candy is a helluva drug

Happy Halloween from Crest! In similar fashion to last year’s spot, Crest rolled out a new ad featuring kids and candy. The combination is risky, but the results are dynamite.

unique new Coke

How now brown cow. Okay ready... In latest news, Diet Coke rolled out its new line of unique packaging. Using revolutionary technology to print millions of unique designs, the bottles were distributed world wide in an effort to make consumers feel extraordinary. Not sure if drinking from a uniquely designed package increases your extraordinary factor, but the designs are pretty neat. You stay classy extraordinary Diet Coke drinkers.

behaving yourself for dummies

Not sure how to behave in real life situations? Let IKEA help with these new funny illustrated instructions. All you train riders pay attention!

your halloween party peeps

Are you one of the people that love candy corn, fruit cake and stale marshmallow peeps? It's time that you no longer live with the fear of ridicule from your friends and family. Release the feeling of being repressed by the social norms of society because of your love of disgusting holiday confections. Peeps has given you the opportunity to share your love for the sugar covered marshmallows early this year with some spooooooky ads that they are sharing on their social channels that cast the Easter focused treat in a new light.

lysol cleans up goole's ebola

Oh, Lysol... I get it. You just want to help people know that your product can clean and disinfect all the surfaces. It does a great job. But buying ads on Google search results for Ebola wasn't the best call. It's great that you realized this and took the ads down so people would see the top results from the CDC and WHO without an ad pushing the results down, but how about next time you go have a nice cup of tea before buying an ad related to a deadly viral infection and ask yourself, "is this a good idea?"

deadly, arousing, refreshing miracle water

The marketing of water appears to be a little different in Lithuania. This ad is a little more reasonable than Vytautas Mineral Water's previous powerthirst-esque ad touting water as 'Earth Juice,' but it certainly does embrace the same theme of absurdity. And it you don't have your costume picked out for tomorrow night, perhaps you can get some inspiration from the ad that you will have to explain to your friends all night long.

how well do you know horror movies?

Staying with the Halloween spirit, created these fantastic minimalist posters for 10 popular horror films. With no words can you guess which movie is being represented in each poster?

Bonus, you can download them as printable PDFs or use them as mobile and/or desktop wallpapers.

You can find the answers here.











Trulia gets into the hallow-day spirit(s)

When house hunting, there are few things spookier than the possibility of buying a haunted house. So who better to embrace all things Halloween than real estate site, Trulia.

The first (and most epic way) they celebrated was to "trick" the hell out of home buyers with a staged haunted open house (seen in video above).

Then, they created the infographic (below) filled with all sorts of data "treats" on what scares off potential home buyers.

And, as if those weren't fun enough, they updated the local maps on their site to include places where buyers are most likely to find zombies, vampires and ghosts based on the location of things like cemeteries.

Way to ghoul Trulia! (Aaaand, end cheesy Halloween puns.)

another (funny) advertising parody

It's pretty safe to say the advertising industry is the most parodied industry out there... besides maybe politics, which is usually parodied by others. Advertising parodies, on the other hand, are completely masturbatory, mostly created by our own people either because we all really appreciate self deprecating humor, we're all super narcissistic, or because if we didn't laugh we'd cry. My guess is all of the above. That being said, the folks from the ad parody twitter handle @AdWeak now has a faux news show using stock images and video. It's definitely worth a laugh!

Jim Carrey is like a flat circle

The former Pet Detective hosted SNL this past weekend and while the show may not be cranking out gems like it used to, every once in a while they totally redeem themselves (see what I did there?). By now, mostly everyone has seen the original Lincoln ads featuring Matthew McConaughey where he gives a nod to his former True Detective character. Sure, the spots are a little off-beat, but that's what makes them so worthy of parody. Carrey crushed it. Enjoy.

haggling, aint nobody got time for that

Last week posted some new ads featuring grocery store clerks haggling with costumers for their groceries. Sure negotiating the price of brussel sprouts isn’t the same as negotiating a new hoopty, but that's the exaggerated point Edmunds is trying to make. The ads are pretty funny for most of us regular going, car buying consumers, but not everyone was pleased. Shortly after the videos went up, car dealerships started to complain. They didn't like the way Edmunds was putting a so-called negative stereotype on car dealerships. Seems a bit extreme considering not a single car dealership was called out in the ads. Well, the complaints must have worked because the videos were pulled, but this is the Internet we’re talking about so of course you can still watch.

work it, that’s it, now give me blue steel

Samsung launched a fun interactive website that gives you the opportunity to stand behind the lens at your own photo shoot with supermodel Ronja Furrer. Giving you multiple poses in different outfits, you’re able to snap a plethora of images to create the (fake) cover photo you never knew you wanted. Sure the website is only available in French or German, but once you start clicking on all the buttons, you’ll definitely figure it out...maybe...or not...but definitely maybe.

shot in the face

You know that moment when you take a whisky shot and pretend that you actually didn't mind it? Well, your face does not lie and it says that you wanted to puke...and cry. Meet Tim Charles: he photographed a series of people taking shots and captured their expressions perfectly. The results are hysterical and all too relatable - except that one chick below - she looks like she enjoyed it a little too much.

delivery, please.

There is pretty much a delivery service for all life's necessities: laundry, grocery, dinner, parcels from grandma, etc. - but what if we told you that there is now an app that delivers cold, hard cash money. No more running out to inconveniently located ATMs, no more "I owe yous," no more being "that guy" who never has cash (although really, who really carries cash anymore?!). The new app, Nimbl, which is currently in beta testing in New York and San Francisco, is an app that literally couriers cash right to you. While the premise seems viable, the biggest hurdle the app will likely face is the $5 service fee, which is equivalent to most generic ATM fees. The real solution here? ALL establishments should accept credit cards!!

beer o'clock

We all like to think our agency is the coolest. Well, Colle+McVoy is pretty tough to beat, especially with their newest incentivizing invention: The TapServer. What is the number one bane of our existence? That's right, you guessed it: timesheets. The agency created a one-of-a-kind beer dispensary for those who've completed their timesheets and can be rewarded appropriately. So fill 'em out, and then fill 'er up!

tales of the soupernatural

Your mother always told you not to play with your food. Well, this Halloween, Campbell's Soup is telling you the exact opposite. On their Can Costume site, kids can print out a variety of ghoulish labels designed to fit their favorite Campbell's soup can. The result? It'll look like you're hoarding cans of Mummy Bandages and Mad Scientist Potion instead of Chicken Noodle. Just watch out for the MSG - pretty spooky stuff.

cussin' for feminism

Don't you just love cute little kids? Don't you love when kids play dress-up? Don't you love when kids play dress-up and start swearing like sailors on behalf of the plight of women in modern-day America? We do, too. Check out this new video from the hilariously-named group FCKH8.

sitting down with the old spice robot

When it comes to the title of Randomest & Quirkiest Brand, no one's touching Old Spice. The folks that brought you "I'm on a horse" have introduced a new sports talk show, 4th and Touchdown, featuring various NFL stars interviewing the bizarre, text-to-type voiced, humanoid robot from their recent TV commercials. The results are pretty great.

the creepiest ikea ever

While walking through Ikea looking for a night stand for under $30 we've all thought, "I could legitimately live here." Well, you probably won't think that anymore after you watch the special Halloween ad they put together this year. Somehow they managed to capture the creepiness originally from Kubrick. This does open up some interesting ideas... Ikea Haunted House... Hmmmm.

spooky snickers

Spooky ads are a staple of the Halloween season. Since retailers seem to have forgot that it, and Thanksgiving, even exist any more, let's all take a moment to enjoy some head twisting parody action provided by Snickers. Enjoy.

the normal gap

Let's imagine the pitch room when the Gap execs heard that their new campaign was going to be all about being normal. Feels weird, right? They want to show you what that means with a bunch of black and white commercials where random stuff happens.

In the words of the Gap's very own CMO to Digiday, "Dress Normal is about dressing in a way that reflects your own style and celebrating the confidence that comes with that. We aren’t defining ‘normal,’ We’re defining ‘Dress Normal.’” Are you confused yet?

agency pays employees for perspective

Any of us that have traveled somewhere amazing knows that feeling you get when you return home. That tiny change in perspective, a feeling of inspiration, an awakening that stays with you no matter how quickly (or aggressively) you're thrown back into the doldrums of daily life.

thinkParallax, a California creative agency, understands this and wanted each of their employees to have that exact experience in hopes it would drive their creativity even further. To make it happen they gave each of their employees $1,500 to travel to somewhere they've never been. The only catch is they had to blog about it.

It sure would be nice if this became the norm. It's a simple concept that's likely very effective... at least until that vacation buzz completely wears off at the first client "make the logo bigger" moment.

giant boobs

Did that get your attention? We all know boobies have a lot of power, but exactly how much we're about to find out...

Sarafan Advertising is launching mobile billboards in Russia, but before they launched, they wanted to prove that billboards are an effective means of advertising. Seems like a sound strategy so far, right? Welp, to prove it they put a set of fantastic boobies on 30 billboards and drove them around Moscow for a day. And this is where things went awry...

The power of the boobies caused 500 accidents in ONE DAY and lots of angry drivers (in need of a cold shower) to threaten lawsuits against the agency.

Hey, at least they proved their "point" right? Get it? Point, nipples? Boobs? BOOOOOOOOBIES. Yeeah, apparently they never gets old.

tag, you won a Volkswagen

Sometimes as marketers we rack our brains on how to make a real-life experience inherently social... and then campaigns like this come out and we smack our heads thinking, why didn't I think of that?

To make test drives of their new Polo more social, Volkswagen created a brilliant game of social tag. Polos were driven through 3 cities in South Africa on specific routes laid out on Twitter. When consumers spotted the Polo they could tag it on Twitter and test drive the car until the next person tagged it. The person that drove it the longest without being tagged won the car at the end.

The result? One happy winner, a cool experience for the hundreds that drove the car, and thousands and thousands of impressions on social media for those not able to experience it first hand. Smart.

wrap it before you tap it

When you practice safe sex, you refuse to get frisky without a condom. Which means you'll have to figure out some new things to do while naked. You know, things like puzzles. And knitting. For more ideas for your nude abstinence session, consult this new TV campaign for Aides.

the dragon returns

Bruce Lee has been dead for a long time. So, imagine my surprise when I started watching this new Johnnie Walker commercial and saw him talking to the camera. Through the work of one of the world's top visual effects companies, the Dragon is back - and apparently, thirsty for some scotch.

the man in the banner

Did you know that in England, Lay's are called Walker's? Glad we cleared that up. Anyway, Walker's recently set up a cool interactive billboard at a London bus stop that dispenses chips (that's crisps to you Englishmen) if you tweet at the man, Gary, in the ad. Why can't I ever run into these?

poop in peace

Okay, fine. Poop is funny. Nonprofit Indiegogo of course needed to leverage poop in a video for their latest innovation "Drop-A-Brick." An eco-friendly solution designed to help save water in toilet tanks can ultimately save millions of gallons each day. The spot is a PSA to urge Californians to employ the new device as they face their worst drought in history. So what do you say? Go home, and drop a brick in every bathroom of your house.

step up to the plate

Aren't the best inventions always the simplest? How many billions of dollars have been spent in the diet space concocting the latest and greatest pills, regimens, packaged foods, etc. all to help combat overeating? What if we said that one Dutch designer figured out the easiest way to manage portion control, and all it requires is a specially designed plate? Enter the ETE plate - ingeniously divided into sections that show the recommended portion size for veggies, protein, and starches. No more counting calories or weighing portions - all you need to do is follow the guidelines on the plate. Suck on that, Atkins.

a new kind of Disney World

Makeup is an addiction, and cosmetic powerhouse MAC has monopolized that obsession better than anyone else. Their latest endeavor? Getting teens and tweens hooked young by opening specially-tailored stores just for this age group. The first one opened up in Orlando this summer with tremendous success, and the second will open this December in NYC. Kids, guard your allowance money, because there is no easier way to blow it than on lipgloss.

pencils, sharpeners

We all know sex sells, but what sells sex? Well, this ad does. Just for the fun of it. Or it could be a way to boost sales for pencils & pencil sharpeners. But it’s probably just about sex. Decide for yourself.

gotta love customer service (pause) not

That was a Borat reference in case you missed it. Nailed it. Well we've all been there before, you order something (a product, service, whatever), but it's broken and you have to call the dreaded customer service line. It's pretty much the same lovely song and dance every time. Sketch comedy group FatAwesome gets it. That's why they hit it out of the park with their parody of every single customer service call ever. Seriously, ever.

pleasing travelers 24/7

KLM is making headlines again with their latest initiative to show their dedication to customer service. They’ve setup shop in the Amsterdam airport this week to help answer consumer travel questions and dilemmas around the clock. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill customer service center though. It’s a real-time social media machine that has over 250 workers answering questions, giving advice, sharing tips, etc. to those using #HappyToHelp via Twitter. Some of the responses even came in the form of custom made YouTube videos (like the one above).

little blue pill engorges your... car

Fiat is very well known for making little cars that are really easy to parallel park. Evidently, they have been feeling a little self conscious about their size. I imagine that they started buying protein powder, going to the gym where they mostly walk around between rep sets to talk to girls on the ellipticals, and being generally confrontational when someone mentions how petite they are.

So, when they want to announce to the world that they had some work done and are now 'bigger, more powerful and ready for action,' things get a little awkward. Luckily, they revealed their little secret in an ad for us all to uncomfortably watch.

dead eyed virgin

Are you creeped out by this image? Mannequins with expressionless faces and cold, dead eyes. Everything about this image is uncomfortable, but that is the point I guess. This image comes from Virgin America's super commercial. Super, not due to content, due to length. The whole thing clocks in at 5:46:09.

The thought is to show off how other airline experiences are just 'BLAH'. This is anything but blah, it is probably going to be used in sleep deprivation studies because it is so annoying. Just listen for the dissonant tone in the background that will make you want to gouge out your ear drums. So, Virgin America, well done... I guess.

old navy blowing up your selfie

Selfie: A photographic self-portrait; esp. one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. I know you don't need the official Oxford definition, but the fact that it is in there only serves the point of how disturbingly cool this is.

Old Navy is turning your selfie in to balloon art. Think LED jumbo screen but with balloons and air as the pixels. They are using a digital photo and turning it in to an analog representation. Just try and get past the selfie part and see that this is a really rad idea.

advertising jargon 101

Whether we're making up our own words, overusing words, or just abusing word meanings, we can all agree there are few things more irritating in our industry than the jargon. This brilliant Tumblr, Advertising Dictionary, takes you through a bunch of them, with a delightful twist just to show you how truly stupid they are. Fantastic!


so you think you're outdoorsy, huh?

You see it everywhere... people with off-road ready vehicles who never leave the streets of suburbia. People with UGG boots who never walk in even 1/10th of an inch of snow. So, it's totally fair to wonder when people go shopping for a North Face Coat, are they looking because they think the coats are cool, or because they'll actually put the coat's features to good use?

North Face wanted to test just that with their pop-up store in Korea. Visitors were surprised when the floor below them suddenly started to fall only to reveal a walk climbing wall so they could save themselves from (un)certain death. Then, suddenly, a beautiful North Face coat appeared from the ceiling with a countdown clock. If they had the guts to take the plunge and grab the coat, then they deserved it!

Clever! Now if only all Hummer drivers were forced to perfectly drive them through crazy dessert and mountains courses before being allowed to buy them...

how Nike does digital ads

Prepare to ponder "how'd they do that?" as your mind is blown... Nike partnered with Google to deliver ads across Google's display network (and across devices, of course) in REAL-TIME as soon as a Nike athlete completed an amazing play on LIVE TV.

Yep, so as soon as an athlete had a great play in the game, rich media ads were served up that let people customize visuals from the game, using the athlete and other fun elements. The final visuals could then be instantly shared with their friends on social media to celebrate the play!

doomsday DIY


The Walking Dead. You might watch it, you definitely know about it, and the new season premiered this past Sunday night. Perhaps-not-so-coincidentally, Century 21 chose this week to unleash a new online stunt - a "Home Zombie Proofing Kit" you can purchase on eBay. It's mostly plywood and nails, but it's pretty clever way to take advantage of zombie-mania...even though we all know 7/16 inch particle board would never hold up against the wrath of the undead.

bumper cars, minus the bump

New Volkswagen cars are being equipped with an automatic braking system that kicks in when you get dangerously close to a collision. To demonstrate its effectiveness, VW secretly installed the system in every bumper car in a German carnival. Watch carnival-goers try their best to get into an accident, only to be thwarted time and time again by VW's brakes, in this new 60-second spot.

words can never hurt me?


Sticks and stones can break your bones - so can an abusive partner. Typically, though, abuse starts verbally before progressing to physical violence - something Lowe Campbell Ewald is trying to drive home in their smart new out of home print campaign for Haven, a domestic violence shelter.

the prince of anti-social media

The viral video poet, Prince Ea, released a new video on YouTube asking viewers if we can "auto-correct humanity." The three and a half minute video begs us to not be enslaved by iPhone screens and social networks, but to instead put our phones down and actually talk to one another. While the clever rap is commendable and noble, the Prince himself is a slave to the very mediums he condemns, as evidenced by his YouTube popularity, and the various links on his YouTube page to four other social networks he's present on.

citi bike needs to "pedal" up their game

Oh, Copenhagen - the Danish capital proving to be more advanced than any other city in their never-ending quest for efficient, publicly accessible transportation. We think New York's citi bike initiative is revolutionary? Copenhagen has been doing it for 20 years. Now, the city is back at it, unveiling brand new electric bikes that offer navigation, wifi, secure digital locks, and much more. Check out the new age bikes at Fast Company and let's place bets on when we can expect to see these in the U.S...

Siri, Cortana, and now...

There's Ethan. The new virtual assistant through the iPhone App named "Ethan" is, according to App Store reviews, hands down better than Siri at helping with all life's predicaments. Not sure what to get for lunch? Ethan can help. Not sure if that dress makes you look fat? Ethan can help. Not sure how to solve world hunger? Ethan MAY just be able to help with that, too. Developed by Ethan Gliechtenstein, he is the guru of all knowledge for those seeking confidential and objective counsel. And, if you happen to already have yourself a real personal assistant, at least take some time to read the App Store reviews. You won't be disappointed.

PornHub billboard pops-up in times square

Don’t get too excited. The massive billboard was not pornographic in nature, but suggestive in its own way. It featured the winning creative from the company's recent contest to find the best non-pornographic ad. In addition to the billboard, PornHub also had a choir sing ‘All You Need is Love’ with a slight twist (*Ahem*) to align with the new campaign. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long (*Ahem*) as the billboard was quickly taken down.

ok Google, tell me fun things

72andSunny recently created an awesome ground level campaign for Google that supports their rebranded mobile app. By randomly placing site specific ads around NYC, they’ve been able to subtly inject Google’s personality in some delightful locations. The idea is to cut through all the noise that distracts New Yorkers on a daily basis. Well played.

my photos are fancy, you already know

Want to take fancy, magazine quality photos? Don’t want to spend two arms, one leg and 3 toes? All of that may be possible with this new device designed for the iPhone (5 & 6). Just pop your iPhone in and start snapping. From the looks of it, the photos come great and you can instantly upload to all your favorite social media platforms.

caught by the bra cam

If you haven't noticed by the pink merchandise and product placement all over the place, we are in breast cancer awareness month. Last year Nestlé gave us the Tweeting bra. This year they wanted to send home the message of checking yourself with a little hidden camera showing the wearer all of the people that check her out throughout the day. Clever.

NBA game faceoff

Video games have come a long way since pointing an orange pistol at a screen in an attempt to kill a couple of ducks in order to to prevent a dog from laughing at you. Now YOU can be in the game with NBA 2K14 by scanning your face and putting it right on the player. It isn't quite a John Travolta/Nick Cage situation, but it can be pretty close. Other times... not so much. Oh the beauty of technology.
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