this is (hazel)nuts

People don't just like Nutella. People LOVE Nutella. People have, quite literally, unhealthy relationships with Nutella. So it's no shocker that in the hipster world headquarters (Brooklyn), there will be a Nutella-themed restaurant opening. Sound too good to be true? Well, it just might be. The restaurant, Nutelleria, isn't actually owned or endorsed by Nutella manufacturer, Ferraro - it's simply conceptualized and created by Nutella enthusiasts (literally, nutcases). Their website is extremely vague and doesn't tell us any concrete information such as launch date or menu offerings, so either they're masters at building suspense, or they're in the process of getting sued. Either way, count me in for Nutella pizza.

wet your notebook, not whistle

We have waterproof clothing, waterproof footwear, waterproof watches - so why is it that it's taken so long to come up with waterproof paper? Finally, the wait is over. For those who need to withstand the elements for work or hobby, Rite in the Rain has produced 100% recyclable weatherproof paper that regular pencil or ballpoint pens write on perfectly. Notebooks start at $4 - so next time you're inspired to write a love song while laying outside in a monsoon, make sure you grab one.

got rice?

Although the viral sensation of the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions of dollars for Lou Gehrig's Disease, some people just don't really understand the idea. Well, the people of India decided to adapt the phenomenon into something a little more tangible and in the process, help feed a quarter of the world's hungry. Enter the "Rice Bucket Challenge," which asks people to cook or buy one bucket of rice and give it to someone in need. Hey, whether it's filled with water or filled with rice, grab a bucket and join the rest of the world.

another kickstarted thing breaks a record

This is the Coolest. Seriously, the thing is called the Coolest. It's a cooler... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! It cools. It blends. It plays your favorite tunes and charges your phone at the SAME TIME! If you call now you won't get to talk to anyone because kickstarter is A WEBSITE!

Ahem... sorry. This thing is pretty rad though. And the project failed the first time around. Now, they have raised over $11 million in funding. This might just change they way you tailgate or hit the beach.

unfit commercial for immature drivers

Are you the type of person who hates making stops when you are road tripping home after spending a week with your sister and her 3 kids who decide that 6:00 AM is an appropriate time to wake up and start screaming about who's pancake looks more like a cartoon mouse? Well, Honda has a car for you. It's called the Fit. It gets good gas mileage. And they have a new commercial to show you just how great it is... Enjoy.

low life litterers called out

Not sure if Toronto has seen an uptick in littering, or if they are just trying to overthrow Calgary as being the cleanest city, but they are taking a strong stance against littering in a new series of ads. Do people actually still litter as a conscious decision in Toronto? Don't be a pig. Pick up your trash.

99 bottles of beer on sale now...

...99 bottles of beeeeeer. Yeah, this news is absolutely worth singing about!

Austin Beerworks makes a tasty sessionable beer called Anytime Ale. Sessionable ales are meant to be drank in large quantities over long periods of time. So it makes complete sense to sell said ale in a big 'ole multi-pack. And by big 'ole, we're talking a 99 PACK OF BEER!!! Yes it's real, and it will be on sale soon... but you have to follow Austin Beerworks in social media and use #anytimeale to get updates of where it's available and when.

So get at it, and as they so kindly remind us, remember to lift with your legs!

Belize wins the internet this week

Jonathan Cain, Journey's keyboardist and writer of the rock ballad you hate to love, "Don't Stop Believin", recently traveled to Belize and tweeted about his love of of the country and it's people.

Belize Tourism Board saw the tweet and decided to thank him... which would've been nice enough, but they made it frickin' awesome!!! They worked with their agency, Olsen, and hired popular local band The Laru Beya Boys to record "Don't Stop Belizein" (heard at the link above) to share back with him.

Yeah Belize, you won this internet with this one!


most dedicated brand manger ever

Brand managers sacrifice a lot for their brands... time, energy, tears, sweat, their internal organs. Wait, their internal organs?

In this cringe-worthy video, a Bissel brand manager is so committed to proving his brand's efficacy he risks contracting e.coli, hepatitis, influenza and a billion other transmittable diseases to prove it.

Now that's commitment... or insanity. Whatever.

reviewing the taco bell dollar menu


You work hard for your money. (Hard for it, honey). God forbid you spend it, only to realize shortly afterwards that you've made a terrible mistake. Thankfully, writer David Griner ate every menu item from Taco Bell's new dollar menu and gave his thoughts on each one - so you'll know exactly where your hard-earned dollar should go next time you're three sheets to the wind.

old spice meets cold ice

Unless you've literally been in a coma for about two months, you've seen (and possibly even taken part in) the ALS ice bucket challenge. Recently, celebrities, athletes, and talk show hosts have even started getting in on the action - so it's no surprise that brands are joining in as well. There's just one problem - the Old Spice guy is just too chiseled and manly to actually get wet. Hey - at least he tried.

ninja, please

Just about everyone with a smartphone or tablet has gotten lost in the vortex that is "Fruit Ninja" at some point or another. Recently, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel took the game live - with help from a Japanese master swordsman -  to promote the fact that their product now contains more fruit. If anything, you'll enjoy watching slow-motion replays of bananas being sliced in half by a razor-sharp katana.

make love not war

Most of us saw the :60 AXE Super Bowl spot that promoted International Day of Peace back in Feb. AXE is now kicking it up a notch and asking their social communities to join in on the conversation to support non-violence. To join in, just kiss your partner and upload the photo using #KissForPeace. Great way to spread love and raise awareness for international peace.

let me take a #selfie

Recently, Reddit user “Jazus_ur_lookin_well” added a new twist to the photo trend: ‘statue selfies.’ Now you can see what a roman-greco statue selfie looks like, in case you were dying to know. Quite genius actually, there’s even a subreddit now dedicated to these niche selfies. We all know that selfies can be a bit annoying, but it’s refreshing to see some people thinking outside the box!

milk it does a body good

Oh wait, that’s not it… “Got Milk?” Yes, that’s the one. Like the rest of us, you probably thought the “Got Milk” campaign was gone forever. Well it’s still here and the California Milk Processor Board is trying to keep it alive, just like the sales of milk in CA. This time around, the ads are a little different, as they focus on inspiring the future you. They’ve done a pretty good job appealing to a broad market - one video is a little quirky while the other is more serious. Either way it appears that drinking milk makes the future much better.

nyc bodega cats tell their stories

The internet has a special place for cats. Some play the keyboard, others end up a gifs on reddit. These cats that live in bodegas in New York City are here to tell you all about their lives in the city. It isn't a funny cat video that you'll share with all your friends, but it is a series that will having you watch the next one, and the next one, until you forget that cats are soulless, opportunistic creatures. It's not "playing" when there is bleeding. Just saying.

mediocre selfies wanted

Do you have a phone filled with uninspired photos from your weekend at the shore, or an SD card filled with thousands of images you would never post to your Facebook wall because they are just okay? Well, New Castle Brown Ale wants them so they can photoshop them into an ad for their brew. What are some of the things you can expect them to do with your photo? How about replace your leg with a bottle. Now you are a pirate with a bottle leg. Congratulations, you made the best decision ever.

buy your next car... on twitter

Buying a pair of headphones or a new pair of kicks online is a thing a ton of people do on a regular basis. Now you can buy stuff on Twitter. In fact, you can buy your next car with tweets. Acura is rolling with the new system that allows you to configure and buy a brand new car with 140 characters or less. The only down side is that you don't get to drive to a car dealership and deal with a lovely salesperson who is getting his/her commission eaten up by a little blue bird.

what's better than a LEGO?

How about a LEGO you can eat? Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi developed LEGO shaped molds that you pour chocolate into to create your own edible masterpiece. Although the one-of-a-kind invention isn't officially endorsed by LEGO, it is definitely kid-tested. But probably not mommy-approved, considering the sugar high this will inevitably produce.

haggling is back. and it feels so good.

There is no feeling more satisfying than snagging a great deal on something expensive. It's probably a better high than most drugs. A couple smarty-pants MIT grads created a new app called Theorem, in which you can essentially "name your own price" for clothing and accessories from up-and-coming high end designers. Although popular sites such as Gilt and RueLaLa offer memberships to access deeply discounted luxury goods, this is the only app that lets the consumer call the shots. And the best part? You'll end up with some new threads at at least 50% off!

the squatting problem: solved.

For centuries, the world has been a man's urinal. "Whipping it out" along the side of the road, the bushes outside the frat house, even perhaps out the bedroom window when the walk to the bathroom was just too far. Well, the playing field is now even thanks to a new product for women, Stand Up. Every woman knows that port-a-potties and public restrooms are breeding grounds for the nastiest of all germs, resulting in the ever painful "squat." In fact, squatting over these seats multiple times a day probably constitutes a better workout than the gym. Sara Grossman, founder of Stand Up, decided enough was enough and created an origami-style portable funnel that allows women to stand up and pee, just like our male counterparts. During your next visit to the women's restroom, if you happen to see stilettos pointing the wrong'll know why.

rum and comics, it doesn't get much better

Want to know how one of the most popular rum brands started? Well you’re in luck, you can read all about Barcardi’s history in their new graphic novel. With the help of 2 famed comic writers, they’ve created a piece that tells a tale of danger, determination and inspiration. This off-beat video above gives us a peak into how the story was developed. Graphic novel can be viewed here. They did add rum to the ink, but please don't lick your screen.

is it a bird? is it a phallic symbol? no it’s a logo

U.K. food truck Dirty Bird is ruffling feathers with their new logo. Some say it looks like a phallic symbol, and while that may be true, it also looks like a chicken. The debate can go on forever, but one thing is for sure, they made the right brand decision. Just look how much attention they’re getting over a logo.

Signs, it opened up my eyes

A new Toronto restaurant is silently making noise in a positive way. ‘Signs’ is a unique restaurant in the sense that they only hire deaf waiters, while requiring patrons to order using American Sign Language. Don’t worry, they provide visuals on the menu for those of us that may not know sign language. Looks like a great experience all around.

tech-ing up bryant park

Finally, the famous Bryant Park is the first to install solar-powered smartphone charging stations in an effort to harness that beautiful sunshine into some productivity for all of us. Although not necessarily a completely novel idea, it does seem like it's taken quite a long time for some public charging kiosks to pop up in major cities. Although this is just a prototype, CityCharge does plan to unveil more throughout the year, and hopefully this will spark a trend for other cities and public venues to follow suit.

the new photobomb... the fartbomb. That's right. And guess what? It's for a good cause. One thing we can all take away from the viral #ALS challenge is that rallying around social media to generate awareness for under-publicized health conditions WORKS. The New Zealand based organization Beat Bowel Cancer has once again proved this by letting people upload their favorite videos and using their online tool, insert farts in strategically hilarious places. The results? See for yourself - and thank Jesus we don't have smell-o-vision yet.

reebok 4 life

We all know crossfit has been a huge trend lately. In fact, some may call it an addiction. Well, Reebok is capitalizing on the cult following in Sweden by offering up about $6,000 to the crossfitter who embosses the largest Reebok logo onto their rock hard bod. The marketing strategy not only promotes their new logo as a badge of masochism, but also ladders up to their new tagline: "Pain is temporary. Reebok is forever." Think carefully, though - you don't want to get that tattooed anywhere that'll sag 30 years from now...

the king of beer labels

The worst awesome job in history has to be that of the man that approves beer labels (yes, this is a real thing). Evidently there are a lot of rules when it comes to the labeling and sale of beer. And the responsibility falls to one man that calls himself "Battle."

If Battle says your Santa's eyes are "too googly," or your warning to elves is too confusing, then you better change it or your microbrew will never make it's way out of the shipping dock. How many labels a day does he review? About 80 according to gizmodo. That's 1 label every 6 minutes. When was the last time you looked at one beer for 6 minutes without having 6 beers first?

international ads get a little crazy

Every so often an ad comes along that that will leave the viewer in awe. Sometimes that awe is from feeling inspired, moved, or introspective. Other times the awe stems from wondering, "Did I just see that?" This is one of those ads. That's right, this goose that shoots ping pong balls out of its butt is just like a Chinese credit card's points program. But seriously, who wouldn't want a goose that can double as a loofah.

tiny free oreos

Do you have a hard time figuring out the best gift to get your vegan sister? Are you possibly the cheapest person ever? How about sending her a tiny Oreo with a personalized note! Yes, Oreos are a vegan food and the brand happens to be sending out free mini cookies in their latest campaign. So set an alarm for 12 PM eastern every day until the 22nd to get a tiny taste of glorious animal product free snacking. They are only giving away 500 per day so you are going to have to be quick.

this is your concert... on drugs

Music festival promotion usually consists the same 'ole stuff... semi-psychedelic imagery, funky-looking concert goers jamming out, crowds screaming, and so on. What they usually don't consist of is dudes totally freaking out on Ecstasy or Molly. Talk about harshing people's mellow.

Electronic music festival promoters, Made Event, want concert goers to know their festival is so awesome drugs will actually ruin it for you, because, as the video portrays, you'll act a fool, sweat profusely, give hot girls the creeps, then completely freak the heck out and miss the show.

If you still want to do those drugs anyway, the moral of the video could also be: make sure the hot girl is also doing Molly with you so she doesn't think you're a total spaz. Either way.

Bonus, the video was written and directed by Emmy Award-winner, Dexter creator, James Mano Jr.

streets of Prague become a giant playlist

Toyota took to the streets (literally) to hold "auditions" for their new Yaris commercial. People auditioning were asked to drive a Yaris around Prague's city center, singing to whatever came on the radio. That's kind of fun in and of itself, but they took it like 1,000 steps further by actually changing the names of the streets to horrifically awesome songs, then updating the GPS, and then rigging the GPS up the the radio so that it would play the songs as they turned down each street. Whoa, my head hurts thinking about how that one was sold in to the client as doable.

Even if the end result was a bit on the anti-climatic side, the whole thing is fun, even adorable.

the future of advertising...

Or is it? There's always lots of debate around whether or not drones are going to make it big, or fizzle out like the jetpack we're all still hoping makes it into the mainstream. We've seen drones deliver pizza, drones deliver beer, and now drones are delivering ads. Drone-vertising if you will..

Russian fast food company, Wokker, clipped some ads for their rice and noodle dishes to drones and sent them to the windows of busy office execs encouraging them to order delivery. Although the video reads like a total spoof, Hungry Boys(the advertising agency) is assuring us it's real. Either way, it's genius.

finally, a dunk contest without all that athleticism.

When your product is whimsical and reminds people of childhood, you get to have a little fun. Enter the Oreo "Dunk Challenge," a new campaign from Israeli agency Ecaliptoos. Participants are encouraged to dunk their Oreos in super creative ways for a chance to win prizes. Plus, they get to eat Oreos, which is a pretty sweet prize in and of itself. (Note: brandflakesforbreakfast was not paid to make these nice comments about Oreos, but we'd be happy to change that).

Robin Williams, ad man.

People are shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Robin Williams for a variety of reasons. We look to his legendary stand-up routines, his TV breakout as Mork (from Ork), his role as an inspiring teacher in Dead Poets Society, and so much more. But what a lot of people may not be remembering this morning was that Mr. Williams was also a sought-after pitch man. Watch Robin in this selection of his 8 best TV commercials, and remember another side of the amazing man we just lost.

got the balls to beat cancer?

Move over, people-dumping-ice-buckets-over-your-heads: there's a new "challenge-for-charity" concept in town. Meet the Fearless Challenge, a new campaign from the Canadian Cancer Society. Participants state their biggest fear, set a donation dollar amount that they'd be willing to accept in order to face said fear, and then...well, you know...Cancer research gets funding, people feel accomplished, everyone's happy. What would you do?

apparently apple makes a phone

Does Apple really need to advertise the iPhone? Or do they just have so much of our money that they might as well? This soft new spot for the 5s touts the iPhone's capabilities in a number of niche professions and hobbies. So if you're a doctor volunteering in the third world, or a pilot, or a large animal vet, this is the phone for you. Or, perhaps, if you're a talentless big-bootied pointless celebrity, you could use it to take hundreds of selfies, publish a book, and make a kazillion dollars.

move over, hemingway

There are selfies. And most of us are kind of done with them. There are selfie songs, and thank the baby Jesus they're not good enough to get a lot of airplay. Now, unfortunately, there's a BOOK of selfies by KIM KARDASHIAN. Yes, cats and kittens, that is indeed the first time the words "book" and "kardashian" have occupied the same sentence. And what of said book? It's an existential treatise on the here and now, presented with poignant irony in the visual lexicon of the millennial; a bold and insightful commentary on the times from one of its undervalued icons. Not really. It's a book of pictures Kim took of herself. Mostly, it's an incentive to bring back book-burning.

bk ad fiasco has happy ending

If you had an internet connection 5 years ago, you saw the ad: The phallic sandwich, the open lips, and oh yeah, let's not forget the great big word "BLOW" in the headline for the suggestively-challenged. Apparently the stock photography model in the ad has been making noises of outrage and likening the use of her image to rape. The wise King, in his wisdom, has apologized. Guess you can't always have it your way.

jersey is spreading...

America has a lot to offer. A lot of good things to offer. Of all the good things, Mexico somehow decided that the Jersey Shore is our greatest export, and MTV Latin America has adapted the hit series into their own version - Acapulco Shore. The series will feature all the same makings of quality television in the U.S.: beaches, parties, juice heads and drama. Anyone know how to say "GTL" in Spanish?

the badass way to unlock your phone

If you're a smartphone user, you probably don't mind the minor inconvenience of unlocking your phone by entering the passcode. I mean, is it really that difficult? Apparently VivaLnk thinks so, that's why they decided that a digital tattoo would be way more efficient than clumsily punching in four characters. The tattoo is embedded with a chip that unlocks your phone (currently only for Motorola Moto X phones) once you swipe it over the tattoo. If unlocking your phone the normal way is too conventional for you, then do it the badass way and spring for the 10 bucks to turn some heads.

the most expensive manicure...ever

ALL women know the most iconic shoe brand to ever exist: Christian Louboutin. Known for his signature red-bottomed soles, this eccentric, shoe-fetishing Frenchman charges nearly $1,000 for his cheapest pair. Well, ladies - now you can own something by the renowned designer that is a little cheaper. He's bottled his famous hue into a nail polish for the modest price of $50.00. Don't forget to save all the specs of nail polish that chip off - each piece is at least 50 cents.

sports people don't remember the past

Even if you don't know basketball, it's highly likely that you know who Michael Jordan is. It's a little less likely that you know Scottie Pippen. Both played for the Chicago Bulls in the 90s or something.

Well, he is now hanging out with Charles Barkley in a Footlocker ad about not dwelling on the past. Scottie Pippen claims to be the greatest basketball player of all time in the spot. Get it? It's funny because he played on the same team as Michael Jordan. Now do you get it? Oh, sports people.

need a new carpool buddy?

Watch out Uber, Lyft is trying to break in to your ride. Lyft has a slightly different twist though. They will pair you with a new carpool buddy via their app, for a small fee. Uber isn't just sitting back and letting them steal their rims. Turns out that Uber is going to do the same thing later this month. There are now more and more reasons to not own a car.

pin your message

 Remember the good ol' days when you had to call someone to talk to them, use the postal service to send a letter, or be home before the street lights came on? No, you don't, because those days were crap. Forget them. Now you get up to the minute photos of cats and babies. Every detail is documented forever. Original ideas have gone the way of the rotary phone to give way to Boards filled with other peoples photos on Pinterest. And now you can directly chat with other people on the inspiration network. That's right, your significant other can now share his or her feelings on the 7 wedding cakes you pinned. The world just keeps getting better and better.

shop in motion

Sometimes shopping online can seem cold and difficult. What will it look like on? What goes well with it? Where would I wear it? What does it look like from every angle? So many questions can cause people to leave some solid items lonely and abandoned in their shopping cart.

Wanting to help shoppers through this process, Levis brought the shopping experience to life in the most awesome way! Their Live in Levis Project features an interactive video showcasing how different types of people from all over the globe wear their clothes. The best part? Every Levis item is clickable from the video and can be purchased on the spot. And, if you want to know more about each person's lifestyle, so that you can pick the very best outfits for your lifestyle, you can dive deeper into their profiles and personal videos.

This useful and creative approach will leave you hoping more clothing brands get in on the action.

swipe right for puppies

So imagine your swiping through Tinder and GAAAAAAHHHH, there's cute little puppy dog in your face? Irresistible, right? Well creative agency, BBH, and NYC based animal rescue organization, Social Tees, hope so! They tapped into the frequently used dating app, Tinder, to create profiles for 10 of their adorable, adoptable dogs, resulting in over 1,500 matches with potential puppy parents.

Lots of users are supporting the initiative, but as suspected when any "company" hijacks a social network outside its intended use, there has been some backlash. In this case it's for the greater good of finding homes for abandoned doggies so this one gets a definite pass!

"flash mob" in high speed

We've all seen a bajillion human flash mobs, but this might be the first motorized one we've seen. BMW South Africa sent five bright red M235i cars screeching into an empty city rotary (cleared by fake cops) that then proceeded to break out into a impressive choreographed drifting routine. Although it seems pretty clear the "innocent passerbys" were staged, the stunt is pretty exciting to watch!

grolsch movie unlocker

Sure, we beat Russia to the moon, back when stuff like that mattered. Sure, we helped dismantle their entire union, back when stuff like that mattered. But when it comes to important stuff that matters now, they won this round hands down. To wit: Movie Unlocker, courtesy of Russian app developer Heads and Hands and Grolsch beer. Pop open the brew, put it near your device and zavualirovannaya! (That's "voila!" in Russian. Heh heh.) you unlock a movie. It may not shift the balance of power, but it could sell a few more bottles of beer… and that's what it's all about, right?

tuesday morning weirdness

Leave it to the Oslovians to take weirdness to the "ewww but I can't stop watching" level. This entry in an Oslo exhibition called This Is NOW, which showcases international talents in poster art and motion graphics, is bound to get people talking. Or sprrting, pfffing, rrrkrking, etc.

tongue-in-cheek tweeting from tp

Charmin is on a roll. Never a brand to shy away from who they are and what they're used for, their latest tweet - a spurious nod to the premiere of Gaurdians Of The Galaxy - goes straight for the fourth-grade butt pun jugular.

foosball for africa

Africa has issues. So it's no surprise that Afrika Kicker, a foosball game created by the charity MISEREOR, also has issues. Anyone can play the game by making a 2 Euro donation - but once you start, you'll find that the ball will occasionally fall into a ditch. Or get stuck in the wall. Because that's Africa, and that's why you're donating in the first place. Let's just be glad there are no live snakes.

let's go apartment haunting

In this cheery bit of prankvertising (God, do we love a good portmanteau), a Danish rental company called Lejebolig set up a fake haunted apartment in Copenhagen to remind people to use common sense while exploring the rental market. Apparently fake/scam landlords are a thing over there. Just watch the video.

i'll ping you later

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