Wednesday, February 26, 2014
eff yea 'Murica... for all the wrong reasons

Cadillac's newest commercial, titled Poolside (but could also be dubbed American workaholics), is getting some mixed reviews. At first glance, it might seem like a patriotic, we are awesome, woohoo 'Murica type ad... but when you dig a little deeper it might be all kinds of messed up.

First, it starts out by subtly claiming America's superiority over other countries as it premiered during the Olympics... a time when we're supposed to play nice with other countries. That aside, as this Washington Post article points out, the commercial goes on to claim that Americans' (stereotypical) tendency to be workaholics is a good thing that sets us apart from other countries, but mainly for the end benefit of getting lots of fancy STUFF... making us look like greedy, selfish, d-bags.

So yeah. What do you think?

Thanks Lisa!

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