J-E-L-L-Ohhhh crap

The internet is no stranger to good promotions gone bad (remember NYPD's #mynypd). So, you'd think if you're the social media manager for a celebrity that has had less than a squeaky clean past, you maaaaaaay not want to open yourself up to a potential debacle, right? Yeeeeeah.

Welp, Bill Cosby's team did exactly that and invited the internet to have fun creating memes using photos of the actor/comedian tagged with #Cosbymeme. Within minutes the snark began (because the internet never disappoints in that department) as images of Bill Cosby were overlaid with text about his rape accusations back in 2006.

The meme generator and tweet request from Cosby's team has since been removed, but as always, the instant buzz generated will remain. Ooopsy.
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