Tuesday, August 19, 2014
the squatting problem: solved.

For centuries, the world has been a man's urinal. "Whipping it out" along the side of the road, the bushes outside the frat house, even perhaps out the bedroom window when the walk to the bathroom was just too far. Well, the playing field is now even thanks to a new product for women, Stand Up. Every woman knows that port-a-potties and public restrooms are breeding grounds for the nastiest of all germs, resulting in the ever painful "squat." In fact, squatting over these seats multiple times a day probably constitutes a better workout than the gym. Sara Grossman, founder of Stand Up, decided enough was enough and created an origami-style portable funnel that allows women to stand up and pee, just like our male counterparts. During your next visit to the women's restroom, if you happen to see stilettos pointing the wrong way...you'll know why.

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