fixie yourself a pizza

Riding a fixie isn't just about a bicycle, it is a lifestyle. Spending weekends at a parts exchange, swapping saddles, and practicing your track stand at the red light. Now you can bring that passion in to the kitchen and use this bicycle pizza cutter to wedge out that Totino's Party Pizza you have in the toaster oven. You may also want to look in to kevlar gloves...

getting the wind blown look

Sometimes ads find a way to give a glimpse into the future. The interactive and slightly creepy future. This ad for hair products installed in a train station was able to sense as a train approached and reacted. What's next... an ad that stares you down as you walk by? No thanks.

three billboards for the price of one

Ikea is very well known for furniture, especially the kind that is made of the cheapest materials possible with names that are barely pronounceable. They would like to let you know with some really sweet billboards... well, one really sweet billboard. They use RGB lighting to alter the displayed message, but it doesn't work so well while the sun is still up.

hipster meets corporate

Hipster meets corporate world, or at least their brand logos do. Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions had a little fun transforming some of your favorite indie brands for a more mainstream look. Via.  

disturbingly realistic sculptures

Artist Mark Jenkins turn heads with his human-like sculptures. These almost too realistic sculptures are not only creatively displayed for public viewing, but they test social norms and physical safety. More

cookie locator

The thought alone of Girl Scout cookies can make your mouth water. Yum. It’s that time of year, so make sure you stock up on your favorite cookie(s). For those of you who haven’t… download this Cookie Locator app. This will scout out all the places you can purchase them. You’re welcome.

pulling a fast one

You can't get mad at a brand for playing dirty when it's done in the most clever way possible.

DHL pulled a "fast" one their competition by sending out special packages via competitor services (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) that when picked up, appeared to be plain black boxes, but changed to reveal a special message when carried around outside for delivery.

That special message their competitors had to walk around with? DHL is faster. Brilliant!

we'll raise you one drone

Speaking of messing with competitor brands, this fun little spoof from Netflix was apparently created for an internal annual meeting, but was too good not to leak into the public's hands.

Picking on Amazon's drone delivery PR stunt over the holidays, this video showcases all the weird and dangerous things that could happen with their barely tested new drone delivery system. Fun!

eff yea 'Murica... for all the wrong reasons

Cadillac's newest commercial, titled Poolside (but could also be dubbed American workaholics), is getting some mixed reviews. At first glance, it might seem like a patriotic, we are awesome, woohoo 'Murica type ad... but when you dig a little deeper it might be all kinds of messed up.

First, it starts out by subtly claiming America's superiority over other countries as it premiered during the Olympics... a time when we're supposed to play nice with other countries. That aside, as this Washington Post article points out, the commercial goes on to claim that Americans' (stereotypical) tendency to be workaholics is a good thing that sets us apart from other countries, but mainly for the end benefit of getting lots of fancy STUFF... making us look like greedy, selfish, d-bags.

So yeah. What do you think?

Thanks Lisa!

Manhattan in logo form!

Much to the chagrin of its residents, Manhattan is becoming increasingly commercialized all the time. British designer James Campbell Taylor has recognized this, and has developed neighborhood names using the logo of the most prominent chain located there. While none of these are very flattering, none is more embarrassing, and more accurate, than McDonalds for Midtown.

track your anxiety with a wristband

Health-tracking wristbands are all the rage, but now they can do more than tell you how much sleep you’re getting. “Human data analytics” company Empatica has developed a new product that can identify stressors in your day-to-day life in an attempt to minimize anxiety and depression. Unfortunately the wristband can not ACTUALLY help you to break up with someone or quit your job.

the internet’s best error messages

Humor can be a great way to diffuse frustration. Websites have long played with humor in 404 messages in hopes that a little laughter can help to diffuse the user's frustration. These are much more enjoyable when you are browsing them on purpose than when you actually can’t get to the site you’re trying to visit!

veggies need love too

Campbell's owned company Bolthouse Farms, producers of smoothies, juices and other healthy goodies, worried that junk food seemed to be the only food having any fun in social media. When they pulled and quantified social media posts, tweets, hashtags, etc. mentioning junk food vs. healthy food, their fears were confirmed.

So to bring more awareness (and love) to healthy foods like fruits and veggies over junk food, they created the Food Porn Index. Visitors can see how much junk food in talked about in social media over healthy food. And, when visitors click on a food, they get fun little surprises and interactions to drive home the fact that healthy food can be just as fun (if not more) than junk food!

Thanks Mark!

why pay models...

... when you can get them to pose for you for just some free underwear? Calvin Klein sent their signature 1980's underwear to models, actors, musicians and bloggers with instructions to take a selfie in them tagged with #mycalvins, and share it on the interwebs. Regular people can submit too... and by regular people, I mean fit and attractive regular people (from the looks of their gallery). Here's to a successful promotion as the cover for (mostly) free advertising. Well isn't that smart?!


the coke collar of shame

If you can't put your phone down when you are on a date, you have a problem. Coca-cola wants to help by shaming you with a red and white Elizabethan collar. So if you find yourself unable to take your eyes off of your phone, or can't resist the urge to lick your surgery wounds you can find this amazing piece of technology "available in select stores."

see the prank reaction you were hoping for

Remember that time you spent an entire day covering your work neighbor's work space with aluminum foil while they were on vacation, and then the office manager called you 'unprofessional?' The best part about the whole thing was that feeling when you saw their face when they got back from vacation, right? Well, now you don't have to wait for them to get back to enjoy that feeling. Samba is here to let you send a video message to your friends and catch their reactions as they watch them. 

whatsapp gets a big payday

Facebook now owns WhatsApp. Facebook spent $16 billion in stock and cash to acquire the group of 50 and their global messaging service. The service has 450 million active users which ends up meaning that Zuckerberg and his crew paid about $36 per user, as AdAge points out. What's app users pay $.99 a year for the service and the WhatsApp team is planning on continuing to work independently and hope to grow to "5 billion users giving us money through the subscription model." Mighty ambitious when we live on a planet of 7 billion. Go math!

creative resume > standard resume

How do you get your resume to stand out among all the other talent? Think outside the box, or in this case inside the box like copywriter Jon Ryder did.  His resume is creatively displayed in a fake medicine box – his active ingredients being “creativity, originality and typing.”

share unbelievable vines

Want the chance to share one of your vine videos… with 7 different UK cities? Pepsi has launched a new campaign "Unbelievable," which is offering you the chance to share a video of something unbelievable and have it displayed across a digital billboard using #LiveForNow. 

vending machine only seen by couples

Surprises are fun… especially when is served up via a hidden vending machine. Coca-cola continues to creatively execute ways to spread happiness, and this latest one was in celebration of Valentine’s Day. In honor of the holiday, this stunt was only displayed only when couples walked pass. #shareacoke

lego head

I've seen Legos used to build a lot of things, but couture haircuts, that's a new one. Created byDutch design studio Elroy Klee the lego wigs were created for for the “Mindplay: Bricks on Me” fashion photoshoot.

tissue animals

Created by artist Yuki Ariga Japanese paper manufacturer Nepia, this amazingly beautiful short film features an animation of origami animals made of silk paper carefully folded to created animals.

Odd, suddenly I have the urge to blow my nose, I keed I keed.


No Millie Brown is not suffering from a severe stomach bug. She just likes to paint by vomiting colored milk on canvases. I mean, come on, brushes are so passé. To create her, ummm "artwork," Brown mixes colored dyes with soy milk and swallows it in intervals before vomiting it all over the place.

She prepares for each performance by fasting for two days so that the liquid she hurls is purely the color that is ingested. Depending on the type of performance, she can drink between one pint to four liters at one go.

According to the Brown, “By creating art from the very depths of my own physical being I am able to challenge people’s perception of beauty, expressing raw elements of human nature and in turn challenging myself both physically and mentally.”

Maybe it's art, maybe it's just gross, I'll let you decide. Via.

want to switch genders?

Admit it – you’ve always been a little curious about what it would be like to spend a day as a member of the opposite sex. This is why a Spanish design collective has developed “A Machine To Be Another,” which combines virtual reality with advanced neuroscientific techniques to let men and women swap bodies with each other. Proceed with caution – you might decide you like the other kind of “parts” better than your own!

as if you needed another reminder of your age

A lot of things can make you feel old. Typically these things involve the dates that a certain movie or album was released. Now, in case you need another reminder, your social media presence can ALSO kick you when you're down, and easily remind you of your age. In case there was any doubt in your mind, Mashable has even compiled a list of the nine most common instances. No hiding it now!

the …stunning faces of Olympic figure skating

Figure skating is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful events at the Olympics. That being said – sometimes the athletes' faces are much less than beautiful. Sometimes, they are even downright scary!

crowd source your awkward life!

Most people, when encountering awkward situations, would love to ask others how they should deal with it. Now a newly developed app Crowdpilot can crowd source advice to get you through these tough times. Whether it’s a first date, or a small talk with a stranger, this app allows any user to stream a conversation so they can receive feedback as to what to say or how to act. After you receive the advice, its up to you to deal with the results – good or bad!

cities mapped by social media tags

Ever wonder where the most social media “action” happens in your city? Thanks to a new interactive platform, “Invisible Cities”, you can now navigate through a 3D landscape and “see” the social interactions in your city. Be forewarned though, you might be tempted to track down those cute girls you KNOW were recently in Central Park!

Facebook knows your relationship better than you

According to new stats released by Facebook, the site can actually tell when two people are entering a relationship. In the three months before a new couple makes their relationship Facebook official, the website sees a steady increase in the number of timeline posts shared between the two. We just have to wonder – can they as accurately predict a breakup?

walkmaning on water

Remember that time your cousin threw you in the pool and you had your iPod in your pocket? Yeah, he's a jerk... What's up with that? Anyway, it looks like Sony has solved this problem by making a waterproof Walkman mp3 player. Of course you're skeptical, which is why they are proving it by selling the players in water bottles out of vending machines. Check out the video all about the campaign thought up by DraftFCB from New Zealand.

snapchat + ncaa = recruitment?

Today you may end up using snapchat. What you do with your Valentine's day is up to you. Go for it.

Well, now so will college coaches across the USA. The NCAA has added it as an option for college coaches to reach out to high school boys and girls for recruitment. True, snapchat isn't just for sexting, and I'm sure coaches would never take advantage of a medium that enables them to send stuff that will be automatically deleted after several seconds...

sexting on the rise

Sexting... All the cool kids are doing it this Valentine's day. According to a Pew Research Internet Project report, from 2012 to 2013 cell phone owners who have sent a sext is up to 9% from 6%, and 20% have received a sext up from 15%. 3% of people still think it's cool to be a horrible human being and forward sexts to other people.

olympic glitch... benefits brand

A glitch at the opening ceremony for the Olympics last week was an opportune time for Audi to step in. When one ring got stuck, Audi took advantage of the scenario!

can o' wine

Love the ease of drinking from beer cans but love the taste of wine… Well your life just got a whole lot better. Leave the corkscrew and glasses at home, now you can tailgate and have some fun with a can of wineUnion Wine Co. is toying with the idea of having wine in 12oz cans. Coming this spring is the Underwood Pinot Noir.

commuting can be fun!

Time to get a little creative with your daily commute! Ensure there's never a dull moment like illustrator October Jones, who amuses himself by exploring fellow commuter personalities

get your buzz on in 60 minutes or less

Ever been sitting around the office, or home, or a friends house and think, "Gee, I would be having so much more fun if we had some liquor or wine right now"? Of course you have! Well, now, all you have to do is launch this nifty new app, Minibar, is select your adult beverage of choice, and it will be delivered to you in 60 minutes or less. For those of you counting, we're one step closer to teleporting alcohol on demand. Someday... someday.


colliding culture

This impressive promo for The Sunday Times Culture, which was apparently done in one shot with no video editing, seamlessly takes you through some iconic scenes across art, tv, film and music. You can watch the making of the video here.

have selfies jumped the shark? (infographic)

When major brands start blowing up the internet with selfies, does this mean they've officially jumped the shark? Does anyone say jump the shark anymore? Meh, whatever... this infographic, created by Unmetric, is proof selfies have taken over everything!

feel your book like never before

Ever wish you could physically feel the same emotions as the characters of that great book you’re reading? Thanks to a group of scientists at MIT, you may soon be able to!

The project, called Sensory Fiction, uses inexpensive technology and neuroscientific hacking to blur the line between the bodies of a reader and protagonist. One important question remains…what does this technology do for steamy romance novels?

dismal cooks, take note

Learning to cook takes time. For some people, this learning process began early in life, but for others (like this blogger) this skill was simply passed over. Starting from scratch later in life can be daunting, but chef Bart Van Olphen is using Instagram to come to the rescue!

Known as the “world’s shortest cooking show,” Fish Tales is hosted on Instagram, and teaches fans how to cook a complete seafood dish in 15 second segments. So, no matter how bad your cooking past is, you can really impress your other half with a delicious dinner this Valentine’s Day!

every procrastinator’s worst nightmare

How much time do you waste in a typical workday? If you’re afraid to answer that, you may be in trouble. Japanese electronics company Hitachi has developed a new device that can monitor employee productivity, aiming to “optimize efficiency in the workplace”.

With embedded infrared sensors, an accelerometer, a microphone sensor and a wireless communication device, this little piece of technology could REALLY put a damper on your blog reading routine!
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