driving under an influence

Remember that time at your high school senior banquet where they brought in the hypnotist as the entertainment and you saw your classmates think that the floor was a lake of lava? That was great, right? So why not do the same thing to people before they operate a motor vehicle in the name of advertising. Euro car brand Opal did just that and it "changed" a few people's minds about the brand in the end... or was the drive actually happening at all?

hipsters assault man for beer

How do you get a limited edition beer before it goes mainstream, and you want to make sure you can let your friends know that you had it before anyone else? You harness the power of your hand crafted harmonica summoning your hipster army to assault a delivery man and ransack his truck. But we all know that this simply wouldn't happen in real life. That beer is in a bottle and not a can. Nice try fancy beer company.

the gamer and comcast love/hate relationship

If you know that COD isn't a fish, n00b is an insult, or have heard a 12 year old boy exclaim that he was going to do unspeakable things to your mother through a headset, then Comcast wants to help you run over the competition. But, their new ad for Xfinity that targets gamers has shown that Comcast doesn't really know what they are talking about. It's a good thing gamers aren't quick to point out when they are smarter or better than you...

are we done with hipster crap already?

7-Eleven now offers their cavity inducing, but much beloved Slurpees in hipster-inspired mason jars with mustached straws. You know the hipster in you is saying "meh, mustaches and mason jars are so mainstream", but the kitschy dork in you soooo wants one.

do you really know domestic violence?

Hidden camera "stunt" videos are always pretty interesting, if for no other reason than to see how people honestly react in various situations. They're even better, though, when they're done for the sake of raising awareness of important issues, such as domestic violence.

This PSA from Dare London does a great job at not only using innocent passerby's reactions to prove a point, not only making you wonder what you would do if you were in this situation, but also to educate you on the issue.

Don't want to spoil it, but there's a twist at the end that you probably aren't expecting so it's worth the watch.

business cards to turn the ladies on

As if the disservice Axe body spray is doing to pre-pubescent males weren't enough (I mean, have you SMELLED the stuff?), they've decided to experiment on their employees. Male employees were asked to work up a sweat wearing sweatbands, which were then used to extract their very own male "essence" (kind of gross) to recreate their unique pheromone that was then dripped onto their business cards to attract people to them (kind of cool). Not sure if the intent is to have employees rake in the dough from all their business interactions with their irresistible pheromones, but if they're anything like the body spray, they should be broke by end of year. I kid, I kid... sort of.

Video still available here.

Food visualizer helps with conscious consumption

The more we learn about healthy eating, the more obvious it is that we really don’t know what’s in most of the items we eat. Unfortunately, finding this out can seem like an insurmountable task. This inspired Sam Slover, an NYU grad student, to create the Wrap-Genius app, which tracks every single ingredient in every food we consume. Now, we can no longer claim “ignorance is bliss” when splurging on fast food!

high-end nail art

For most ladies, a manicure is a 20-40 minute process, snuck in either on a lunch break, or between going to the gym and cooking dinner. Now, thanks to a new nail art trend, some women are budgeting up to five hours and $200 to have famous masterpieces translated onto ten little fingernails. Yet another trend we might be able to afford once we win the lottery.

replace your dead pets

After losing a pet, a first instinct can be to immediately replace your deceased friend. Now, a new app named PetMatch can help pair you up with another pet that resembles the old one. This will surely be good news for every parent who is forced to take the class pet home for the weekend.

travel adventures guided by a gnome

This... fantastic. You know those annoying Facebook quizzes that tell you which flavor of Jell-o you are? This is kind of like that only good. The Travelocity Gnome wants to help you choose your own Memorial day adventure. The only thing that would make it better is if the trips were free... but alas, no such luck.

social grilling

Do you like the convenience and time saving method of gas grill cookery? Kingsford thinks you are a pompous, friendless, tech-obsessed prick. Their latest ad pins their Charcoal against a fictitious, app integrated gas grill that posts selfies of you getting your cook on. Who wouldn't want the convenience of lighting your grill with an app? Sometimes you don't have the required hour charcoal prep before you throw your meat around.

smooth and creamy facebook campaign

Hold on tight because Velveeta is taking a turn for the weird. Granted, there latest ad campaign seems to be taking a page right out of Old Spice's book of crazy, but this is getting oddly personal. At first, people seemed to hate the brand's new spokesperson (and his family), but then the shelf stable cheese-like product stuck with it and are winning gelatinous hearts all around.

GM's defective deathtrap commercial

When you're a car manufacturer, the last words you want associated with your product are words like deathtrap, Hidenburg, catastrophically flawed, and the like. In fact, these words would do so much damage that you may even create a memo with a list of these words for all employees to be aware of, so they are never, ever used in the same sentence as your brand. Except, in today's world, such memos often make their way into the hands of the public... or a celebrity talk show host, who then turns them into a hilarious parody ad and air them on their show and their YouTube Channel. Bravo John Oliver, braaaavo.

the face that saved your life

You have to imagine that people on the receiving end of a blood transfusion are curious to know the person/people who selflessly donated their blood to help save their lives. Well, Jung Von Matt and the German Red Cross gave children with cancer the opportunity to know... except the blood wasn't just from any regular 'ole hero, but from professional soccer players. Each of the blood bags were labeled with the player's photo, team, and name so they knew who to root for in the thousands of soccer games they're going to watch in their longer, healthier lives... thanks to them. Very sweet!

real-time moods around the world

Love 'em or hate 'em, those annoying... err, I mean cute... little emojis have taken over the world. And, those emojis can tell us a lot about how people all over the world are feeling, which was the inspiration behind developer Bradley Griffith's website called Silicon Feelings. Here you can track the top 400 emojis being tweeted, in real-time, across the world. A fun way to see where happiness is happening, where love is brewing, and where to steer clear of whiners.


ever want to waste your clients’ money?

Normally this type of behavior would be frowned upon, but Wieden + Kennedy was able to justify it as part of their ad campaign! When the client is a TV show called “24 Hours to go Broke,” the whole exercise seems much more understandable, and possibly even brilliant.

a map of musical inspiration

If you’re like us, you love hearing the stories behind some of your favorite songs. Now, you can see them come to life with your own two eyes! For his new album, American Troubedour, American-Swedish singer-songwriter Alan AtKisson used Google Street View to allow his fans to “visit” the places that inspired each song. Now this is a musical trend we can really get behind!

where the workaholics at?

New York contains its fair share of workaholics - this is no surprise. Now, you can see this in action with a new map that animates New Yorkers’ locations throughout the day. As expected, Midtown Manhattan comes alive during the day and dims, but does not go dark completely (all-nighters, anyone?) during the night. Visual proof that it really is the city that never sleeps.

a meal with a side of hash(tag)

We all know nothing is ever ‘free,’ but for a small 'price,' you could have had a free meal last week in London. Birds Eye was giving away free (defrosted) meals at a pop-up restaurant in exchange for an Instagram photo and the use of their hashtag: #BirdsEyeInspirations. You get free food, they get brand awareness. It's a win win. Applauds to Birds Eye for jumping aboard the food porn train.

you're doing it wrong

Kona Brewing Co. is letting all of us mainlanders know that we have it backwards. In their new campaign ‘Dear Mainland’ they enlighten us on the finer things in life, like multi-tasking and happy hour. Time to fly to Hawaii and have a Kona brew. See ya!

pow. zoom. to the moon!

No, Alice isn’t going to the moon this time. Pocari Sweat is. Japanese beverage company Otsuka is looking to send their Pocari Sweat drink to surface of the moon in 2015. The titanium can will also carry dreams and messages of children from around the world. Otsuka hopes to inspire kids to dream big, become astronauts, fly to the moon, claim the capsule and drink the beverage on the moon. Woo that’s alot. Good luck meeting those campaign goals!

blue dew in the bottle

A lot has happened in the last two years. Barack Obama got reelected, Taco bell released a breakfast menu, and Mt. Dew contemplated replying to people on Twitter. What was the Dew thinking about for such a long time? Baja Blast. That's right, the flavor that was once a Taco Bell exclusive is now arriving in bottles. So go grab a waffle taco and a 20 oz. bottle of blue drink and start your day off right.

the new ikea baby

Ikea is the land of inexpensive chairs, tables and beds. People have sex in chairs, beds, and on tables. Ergo, Ikea has been helping people get some for the last few decades and they want to let everyone know. And conveniently they also sell baby products. It's all part of their master plan. You'll never look at Swedish meatballs the same.

smokey social buzz

Forest fires may not be on the top of your head every day, but they are for ol' Smokey. To help spread the word on safe outdoor adventures, the big brown bear has taken his social presence up a notch. You can follow him on Twitter, connect on Linkedin, and even fav his instagram. It begs the question... Who is the cell carrier that gives him the ability to post from the middle of the national forest?

the land of wayward ideas

Every agency has one... a place where good ideas go to die. Ideas shot down and abused by clients, just sitting there on your server waiting for someone to notice them. If only those good ideas could find their way into a loving home. Well, now they might...

Welcome to Ideas To Steal Today, a website that allows agencies to post their rejected ideas for other agencies to use as inspiration. The ideas are free as long as you credit the creator. Hey, no ideas are original anyway, so why not get a little creative boost from other's blood, sweat and tears? And you can repay the favor when one of your ideas you worked 76 hours on gets poo-pooed within seconds.

agency's live car crash

Ok, not a real car crash, but innocent radio listeners thought it was, which makes this PSA brilliant.

The usual geniuses at Jung Von Matt set it up so a person called into a live radio show to request a song, openly admitting he was calling while driving on the highway... what happens next isn't good. A message was then delivered making listeners acutely aware of the dangers of using their cell while driving.

Impactful... pun intended.

dogs play hashtag fetch

GranataPet #SnackBall - The beacon fitness eco-system for dogs - not for humans. from MRM // McCann Germany on Vimeo.

Hashtag powered contraptions? Cool! Hashtag powered contraptions made for adorable doggies? AWESOME!

GranataPet, makers of healthy dog food, set up fetching stations in parks across Germany that encouraged dog owners to check in with the hashtag #Snackball. Once checked in, the contraption threw a ball to their dog, and if the ball was returned in a certain timeframe, the dog was rewarded with a healthy snack.

the Evernote of romance

Whether their meeting for the first time, sharing photos of their anniversary celebration, or saying “I love you”, couples use a LOT of apps. HowAboutWe (an off-line dating company) recognizes this, and has developed the You&Me app to replace every other way you share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. In addition to normal messaging services, the app has a secret messaging feature, which shows up like a steamy window that you have to clear with your finger. With additional features including a “halfsie”, or half a selfie, this app can make any relationship a little more fun.

living room forts will never be the same

Nearly every kid thinks they’re a professional fort builder. Now, they won’t be too far off, thanks to product designer Brian Lilly. His recent invention, Buildies (giant Legos made out of cardboard) will allow kids to really let their architectural imaginations run wild. Although Lilly used his children to help in the design, he has also found that college students and adults love to use the product nearly as much.

giant body parts sell travel packages

It takes a lot to gain consumer’s attention with an outdoor billboard. Voyages, a French travel agency, has aimed to change that with a series of bizarre billboard placed throughout Paris featuring larger-than-life 3D body parts. The interactive billboards include a giant mouth, a hairy chest, and Marilyn Monroe’s famous legs. The ads are designed to draw passerby in by enticing them to touch the installments. So who’s ready to stroke a hairy chest?

one apartment designed by millions

Continuing our inadvertent Monday morning theme of brands getting it right, let's show some love for cb2's new Pinterest-based promotion. See, brands have been trying to leverage Pinterest for a while now, but most have been a major fail. Pin your favorite casserole! Yech. This one looks promising - upvote the stuff you'd like to see in a cool apartment in Manhattan. Simple. Fun. Too bad you don't get to keep the digs.

before you get all judgey & shit

What's 6'2", 256 lbs, just got drafted by the Rams, and got an endorsement deal from VISA not in spite of being gay, but because of it? That would be defensive end (don't go there) Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, and this would be the slickly understated spot from MRY with his message: Judge me on my football playing. The other stuff doesn't matter. Pretty cool that the NFL is all puffed up with pride about it, and that VISA jumped on the ball (don't go there either).

old spice gives twitter the fingers

Proving once again that you don't have to be relevant to be relevant, Old Spice fingerbanged its Twitter followers with a simple question out of left field: "How many fingers am I holding up?" As preposterous as some of the deluge of responses were, photoshop gurus at Weiden + Kennedy lobbed back real-time visualizations of the weirdness with true Old Spice panache. Let's give a hand to agencies that get it… with a client that supports it.

Germans "like" Nazis

Whoa, before you get all worked up there, it's a good thing. Laut Gegen Nazis (Loud Against Nazis), an anti-Nazi organization in Germany, launched an all out attack on NDP, the country's Nazi party... a "like" attack that is. On International Holocaust Memorial Day, Loud Against Nazis members were asked to "like" the NDP page and bombard it with messages of equality and love to stir things up. According to the case study video, it worked. A beautiful sentiment.

your street under water

June 5th is World Environment Day, and what better way to remind you how important it is to save the environment than to show you what the very neighborhoods you know and love would look like if they were flooded in water due to sea levels rising? That's exactly what CarbonStory, a crowdfunding site for environmental projects, did using Google Street View. Check it out for yourself at World Under Water. Pretty awesome!

cassette tape > ipod

Say what? Yeah, the cassette tape is back in a big way, thanks to Sony, who just unveiled a cassette tape that can hold 64,750,000 songs (that's approximately 185 terabytes of data for those of you at home trying to do the math). No word on when it will be available for purchase, and of course no one has that many songs so the intent of this tape was really "long-term, industrial size data back-up". But, it's still cool nonetheless. Now if they'd only bring back the Sony Walkman.

sexy saves lives

Sexy models can sell just about anything... except maybe compassion for children in need. Or maybe they can? This video for Save the Children USA gets super uncomfortable, which is super impactful. Worth the watch.

Thanks @benkunz!

brutally honest food

Are you a slave to coffee? Taunted by chocolate? Closeted ice cream lover? Then designer and illustrator David Olenick has developed a snarky series of food illustrations for you. Tapping in on food related habits and insecurities, Olenick’s pictures remind us of the never-ending love-hate relationship with several specific foods.

artist vacuum seals couples to sell condoms

Condoms are rarely considered sexy. Because of this, Oglivy and Mather Japan had its work cut out when commissioned by prophylactic producer Condomania, who wanted to create some allure. Luckily, they were able to find a photographer who had the idea to seal two nude people in vacuum-sealer bags to create a risqué campaign. At first glance it does appear very sexy…until we realized how sweaty and claustrophobic we would get in that bag.

a practice marriage….to your dad

Most little girls fantasize about their wedding day. Some dads are now capitalizing on this, and throwing their little girls the “practice weddings” they want… with one catch. Known as “purity balls” involve a ceremony at which American girls vow to their fathers that they'll remain virgins until marriage. Photographer David Magnusson has captured images of this new phenomenon, to be included in a book aptly titled Purity. After being featured in the book, these dads will likely have a much easier time keeping boys away from their daughters.

i’ve got a golden ticket…again

The golden ticket idea is timeless, fun, engaging and to be quite honest, played out. The latest to join the golden ticket train is Coldplay. To promote their new album (Ghost Stories) they created an international scavenger hunt by hiding their new lyrics in randomly placed ghost books in 9 libraries around the world. One winner also won a trip for two to see Coldplay live. Fun? Yes. Modern twist on the timeless classic? Yes. Original? Not so much. But hey, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Right?

the most awesomest website ever

Made you look. But what if there actually was a website “filled with content so shareable, snackable and clickable, it will rob you of all logic and reason?" You'd say, hell yes that's exactly what I need in my life, right? Well, this new site is probably not that. The Onion is developing clickhole.com, a parody website that mocks the BuzzFeeds and Upworthys of the world to show just how easy it is to get people's attention on the Internet. What's even funnier is that they may actually be make money through content sponsorships, while mocking them at the same time. Go figure.

saving lives, one drink at a time

In partnership with Water is Life, DDB helped author a new drinkable book. Yes, that's right a book that you can drink (sorta). This book is two fold: it educates about hygiene and actually turns contaminated water into clean drinkable water. Through new technology, the pages act as water filters and can provide up to 4 years of clean water. Truly a great feat, you can learn more about the project at waterislife.com. 

America gets wood

What does Arbor Day and porn have in common? WOOD! huh, huh, huh I said wood. Ah yes, sophomoric penis jokes never get old. Luckily, Pornhub.com realized this, and created this awesome campaign called... you guessed it... Pornhub Gives America Wood. For every 100 videos viewed in their "big dick" category this week, Pornhub will plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day. And your mom said no good could come of looking at porn all day.

Legos make it hurt so good

We're all no strangers to the fact that stepping on a Lego is one of the most painful "mishaps" one can have. Somewhere between a paper cut or hitting your funny bone and stubbing your pinky toe. But Lego never "officially" acknowledged this hidden danger that lurks behind their amazing little blocks of awesome... until now.

What better way to embrace this evil, than with an ad for their Star Wars sets. This seriously EPIC spot is a must watch!

there's no app for that

No offense to our beloved digital world, but some things just can be beat by likes, selfies, location based meat markets, and 10 second sexting... like the things in this "Not On App Store" sticker campaign. Go ahead, get you some stickers and slap 'em on the real world things you love more than your smartphone.
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