free outback bowl full of coconut shrimp

Are you going to be watching the flurry of college football bowl games tomorrow? Well, there may be one you are going to want to tune in to if you are a big fan of Bloomin' Onions. This year Outback Steakhouse is going to tie their sponsorship of the Outback Bowl in to their stores by offering a free Bloomin' Onion if Auburn wins, or free Coconut Shrimp if Wisconsin wins. Why has no one thought of actually taking advantage of their bowl sponsorship to get people in the stores before?

choose your own zukeresolution adventure

Today is the day for resolutions. Most people will decide to eat healthy, lose weight, or "give up making resolutions" this year, but not Mark Zuckerberg. His resolutions are well known and rather extreme compared to the average human. This year, he wants you to help him pick what Zuck is going to do in 2015. Is he actually going to use your idea? Probably not, but why not try and pick someone else's resolution rather than think about your own.

in the jungle, the concrete jungle…

In effort to boost tourism, Costa Rica is going all out with their new campaign called “Save the Americans.” Targeting overworked Americans in the concrete jungles of America, the Central American country has developed some playful videos like the one above that will be posted to their website. It doesn’t get much better than a sloth singing “Lion Sleeps Tonight” with a few lyrical changes.

evolution of the internet

The Washington Post is giving us a look back at the most popular websites since 1996. Back in the day AOL reigned as king during the dial-up days. Then Yahoo and Google came along to unseat them. And it’s not surprising to see Facebook making its way to the top in recent years. It’s actually a little bewildering not see on there though.

message in a (beer) bottle

Sending a beer to the hot guy or girl across the bar sends a strong message... but what if your beer could say a whole lot more? If you send her a bottle of Andes beer (out of Argentina), it can thanks to the folks at Saatchi & Saachi. Simply scan the QR code (whoa, there's a blast from the past), get the app, and assign a specific message to that bottle. And, just like SnapChat, the message will self destruct after listening. All the fun, none of the regret... err, well, none of the evidence of regret anyway. Cheers!

shining "lights" on the homeless

Christmas time is such a beautiful sight. Houses everywhere donned with twinkling lights bring cheer to all. But what about those that don't have homes? This beautiful campaign from Ogilvy & Mather for literally shines a light on UK's homelessness during the holidays. At first it's a little odd, but combined with the beautiful rendition of Radiohead's Creep, it really sinks in to your heart.

real passion for design

If you haven’t seen the video featuring Aaron Draplin creating a logo yet, please watch it. This guy oozes passion for design and it spills over to the audience. Watching him get excited about little things like vintage logos and old tape measures, creates this sense of inspiration to go out and do bigger and better things. As part of the Vans' "Living Off the Wall" series, we get another glimpse inside Aaron's mind and the processes he goes through.

breast doodles save the tatas

Hate cancer and love breasts? Well check out the Alphabreast illustration project. It was developed to support the fight against breast cancer through 26 boob doodles which include Glittery, Kinky, Hairy, Total Recall and Nimble to name a few. You can check them all out and interact on the Alphabreast website. Once your done having fun, you can make a donation to F*ck Cancer to help keep ALL the boobs healthy.

merry sparktazzle and happy new year

If you’ve ever had to participate in a focus group you know how absurd things can get. Sometimes it is downright painful, so this holiday season Ogilvy & Mather wanted to give us the gift of pitching “Christmas” to strangers. Of course it’s not real, but things definitely get weird when the group starts pointing out the oddities that surround the holiday season. Merry Sparktazzle!

truly a masterpiece

YES. A camera ad campaign done right. As a leader in designing smartphones, Samsung understands what a camera really needs to be in this day and age. Flip up display for the perfect selfie? Check. WiFi connectivity to all your social platforms? check. SUPER sleek, thin, and lightweight? CHECK. And to top it off, an ingenious ad campaign featuring our favorite artists posing for their famous self portraits. The tagline: "For self-portraits. Not selfies."

Samsung: 1; Nikon: -100

2014 was the year of the...

Emoji. Bakers David Ma and Hayden Lockaby have taken the emoji to a whole new, delicious level by transforming the emoji beyond the iPhone to gingerbread cookies! So cute, so festive, so...[*enter emoji with heart eyes*]

the best reason to drink, ever.

You know that epiphany that happens after a night of drinking, and you get the brilliant idea to run across campus naked or do 100 burpees in -20 degree weather wearing leopard-print underwear and a boa? Well, science is proving that those, in fact, were great ideas. According to the University of Illinois at Chicago, a BAC of 0.075 is the "creative peak" and might just be the point at which problem solving, innovation, and creative thinking are at their highest. Capitalizing on that data is Crispin Porter + Bogusky's Copenhagen agency, who has invented an IPA suitably named "The Problem Solver." The agency advocates for their Creatives to brainstorm ideas over their beer and let their creative juices flow. And by creative juices, I mean vomit.

a hootie holiday

Tired of having the same old fireplace video playing on your tv while you open neatly wrapped socks this holiday? Well, Hootsuite is here to save the day with a 40 minute video of an owl in front of a fireplace. It's sort of relaxing really. Almost... hypnotic...

johnnie's history walk

Is that Rumplestiltskin talking about whiskey? Yes, and wow does he do it well. The single shot video is a seriously well done little history lesson on why the bottle is square, the label askew, and where it all started. Well written, entertaining, and subtitled for those of us that can barely understand the Scottish accent. Bravo Walker's.

subscription vlogs are coming to town

You've been on youtube once or twice, right? Eventually one just learns to tune out the ads, click the skip button and go about watching the video of news bloopers or spider dog. What if you could get rid of the ads all together? Would you pay to make that happen? Vessel sure wants you to. They are luring your favorite youtube stars over to their platform for early access to their content. Sounds familiar, right? Well that is because it comes from a former hulu exec.

Google, a year in confusion

Every year at about this time Google releases it's year in search video, recapping the most searched topics of the year. A charity organization capitalized on this with an incredibly brilliant spin. Without giving anything away, you'll be incredibly confused, then bam, it hits you. Super powerful.

stock photography you'll actually love... seriously. Let's face it, 90-something % of stock photography is crap. This is not crap. This is beautiful. This is Photos for Life and it consists of stock photography featuring real-life cancer survivors living very fulfilling lives, thus proving cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. All profits from the use of these images goes to the Rak'n'Roll Win Your Life Foundation to finance therapy for cancer patients.

covers so good, even Shazam believes

When you hear cover band you don't exactly think of brilliant marketing, however, the Dutch cover band Allstars is apparently so damn good they launched a campaign called The World's Best Cover Band showing how they fooled Shazam into identifying their covers as the actual original artist. Silly, but perfect for a little cover band trying to make some dough!

deck your beard with boughs of holly

Or just use these Beard Baubles to turn your face into a Christmas tree. In case you didn’t notice, tis the season to grow out your facial hair. And Grey London is capitalizing on the trend. The Beard Baubles were originally created as gifts, but since there are so many bearded folks out there that were interested, Grey decided to sell them online. Of course since it’s also the season of giving, all sales go to Beard Season to help fight melanoma.

no sh*t...

Well, yes exactly that. Shit. In case you were wondering, Cards Against Humanity’s protest against Black Friday was legit. To recap, Cards Against Humanity removed all products from their website during Black Friday and only sold boxes of “Bullshit.” A lot of people thought it was some sort of hoax or trick, but that didn’t stop 30,000 of them from purchasing bull poo. Yes, literally Bull shit. Purchasers started getting their boxes this week and if you ordered this in hopes of getting something else, too bad, you should have listened. There were no asterisks involved. Thank you Cards Against Humanity for being true to your word.

put your box in someone else’s luggage

That’s what start-up, Carry, is trying to get you to do. The idea: forgo insane shipping costs and send your goods with a stranger. Sounds a little sketchy, but the idea is actual pretty smart. Through a peer-to-peer platform, Carry will pair you up with someone that’s traveling to the same destination and have them deliver your package. It's a way to save money for the shipper and earn money for the courier. Sure there are some obstacles that will need to be overcome, you can read more here, but if they’re able to address these issues Carry could be the next big thing in shipping.

nikon misses the mark

Nikon unveils their new "I AM Generation Image" campaign, but fails to understand that the Instagram Generation they're targeting does not use cameras! There's no question that smartphone cameras suck. No matter how huge they get or how many megapixels they have, most of your photos looks like poorly lit, out of focus crap. I would LOVE for my iPhone to take Nikon-quality photos, but am I willing to purchase a Nikon just for better photos to plaster all over social media? The answer is no simply because of the convenience your smartphone provides. No additional equipment to lug around, instant upload capabilities to any social network in the world, and oh yeah, no additional dollars. Unfortunately, I think Nikon needs to appeal more to a niche consumer more interested in quality photos than selfies.

a puzzler's wet dream

Design nerds and puzzle fanatics rejoice! A new puzzle by designer Clemens Habicht is a spectrum of 1000 CMYK colors, designed to either turn you on or drive you bat-shit nuts. Although the designer claims this puzzle is easier than traditional ones, I'm pretty sure this will make your eyes bleed by the time you have just the borders complete. So go out and purchase this puzzle for $33, and we'll see you in 2017.

bad elf

Okay, of all the super cheesy agency Christmas cards, this one is by far the best. Chicago's ad agency, Plan B, reinvented "Elf on a Shelf" by having a questionably drunk grown man "spy" on the agency and report back to their Clients on their behavior. Although perhaps a little long, and a little corny at the end, the agency successfully produces a highly entertaining video to get us all in the Holiday spirit. Let's just be grateful this service doesn't actually exist for our Clients...

What makes athletic shoe commercials so epic? Mostly lighting, music and professional athletes doing super human things. Foot Locker understands and brings in a little reality in to the mix, except for the idea of a professional athlete splashing you in the face with water.

ikea amps up the comfort and awkward potential

Watching a movie in bed with your significant other is awesome, right? It's all warm and toasty, there are comfy clothes, and there is cuddling. All good things. Ikea decided that it was a great idea to take the bedroom, multiply it by 20 and shove that in to a movie theatre in Russia. What a great idea! Why isn't this in every theatre? Because it's creepy, that's why.

your customized mcd's experience

When was the last time you were in a McDonald's? Was there an AM after the time and was there heavy drinking involved? Don't worry, no one is judging you. Well, lately the fast food giant has been lumbering along with less than stellar performance. What are they going to do about it? Let you order whatever you want on that sandwich. You want McNuggets on your Big Mac... well I doubt that will be allowed, but who knows! It's the wild west at the golden arches.

2014 in YouTube

Ah yes, it's that time of year for a barrage of 2014 best of, top X, year in review, recap, mashup, blah blah blah videos. Before you get tired of them, check out this year's YouTube Rewind video for 6 minutes of everything awesome to annoying that happened in video in 2014. Bonus, you can roll over various spots in the video to discover related rewind content that will suck you into the YouTube abyss, where we've all lost hours of our lives. Enjoy!

crotch sniffing dogs prevent STDs

STDs (or STIs as they're called in the UK) are a huge problem. UK health agency, Langland, is determined to help men and women of the UK become more aware of these diseases and encourage them to test themselves with STI kits to prevent spreading. But, because the young, single, sexually active club going types are probably not affected by PSAs pack with sincere pleas, they got creative with it.

Introducing the STI swat team and their dogs who have been trained with panties, crotches, and yes, even dildos, to sniff out STDs in the night clubs and on the streets. The spoof video (and a corresponding content strategy on social media) encourages people to test themselves in the privacy of their own home with the kit rather than be called out and embarrassed on the streets by the swat team.

A funny, attention getting approach to a serious topic for sure.

you're being manipulated (infographic)

Anyone in the biz knows branding, ads, and even stores are jam packed with subliminal cues that subconsciously drive our urge to buy. This infographic shows you just some of the many ways we're all suckers for their evil genius:

come with me and you’ll see, a world of pure coffee creation

If you haven’t see photos of Starbuck’s new flagship store yet, look no further. It really is the Willy Wonka Chocolate factory of coffee. The store has "two coffee bars, a shop, a standalone restaurant, a two-story library with 200 books, and a factory all under one roof.” Not to mention custom furniture and marvelous modern design from top to bottom. Sit back and enjoy the architecture porn.

this guy was eaten alive

No, not that phony from the Discovery Channel special... the guy in the 1-800-Contacts commercial that aired during the Eaten Alive special. By now, you’ve probably seen all the Internet outrage over the lack of Paul Rosolie being eaten alive by a giant anaconda, but that’s a story for another day. This is the story of how 1-800-Contacts stole the show. Ironically, their ad was developed completely independently of the Discovery special and wasn’t even supposed to run until January. Then a light bulb went off, and 1-800 realized how perfect the timing would be if it aired during the Eaten Alive broadcast. At least one person was "eaten" by a snake! Oh and thanks to the show not fulfilling it's promise, 1-800 was able to have some fun on Twitter too.

apartment hunters have it their way

Except for the kitchen. Burger King’s got that covered. In a recent stunt, Burger King decked out an apartment in downtown Madrid to help promote the launch of their new home delivery service. Apartment hunters were shocked when they walked into the ‘kitchen’ and saw a full-on BK lounge waiting for them. The reactions are great and the best part is that they all got a Whopper at the end of the tour.

current events + advertising

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Advertisers, more than ever, need to be real-time to stay relevant. Tapping into current events, pop culture, or viral sensations is something that all really successful brands accomplish. However, this is, of course, a gamble, particularly as it relates to controversial topics, like say the recent scrutiny over police brutality. Enter Netflix and their tweet promoting their new Peaky Blinders original series. The jury's still out on whether or not this caused major controversy - for now, we'll just say: you got lucky, this time, Netflix.

zipcar gets an upgrade

Although Uber may not be the best example these days, the concept of ride-sharing is undoubtedly becoming more and more common, as consumers increasingly become more cost and environmentally conscious. I first remember the inception of car-sharing in college, when Zipcars zipped around campus. The problem is that these cars were grimy from having been used by frat boys the night before and had that massively embarrassing logo on the side of the car. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could share something cooler... like say, an Audi? That might not be far beyond reach as Audi tests its new car-sharing program in Sweden. Synched to your phone, drivers can reserve the stylish whip in the palm of their hands and coordinate their bills with the other drivers. If this takes off, do we think the days of actually owning a car will be extinct?

"when i grow up..."

"...I want to be a UPS man," said no one ever this kid. Unfortunately, while UPS is most relevant during the Holidays, its rarely in a positive light. Instead of overwhelming joy that the UPS man is delivering the Christmas gifts you painstakingly ordered weeks ago, more often, the reaction is, "This gift is one week late - they're lucky it arrived in time for Christmas, or I was going to post all over their Facebook wall!" Well, not four-year-old Carson, who literally beams happiness every single time his favorite UPS man, Ernie, comes to his door. Ernie and Ogilvy made Carson's dreams of becoming a real-life UPS delivery man come true, equipped with his own truck, signing pad, packages, and map route.

Alright UPS, we'll give you this one so long as you don't screw up any deliveries this season...

80's toys + Honda = charity donation

Maybe not the most recognizable algebraic formula, but definitely one worth noting. This holiday season Honda is donating $50,000 to one of three charities with the help from some beloved 80’s toys. Earlier this week Skelator took over Honda’s Twitter account and now they just released a series of music videos featuring some other iconic toys. Each of the videos has a corresponding charity tied to it and the video with the most views on Dec. 21st wins the money for that particular charity. Honda is definitely capturing the spirit of the season with this campaign. Happy Holidays Honda days!

this vacuum doesn’t suck

But it does clean! Electrolux has introduced a digital vacuum aimed at cleaning your cluttered inbox and helping reduce your carbon footprint. Surprisingly 300 tons of CO2 is emitted by the Internet each year. The new Wold Wide Vac app is here to help, simply by analyzing your email account and removing the unnecessary emails. Not only is it a helpful personal tool, it’s helping the environment as well. Two birds, one stone.

ugly is the new black

If you haven’t noticed, ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage these days. Sweater design companies are making bank on this rising trend, especially if they have awesome designs like this. The funny thing is, shirts like this are no longer considered ugly by society's standards, they’re actually pretty hip. Do people still say hip? Not sure, but stock up and get your ugly on.

boobs for science

We all know naked lady bits get way more web traffic than, oh, pretty much anything on the internet, especially more than news on super cool advancements in science. Oh, like the time a spacecraft silently landed on a comet for the first time ever while the world fawned over Kim Kardashian's naked lady bits?!

Well, a group of Italian women decide they were going to use the power of their lady bits to create awareness for all the awesomeness science has to offer. How did they do that exactly? By encouraging women to post picts of their boobs with a paper containing a science fact. The site has gone viral and other body parts (male and female alike) have joined in the fun. Some might call it sexist, but if these ladies are willing, then I say more power to them!

hot, steamy, break-through ad

What better way to create a break-through dual screen ad than with hot, steamy, sexy videos? Durex created a short film featuring a delivery guy bringing condoms to an apartment block, that when you look in the windows you'll see, are all gettin' it on. Sure, a little sneak peak action is hot, but Durex takes it to the next level when you point their mobile app at the video on your computer screen and get to take a close look inside the naughty apartment scenes on your phone. You also unlock exclusive content and access to their online store. Unfortunately the video is not viewable in the US, but I can't wait to see more of these in the US!

stories of your favorite brand names (infographic)

Ever wonder why anyone would name their business Virgin? Or which brand was named after a mispronunciation of a foreign word? This nifty little infographic from 7Brands tells the backstory of 35 brands you know and love (or not, whatever). #themoreyouknow

skeletor invades honda's tweets

80's kids rejoice! Skeletor took some time yesterday to take over as Honda's head tweeter. Is it worth reading through his tweets? Yes. This is all part of the Happy Honda Days event where they will be using famous toys to sell minivans. Other toys include Stretch Armstrong, Gumby, and Gem. Yep, Honda know's their audience. Well done. 
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