurance?

The concept is an old one... get your friend, boss, or significant other something nice to use for either forgiveness or credit for a time you fuck up. The execution, however, is fresh. Check out this ad out of Toronto for Carnivore Club (that's a meat-of-the-month club in case you couldn't figure it out), which positions their product as excellent fuck up insurance. You know you could use some...if not now, someday. Someday.

world's largest animated GIF

Move over KFC, Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey now owns the most epic "from space" stunt with their latest work. As part of their "Stay True" campaign celebrating creativity, Ballantine’s partnered with GIF artist, INSA, to paint four separate paintings in the same place in Rio de Janeiro over four days. Each painting was photographed from space to create a one-second animated GIF. The result is super cool!

most branded Super Bowl Ad ever

Since we (along with every other industry nerd) have been following Newcastle's clever Super Bowl antics for the last month or so, we figured we owed it to you to share the culmination of all their efforts. So without further ado, here it is: The Newcastle Super Bowl ad, thanks to the help of 37 other brands. Well done Droga5, well done.

this post will self destruct in 10, 9, 8…

Not really, but James Patterson’s new book will! It’s nice to see technology being used in fun and creative way. The idea is to create a unique, thrilling, and highly engaging experience for readers. They will have to race against the clock to finish the book within 24 hours. Oh and you can buy the book for only $294,038 - don’t worry that price (potentially) comes with a bunch of fun activities like an unforgettable 5-course dinner with James Patterson at an undisclosed location with perfectly chilled Champagne and a bomb squad. Yes, pretty insane.

holding hashtags hostage for a cup of coffee

Hijacking an agency’s hashtag just to get an interview for an internship is pretty intense. It’s also pretty smart and creative. Looks like this guy’s definitely got the attention of potential suitors. Hopefully they give him a shot. He really went to great lengths and created this fun website where agencies can go to save their hashtags. All they have to do is sit down with him over a cup of coffee.

more than deflate-gate

Instead of Super Bowl headlines about the game, they are packed with "deflate-gate,” “cheaters,” “shrinkage,” etc. Yes, #shrinkage was trending last week and yes it’s in reference to deflated balls. Footballs that is! Well in the midst of all that rubbish, here’s a fun little history lesson on the evolution of the Patriots and Seahawks logos. 2-4-6-8… not sure how the rest goes.

the millennials must be quarantined

If you're sick of hearing the word Millennial, please raise your hand.

In an effort to cater to their large millennial employee base, Grey Advertising has created its own completely separate office just for their Gen Y demographic. The new arrangement fosters a collaborative work community and encourages relationship building. With more and more brands shifting their marketing efforts to solely target millennials, it's important that agencies recognize and understand millennial wants, needs, and behaviors. Hell, they almost sound like a new species, don't they? Pop into the Grey offices and I'm sure the older counterparts will be starring at their newly quarantined millennials through the glass doors and taking notes.

the (not so) sweetest thing

Ohhh, someone's pissed. Confectionary giant, Hershey, has won the lawsuit it filed in August against LBB Imports LLC, a New Jersey company that imports products from the UK, including chocolate. Hershey claims the imported chocolate resembles packaging of iconic Hershey brands (e.g. Reese's, York, Kit Kat, Rolo, etc.). Chocolate knock-offs, really? The way I see it - the majority of Hershey chocolate lovers will easily buy the original, which is affordable and easily accessible, over any fake brand. The need for a law suit might be a little dramatic.


Real-time marketing is always a double-edged sword. On one side, you're inserting your brand into relevant topics that can reach consumers instantly and spark conversation. On the other end, there's very little room for error. Mommy-narcotic of choice, ZzzQuil, upset their Twitter followers with a post that implied women (in general) lose sleep over not being engaged. The tweet, "Sleep like he finally proposed..." felt a little antiquated and chauvinistic. Maybe next time, ZzzQuil - it's hard to be funny without offending anyone!

nikon snaps family

Social media is a really amazing thing. You never know if a thing you casually post is going to become the next big thing, or if the thing you worked really hard to do never takes off. Nikon's new campaign for I Am Generation Image pulls on the heartstrings, stirs up controversy and features product in an elegant and simple way. Kordale and Kaleb certainly do all of those things.

pizza signs gone wild

Zoli's... you are the best. You saw an opportunity and took hold of it with the viciousness of a lion on the Serengeti. Yes, McDonald's had the idea and executed it the way a mega brand could, with minimal controversy or tongue-in-cheek humor. But you, Zoli's... you win. Check out more.

newcastle bands with toilet paper

You've been following Newcastle Brown Ale's attempt to use Aubry Plaza to get some other brands to join up for a 'Big Game' ad. Seems that some interest has been stirred up and they have maybe signed on some generic CPG friends to make a commercial. Clearly, Aubry is so excited she can't contain it. I see what you are doing Newcastle, and I like it.

Stock Photo Bomber

Stock photos are pretty ridiculous on their own, but these photobombed stock photos created by adman, Matt Vescovo, take the ridiculousness to a whole new level. Maybe we should ask him what his usage fees are?


A seriously good spoof

If you were to just look at this video for the production, the attractive actors, the set, scenery, and the serious tone, you'd think this were a real ad for Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week. Well, it is . . . but it's a spoof too. Say wha? It's the perfect combo of awesome, weird, funny, but brilliant. Just watch and you'll see.

Fake commercials, just because put together this awesome supercut of their top 10 fake commercials in TV & Movies... did your favorites make it?

now you see it, now you see it bigger

A few year’s back, the trend was to make all electronic devices smaller, slimmer and more compact. As of late, that trend is in reverse. Nowadays, all we’re seeing is bigger screens, bigger phones and bigger tablets. When will the madness end? Probably not soon enough. Now you can get your very own 65” Nabi table from Fuhu. Say whatttt? Yes, a tablet bigger than your TV. A little ridiculous, but at least their street magician stunt is fun to watch. Now, if only the tablet really produced fruit, then we’d be in business.

there’s an emoji for that

We’ve all been there, the 12th round of feedback, the late nights or the missed meeting on Monday morning. These fun and creative “admoji's” are the perfect depiction of the common scenarios faced at agencies day in and day out. Check out the full line up here.

iMilk does a body good

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see luxury brands expand their horizons and delve into a totally different category? Take Apple Milk for example or Tiffany’s Yogurt. Well neither sounds good at all, but maybe the packaging would sway your decision. Artist Peddy Mergui, has merged the world of basic commodities with the world of luxury brands to show the dilemma some designers face when it comes to blurred ethical boundaries.

tweet to save taco bell

The original Taco Bell location in Downey, CA is scheduled to be demolished. It isn't owned by Taco Bell any longer, but it sure makes them sad. Not sad enough to actually go and buy the place, restore it and save it forever, but sad enough to Tweet about it. If it makes you sad enough to tweet about it, you can use #savetacobell to voice your opinion. Taco Bell hasn't said that they are going to do anything with all of the tweets, but at least you can share in their mourning.

pepsi chaos to the max

Pepsi Max is as low calorie fizzy sugar water, right? This seems to be a pointless 'ad' that makes it seem like an amazing feat through the use of dramatic lighting and mirrors. Especially confusing is the robust celebration at the end. Please, someone explain this whole thing to me. Maybe there are layers that I am just not seeing.

chrome got yo back

You don't want your private data floating around the internet all willy-nilly, do you? Neither does Google. Seriously, at least when it comes to their Chrome web browser. Google was just issued a patent that will let chrome automatically kick in to incognito mode if certain conditions are met. The examples are for if the website requests secure login info, or the request of credit card info. Chrome has got your back.


No one wants to think of their favorite brands as a building full of miserable workers slaving away to trick you into giving them your money. So when brands act like silly, fun loving humans in social media vs. corporate behemoths, the internet falls head over heels for them. These last few days are a good example of that, as brands have really embraced some trending hashtags.

First, we have Jimmy John's subs who decided to use #KissAGingerDay to get their flirt on with Wendy's, who responded with a little snark of their own.

Then, the next day a bunch of brands jumped on the #FiveWordsToRuinaDate trend, some funny, some lame, but still human nonetheless. Oh, and wearing socks and sandals is totally a deal breaker.

No Super Bowl money? No problem.

Fact: most brands don't have (or want t spend) money for a Super Bowl commercial. Not a Fact: if you don't have money for the Super Bowl, there's nothing you can do to get noticed at Superbowl time. Enter the clever advertising team for Newcastle...

First, last year they created a ton of buzz releasing an ad pre-Super Bowl about how they're not wasting their money to create a Super Bowl ad. Now this year, they decided to "enter" the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" campaign as a way to get into the game.

Then, when that didn't work, they went on a mission with Parks and Recreation start Aubrey Plaza to rally a group of brands, any brands, to pool their money together to get a Super Bowl ad together.

Can't wait to see what they do next!

Budwiser meets pac man meets Super Bowl

As part of Budwiser's #UpForWhatever campaign, Budwiser is surprising one drinker will get a message on a light up Bud bottle to be the star of their Super Bowl ad. But, as with any good Super Bowl spot, and staying true to being "Up for Whatever" there's a twist--the winner has to run through a giant, life-sized Pac Man maze that was built in LA. Whacky? Yes. Entertaining, possibly. We'll have to wait and see...

chocolate lovers are hangry

Apparently, lots of people enjoy Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Who knew? But what they don’t enjoy, is a “secret” recipe swap. You don’t mess with hangry chocolate lovers and their Creme Eggs, it’s a fact. Kraft admitted to the recipe change, but it’s causing quite a stir for the brand. Doubtful they’ll go back to the original, but maybe next time they decide to make a change to a classic treat, they’ll give their consumers a bigger heads up.

365 days of creative inspiration

Do you enjoy inspirational, fun, awesome, cool, creative things? Well then, 365 Awesome Designers is the place for you. Every day a new designer is featured for 365 days straight. Go get your inspiration on.

PSA: don’t free willy

No, not the whale. Kids these days are growing up in a time where their entire lives are on the Internet and Social Media, but a lot of them are not aware of the ill effects of making poor choices online. Leo Burnett Change put together these animated films in hopes of increasing awareness amongst the youth. The spots definitely get the point across, lets see if they listen. In addition to the spots, they created a website to help educate parents on their children’s online behaviors.

oh, you fancy

Finally, a Kickstarter project I'd actually support. Custom cocktails are great - they make you feel sophisticated and esoteric. They'll also drain your bank account faster than your three kids in college. Somabar is a new invention, currently in the prototype stage, that is essentially a robotic bartender controlled by a smartphone app that allows you to make these craft cocktails in the convenience of your own home. Now, if only the device would actually bring the drink to me while I'm lounging out by the pool... now that would be innovation.

let's just calm down a little

After all, it's only a McDonald's commercial. Some people are up in arms over the newest Macca's spot, which premiered this weekend during Sunday Football and the Golden Globes. Although perhaps a little self-righteous, the fast food mecca showcases the emotional signage their franchisees feature outside their stores as they pertain to major social / world events. The goal is to show McDonald's as a partner in these communities, and how they display heart-felt messages during times of need. The ad campaign is supported by a robust Tumblr social media effort that offers further backstories on the signage. Okay, maybe it's a little ambitious. Okay, maybe it's a little self-serving. Okay, maybe it's a little forced. But hey, I think they deserve an "A" for effort.

belieb it or not

Unless you've installed a Google Chrome plug-in that blocks Justin Bieber from your internet browsing, you've definitely heard about his Calvin Klein ad controversy. Photoshopped ads have been sparking quite a lot of scrutiny from the public for their unrealistic portrayals of how women (and men) should look. The latest "victim" to a heavy-handed retoucher is Justin Bieber, who looks enhanced from the head down in the new underwear print ads. Bieber's posse insists that the "real" photo of him, un-retouched, published by, is fake. Whether Bieber is on the juice or not, let's all agree that the new term "Bulge-gate" can't really become a thing.
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