Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Dove's "real" beauty doesn't seem so real

Everything Dove does in their long-running "campaign for real beauty" gets a ton off buzz, both positive and negative. But regardless of the sentiment of the buzz, they've all seemed pretty genuine... up until this latest experiment.

Dove gathered a handful of unsuspecting women and hired a professional to convince them to try a new "self esteem" patch, that much like the nicotine patch, doses you with self esteem throughout the day. The women were then asked to keep a video blog during the 2 week experiment to see how their self esteem is affected.

As expected (spoiler alert), they see a noticeable difference in their self esteem throughout the 2 weeks, only to find out, the patch is fake.

While the moral of the story is sincere and accurate (how we feel is completely in our heads), the experiment seems completely fake. Are we supposed to believe that these otherwise seemingly smart women bought into this nonsense? And if they did, are these women a true representation of most women? It's just a tough pill to swallow... or should I say, patch to wear?

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