Wednesday, June 25, 2014
fear for your jobs, advertising friends

Ah yes, nothing like devaluing the amount of time, effort, experience, and talent advertising and marketing agencies put into brand positioning, messaging strategy, and the like, than major brands crowdsourcing their next big campaign.

Yep, you can thank Tongal for that. Tongal is a new platform that allows brands to put out a call for work, and for anyone interested to given them an idea in 140 characters or less. If their idea is picked they're paid for it, and contracted Directors actually execute it.

If not an agency planner, creative director, designer, or strategist blinded by fear for our jobs, the concept of the platform is a super interesting one that has attracted the attention of major brands like McDonald's, LEGO, Oral-B, and more. And, those that get to execute the ideas can make a good living off of it.

So, is the future of our biz?

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