this is your concert... on drugs

Music festival promotion usually consists the same 'ole stuff... semi-psychedelic imagery, funky-looking concert goers jamming out, crowds screaming, and so on. What they usually don't consist of is dudes totally freaking out on Ecstasy or Molly. Talk about harshing people's mellow.

Electronic music festival promoters, Made Event, want concert goers to know their festival is so awesome drugs will actually ruin it for you, because, as the video portrays, you'll act a fool, sweat profusely, give hot girls the creeps, then completely freak the heck out and miss the show.

If you still want to do those drugs anyway, the moral of the video could also be: make sure the hot girl is also doing Molly with you so she doesn't think you're a total spaz. Either way.

Bonus, the video was written and directed by Emmy Award-winner, Dexter creator, James Mano Jr.

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