Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Republicans try to be profound... fail miserably

When you year the word Republican what do you envision? Amongst other things, probably a white-haired man, sporting a fancy suit, and an "I'm much wealthier than you" smirk on his face. To open up your minds to who Republicans really are, Vinny Minchillo, who worked on Mitt Romney's ad campaign back in 2012, created, accompanied by the hashtag #IAmARepublican.

This all sounds nice and profound, right? Welp, if you know anything about the internet at all, you know it takes 3.2 seconds to take down any well-intended message with brilliant, hilarious, and not-so-far from-the-truth snark. Ah yes, just do a little searchy search of the hashtag and enjoy. Thank you internet.


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