a practice marriage….to your dad

Most little girls fantasize about their wedding day. Some dads are now capitalizing on this, and throwing their little girls the “practice weddings” they want… with one catch. Known as “purity balls” involve a ceremony at which American girls vow to their fathers that they'll remain virgins until marriage. Photographer David Magnusson has captured images of this new phenomenon, to be included in a book aptly titled Purity. After being featured in the book, these dads will likely have a much easier time keeping boys away from their daughters.


Anonymous said...

As the father of a young woman who has been raised to think for herself, and just as a man and a human being, I find this totally creepy.

Tony H. said...

I have to agree with Anon, it is creepy. We should be teaching our girls to stand up for themselves not that they have to be "pure" They are two different things. One is where the woman is in charge and the other is a dated tradition.

Anonymous said...

How gross and archaic. Instead we should teach girls that their body belongs to them, not their fathers. Ick.

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