Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Millie Brown is not suffering from a severe stomach bug. She just likes to paint by vomiting colored milk on canvases. I mean, come on, brushes are so passé. To create her, ummm "artwork," Brown mixes colored dyes with soy milk and swallows it in intervals before vomiting it all over the place.

She prepares for each performance by fasting for two days so that the liquid she hurls is purely the color that is ingested. Depending on the type of performance, she can drink between one pint to four liters at one go.

According to the Brown, “By creating art from the very depths of my own physical being I am able to challenge people’s perception of beauty, expressing raw elements of human nature and in turn challenging myself both physically and mentally.”

Maybe it's art, maybe it's just gross, I'll let you decide. Via.

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