Wednesday, October 22, 2014
giant boobs

Did that get your attention? We all know boobies have a lot of power, but exactly how much we're about to find out...

Sarafan Advertising is launching mobile billboards in Russia, but before they launched, they wanted to prove that billboards are an effective means of advertising. Seems like a sound strategy so far, right? Welp, to prove it they put a set of fantastic boobies on 30 billboards and drove them around Moscow for a day. And this is where things went awry...

The power of the boobies caused 500 accidents in ONE DAY and lots of angry drivers (in need of a cold shower) to threaten lawsuits against the agency.

Hey, at least they proved their "point" right? Get it? Point, nipples? Boobs? BOOOOOOOOBIES. Yeeah, apparently they never gets old.

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