Wednesday, December 10, 2014
crotch sniffing dogs prevent STDs

STDs (or STIs as they're called in the UK) are a huge problem. UK health agency, Langland, is determined to help men and women of the UK become more aware of these diseases and encourage them to test themselves with STI kits to prevent spreading. But, because the young, single, sexually active club going types are probably not affected by PSAs pack with sincere pleas, they got creative with it.

Introducing the STI swat team and their dogs who have been trained with panties, crotches, and yes, even dildos, to sniff out STDs in the night clubs and on the streets. The spoof video (and a corresponding content strategy on social media) encourages people to test themselves in the privacy of their own home with the kit rather than be called out and embarrassed on the streets by the swat team.

A funny, attention getting approach to a serious topic for sure.

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