Thursday, June 26, 2014
bisnuts... what are bisnuts?

Donuts are the best breakfast item ever. They essentially make it acceptable to have deep-fried dough covered in ice cream and cake toppings to start off your day. Well, Carl's Jr. has decided that they need to add them to their breakfast menu... sort of. Introducing the BisNut. They are now making these confections out of biscuit dough for you to enjoy. They are probably tasty, but couldn't they have thought of something better than BisNuts? Now one wants to have to say that when they order. It just sounds dirty.

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posted by Cory @ 8:25 AM   2 comments

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Lindsay said...
Yes, I agree -- it doesn't sound very appetizing!  
At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Bill said...
Why not just call them donuts?!  

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